Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Here we have reviewed the best upright vacuum cleaners including bagged and bag-less variants, from brands like Dyson, Eureka Forbes, Prestige, etc.

Vacuum cleaners are innovations that have made cleaning quite more comfortable than they used to be. Vacuum cleaners make use of the air pump to foster the creation of a partial vacuum, which is designed to suck up dust and dirt from the floor and other surfaces. The various surfaces on which vacuum cleaners can work on vary. Vacuum cleaners can work on hardwood floors, carpets, pet hairs, for car, etc.

The dirt that is collected by a vacuum cleaner can then be later transferred to a dust bag or a cyclone for disposal. The vacuum cleaner is a result of innovation from the traditional carpet sweeper, and the first of which was the manual vacuum cleaners. The very first model of this made use of bellows which had been developed in the 1860s. Subsequently, the motored designs evolved at the nick of the 20th century.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners, like the handheld vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner, upright vacuum cleaners, etc.  The one for everyday use is the upright vacuum cleaner. There are various designs of the various types of upright vacuum cleaners by different manufacturers, but they all perform the same primary function.

In this article, you will know all about the upright vacuum cleaners, what are the advantages of using an upright vacuum along with the features of upright vacuum cleaners. You will also find the various factors to consider before buying an upright vacuum along with a few FAQs and a list of 8 best upright vacuums.

Top 8 upright vacuum cleaner

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Deep Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Easy to use
Upright and Handheld
Larger Head
Easy to Maneuver
Easy to Assemble

All You Need to Know About Upright Vacuum Cleaners

All homes now enjoy the presence of vacuum cleaners or different models. However, all vacuum cleaners have a similar working mechanism.

They all work on the basic principle of a drop in pressure. Like one sips Pepsi with a straw, so all does a vacuum cleaner do its work. However, its process is not just as basic as this; there is a little bit of complication.

In the performance of its complicated process, there are some core parts to the working of a vacuum cleaner:

  • The intake port: In this part of the machine, there might be some components assembled
  • There is also the exhaust port.
  • There is the presence of an electric motor.
  • There is also a fan.
  • A porous bag
  • And a Housing in which all other components are embedded.

When your machine gets plugged in, this is what happens.

  • The electric current that enters into the machine finds its way to the motor. This motor is affixed to the fan, which possesses angled blades.
  • When the blades turn, the air is forced in the forward direction, in the course of the exhaust port.
  • When these air particles are driven forward, there is an increase in the density of the particles in front of the fan, while those behind the fan have their frequencies reduced.

Dropping the pressure behind the fan is similar to lowering the pressure on the straw while sipping Pepsi. The pressure at the back of the fan is significantly lower than that outside of the vacuum cleaner. This situation leads to what is called suction in the vacuum cleaner.

Via the intake port, surrounding air particles find their way into the vacuum cleaner, which is because the air pressure in the vacuum cleaner is significantly at a lower level than the pressure outside.

There will always be a stream of air into the vacuum cleaner once the fan keeps rolling and the passageway into the vacuum cleaner remains open. There would be a constant stream of air through the intake port and out via the exhaust port.

One other principle employed in the working of the vacuum cleaner is “friction.” With friction, the flowing stream of air collects dirt from surfaces and into the vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of Using an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If there is anything that is going to be in a home, it is the upright vacuum cleaner. Not only does it have great ease of use, but there are also so many other benefits that would be studied in this space.

Generally, making use of vacuum cleaners in the home has excellent benefits, but using upright vacuum cleaners has some core benefits that would interest you. The weight of the upright vacuum cleaner is usually more than that of canister vacuum cleaners.

As a result of this, the upright vacuum cleaner tends to clean deeper into the carpeted surface with ease. However, this would require the user to employ more effort in maneuvering the machine.

  • It is cheaper: The upright vacuum cleaners are generally less expensive than their canister counterpart. The price, however, is relative, so also it is with the canister vacuum cleaner. When the pricier ones of upright vacuum cleaners are considered, they are sure to do better than their canister counterpart.
  • Cleans well on one go: You don’t need to move around the house as many times as possible to get it cleaned, all can be done on one go, and done to the best of cleanliness. What other vacuum cleaners would need to move around a couple of times to achieve, the upright vacuum cleaner can accomplish that just on one move. So, if you are in a hurry to leave the house clean, this is the best machine for you.
  • Motorized brush: The brush that the upright machine features are entirely different from that of other vacuum cleaners. It features a motorized brush which, when combined with its weight, affords it the ability to perform deeper clean. With this machine, you can make deep clean on thick carpets, which are more liable to contain more dirt.
  • Suitability of use: This machine is designed to be tall. When using this machine, you don’t need to bend. Hence, it is easier to use. Persons with a bigger domicile than others always tend to complain of back pain, as they tend to bend when vacuuming their place, but with this machine, it is easier to perform clean.
  • It has a broader path of cleaning: As a result of the huge size of this machine, it has a bigger head which makes to clean larger areas.

Various Features of the Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners are great additions to the home, and here are some parts of the machine that makes it a great addition to the house.

  • Bagged versus Bag-less: The various types of upright vacuum cleaners can either be bagged or bag-less. The vacuum bags are used in keeping the specks of dust in check, but you always need to replace these bags. This replacement adds to the cost of using the upright vacuum cleaner. In the bag-less design, the machine is simpler, and it is not limited to high-end models.
  • Width of the cleaning path: There are various sizes of the cleaning paths, and with a wider cleaning path, it is possible to cover the whole floor in fewer passes. However, this has the downside of the fact that it would not be easy to get into tighter positions, and it would be more challenging to maneuver around furniture. The best would be to go for machines with cleaning paths of about 15 inches.
  • Dirt sensor: In more sophisticated upright vacuum cleaners, there is the presence of the dirt sensor which would notify of dirt in a place or when the surface is clean.
  • Self-propelled motor: More advanced and sophisticated upright vacuum cleaners also enjoy the presence of the self-propelled motor. However, this addition can make the machine heavier and not easy to maneuver.
  • HEPA Filter: This feature is especially impressive for those with asthma. This feature increases the efficiency of the air filter, as it catches all dust particles and other particles.
  • Noise features: Without this, your vacuum cleaner can be notoriously loud. However, with this, you can be assured of a more silent machine as you clean. If not, you can make use of earplugs.

Types of Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Bagged variant

The bagged vacuum cleaners are not in use, as much as they used to be. However, there are some pros to their use. These types of upright vacuum cleaners are very hygienic to use and would be the best for persons with asthma and other allergies.

With the use of this type, users are not exposed to dust. But, using this type means you would need to carry out occasional maintenance, which comes at a low cost anyway.

There are some disadvantages to the use of the bagged variant. Over time of use, the suction power of the machine with the bag begins to drop. If the bags are not replaced from time to time, their efficiency would be undermined. Replacing the bag would be very costly.

Bag-less variant

This variant is more preferred by the user, as the use is effortless and simple. It is easier to know when the dirt cup is full and due to be replaced. Doing this would make the suction power preserved and at an all-time high.
Once you have this, you would not need to spend money on getting bags, which might be expensive on your side. Hence, money is saved, and the environment is preserved. The con to the use of this type is that you need to clean the filter frequently, and it is pertinent that it is changed annually.
You should know that filters are pricier than bags, and if you are going to be replacing more than once in a year, that is an accumulation of more cost on maintenance.

Check out the different types of vacuum cleaners in the market.

Buying Guide to the Upright Vacuum Cleaner


While functioning, vacuum cleaners produce noise, which becomes disturbing. So, buy a product that ensures a minimum noise level.


There are a lot of filters available while buying a vacuum cleaner. Some of them are disk filters, foam filters, and cloth filters. The additional features which they provide are HEPA, which is an acronym for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This feature helps to clean the radioactive particles from the air as well.


To make the work efficient, you need to buy a product that has a long cord, which prevents any hindrance while cleaning rooms.

Total cost

Knowing that there are pros and cons to the use of the variants of the upright vacuum cleaner, evaluating the various cost involved is a wise step before buying one.

At the start, buying a bag-less bag is expensive than the bagged variant. However, in the long run, the amount of money needed to maintain the bag-less variant is lower. Other than the bags of the machines, there are different attachments whose prices should be duly considered.

The best thing to do is to calculate and have a budget fixed before you get out there, and you should get the machine that lies within your budget.


upright vacuum cleaners are the best for those with allergies or those that are asthmatic. These machines are effective in removing dust from both the surfaces and also from the air.

If you are one with health issues regarding dust and other particles, it is best to go for cleaners with HEPA filters. They are your best shot at having a reaction-free clean-up of the home.

Suction power

With the AMPs or the Air watts, you can always measure the suction power. It is best to get a perfect cleaner, with a good AMP rating, which would help you clean deep carpet piles more efficiently, and it would also help you handle edges and crevices tactfully. Check out the best vacuum cleaner for carpets here.

Pet hair removal

If you are one with pets, It is advisable to go for a pet vacuum cleaner. This type of upright cleaners is designed to have higher suction power, as well as great beater bars or harder brushes.


To ensure effective cleaning, there is a need to have some attachments to the machine. One of the accessories you should get is the upholstery nozzle. You can also get the crevice tool or dusting brush. There are also some vacuum cleaners that have some powered wands or handheld units. You should carefully consider the various attachments available, which should be your guide to purchasing the machine

Size and weight

The upright machine is very useful when it comes to cleaning. Hence, you should consider the weight and size before picking one.

If you are going for a heavier unit, it is bound to wear you out fast. It would also be tough to carry up the stairs if need be. So you don’t want to purchase something heavy if you are one that is so frail. In the case of getting something lighter, you might need to sacrifice some features.

8 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

1. Karcher VC 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 

It is a product that serves as a solution for your everyday use and can be used instantly. Karcher VC 4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and efficient product that comes with the Cyclone technology that provides easy cleaning always. Because of the docking station, you can easily store the vacuum cleaner according to your convenience. Let us take a look at the features of this product.

Main Features

  • It works on 200 watts power and operating voltage of 200-240 volts.
  • The strong suction power of this upright vacuum cleaner ensures efficient and easy cleaning.
  • The Cyclone technology ensures that you would not need any dust bag for a suction-free cleaning.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • It is easy to park and easy to store products. Ready to use it at any time.
  • It can reach any corner of your room, even underneath the sofa.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.

2. Bissell pet vacuum cleaner – Deep Cleaning

Bissell pet vacuum cleaner
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One of the very core things a vacuum cleaner is tested for at home is the cleaning of pet hair all around the house. To this effect, this machine was manufactured, with the best of persons with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to have a pet. If you are reading this and you have a pet, then you are not alone, this machine is designed to suit your needs perfectly.

Even if your pets are in their shedding season, this machine got you covered. Wherever the hair is hidden deep in the carpet or rug, it is bound to find its way through the suction power of this machine.

When the machine is done cleaning, cleaning can be done without your hand, as the user, coming in contact with the dirt.

Main Features
  • The brush roll is designed to be tangle-free.
  • It features a patented cyclonic pet hair spooling system for easy emptying.
  • It comes with specialized pet tools with a quick release wand.
  • It features a pet turbo-eraser tool which removes hairs from carpets and upholsteries.
  • It has a smart seal allergen system.
PROS (What we liked)
  • This machine is designed to get the job done quickly.
  • It can perform deep cleaning into the carpets and rugs.
  • It can capture hair wherever it is hidden.
  • It is very effective.
  • The brush has a toggle switch on the handle which is used for turning the machine on and off. Hence, it is very easy to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The roller bearings are prone to extreme noise after some time of use
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3. Dyson V7 Animal Vacuum Cleaner – Easy to use

Dyson V7 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
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If you are looking to have that fun-filled cleaning you crave, this is the machine to go for. With this, you are right on top of the mess, and you are making things neater. With this machine, you can effectively pick up hairs and other allergens and makes your floors as clean as possible.

This machine is simple to handle, and with it, you can easily reach hidden places around the cabin. You can also employ this machine in the cleaning of your car.

The motor of this upright vacuum cleaner is towards the handle, and this makes it easy to handle, and used in cleaning high places.

The power is just effective in picking any particle, ranging from allergens to skin cells and dust mites from sofas, mattresses and other upholstery.

This machine features a six-cell lithium-ion battery which has been engineered with Nickel- Cobalt-Aluminum (NCA) chemistry.

This machine features no cord which might restrict your movement and reach. Hence, you enjoy a quick and complete clean-up of the home. The machine also features a hygienic dirt ejection mechanism, which allows you to dispose of dirt without having to touch it.

Main Features
  • It is designed to be cordless.
  • It features a direct drive cleaner head which drives bristles deeper into the carpet for proper cleanup.
  • This machine comes with four additional attachments – combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tools, and mini soft dusting brush.
  • It can be easily converted to a handheld machine.
  • It features a post-motor filter for ultra-cleaning
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is useful for deep cleaning.
  • It is very easy to use
  • It cleans beautifully and has a lovely build.
  • It is worth the money.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It does not have a large enough suction head.
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4. Eureka NEU182A Vacuum Cleaner – Lightweight

Eureka NEU182A Vacuum Cleaner
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Looking for a swift to use, and lasting upright vacuum cleaner? This is the best shot at it. This vacuum cleaner is of the bag-less design. Hence, it is easy to maintain. You don’t need to buy bags frequently. Therefore, you save costs on maintenance. Designed and produced by the Eureka brand, this machine is all shades of elegance.

The case of this machine is made of elegant solid espresso wood, and it features a watch box organizer that has a glass display. Getting this machine is one of the very right decisions you can make in making your home a home indeed.

With this machine, you are bound to have no issue whatsoever with your back, and its bag-less design makes it the best for asthmatic patients. It is an outstanding machine for the price it goes for.

It has great suction, and it blends easily with different surfaces, ranging from rugs to carpets to wooden floors.

Main Features
  • The machine features a glass display.
  • It is of the bag-less design.
  • It is made of solid espresso wood.
  • It weighs a total of about 4.54kilograms
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has really good suction
  • It is very good to use for those with back problems.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It cleans surfaces as effective as possible
  • It is very powerful
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is limited in places it can reach, due to its bulky nature
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5. Shark Rocket Upright Vacuum cleaner – Upright and Handheld

Shark Rocket Upright Vacuum cleaner
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This machine is not only lightweight; it is very easy to maneuver. It is also of versatile use, and you can always convert it from an upright machine to a handheld one. With this machine, you are sure to have a nice time going from floors to stairs, as well as from upholsteries to curtains. This is your all-purpose vacuum cleaner that would seamlessly clean your house all-round.

It has an ergonomic design, with the handle design uniquely to feature a one-touch fingertip control. With this control, you can switch from hard floors to carpets in no time. It also features a stick design that allows you to effortlessly clean the body of furniture, as well as the underside.

Many accessories come with this product, including the dusting and crevice tools. These tools make it possible to reach hidden places very easily.

Main Features
  • It features a one-touch fingertip control
  • It features a swivel steering that allows it to reach for hidden places easily
  • It weighs about 3.5kg
  • It comes with several accessories that ensure an enhancement in its effectiveness
PROS (What we liked)
  • It offers potent suction.
  • It is suitable for cleaning bare floors and rug surfaces
  • It is very powerful to use as well as easy to use
  • There are no problems with overheating
  • It is very handy
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The suction area is very small and limited in the area it can cover at once
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6. Eureka Forbes Vapomop Vacuum Cleaner – Larger Head

Eureka Forbes Vapomop Vacuum Cleaner
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If there is any brand to trust with home appliances, this is your best shot at it. This revolutionized product by Eureka is developed to foster the vision of the brand by affording users a healthier life. This machine is equipped with powerful steam and flexible floor brush, which can be used to sanitize the home and get rid of germs, while you are not hurting your back.

Steam can be released to clean different surfaces, just at the press of a button. There is also the presence of the unique spot boost brush that comes with this machine, which affords it the ability to remove very tough stains. This ensures that your floor is left clean and shiny.

This machine’s system breaks down dirt, grime, and bacteria lurking on various surfaces in the home. The steam meant for the cleaning of different surfaces is the highlight of this machine.

It features an oblong and flexible swivel head that makes it very convenient and efficient in the cleaning of various surfaces. This machine is designed to deliver a sleek and portable design. Hence, it takes less space for storage.

Using this machine in your home leaves a fresh and clean scent in your home, without the use of any harmful chemical.

Main Features
  • The system is designed to get steam ready in about 30 seconds.
  • It features an electronic variable steam control panel.
  • The cleaning head is large and oblong.
  • It features a “Spot brush” for deep cleaning.
  • It has a capacity of 0.56 liters.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It cleans very well
  • It has a larger head than most vacuum cleaners.
  • Due to the steam, it sanitizes the floor.
  • It can erase very deep stains with its various cleaning features.
  • Scented cleaning is possible with the two scented discs that fit in the front of the foot.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The mop might get worn out easily after some months of use.
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7. Taurus Ultimate Lithium broom vacuum cleaner – Easy to Maneuver

Taurus Ultimate Lithium broom vacuum cleaner
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Do you want total freedom? This is the right vacuum cleaner. With this machine, you are afforded multi-cleaning positions. It features a 180® swivel that makes it powerful, lightweight, and suitable for use on all surface types. It can also be easily managed and stored away. This machine features an ergonomic design that features a soft-touch grip. It has an elegant and modern design with great aesthetic qualities.

It is versatile, light, and easily maneuvered. The lithium-ion batteries fitted into the machine can last up to about 30 minutes, and there is an indicator attached to it.

This machine is equipped with the cyclone system technology and a HEPA filter. This ensures a cleaner performance. These filters are effective and amazingly easy to wash and maintain.

The rush is motorized for hi-power performance on any surface on which it should be used. The brush can be easily removed and cleaned. It also features light, which makes it easy to sight dust particles on surfaces. Just with one click, the various accessories can be easily attached or detached.

You can also convert this machine into the handheld design as quickly as it can get, all just with a single click of the button. Once the machine touches a surface, you can be assured of absolute neatness.

Main Features
  • It features multi-cleaning ability.
  • It features a turbo brush motorized brush
  • It features a 22.2v lithium ion battery
  • There is the presence of the cyclone filtering system
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is a very great stick vacuum cleaner
  • It is very easy to maneuver.
  • It comes with lots of power and great accessories.
  • The HEPA filter is of top-notch quality.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is pricy for the effectiveness it delivers, especially with the sucking power.
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8. Prestige Clean Home Series Typhoon vacuum cleaner – Easy to Assemble

Prestige Clean Home Series Typhoon vacuum cleaner
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Cleaning your home just became a thing to always look forward to, as it will be easier with the prestige cleaner. The machine features a robust vacuum technology which allows for its lightness, durability, and ease of use.

This machine also has a high suction power that makes it easy for accessories to be added. This cleaner can be used on doors, windows, and other places in the home that are hard to reach. If you are looking to make your home spotless, this is the machine to go for.

Main Features
  • Designed to be suitable for wooden, granite, tiles, marble, mosaic and leather floors
  • It features a 1000-watt powerful motor.
  • The handle is extendable.
  • The cleaner weighs only about 1.2kg
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is very easy to assemble
  • It is a very lightweight machine that can be used on even upright surfaces
  • The machine is very easy to clean
  • The motor suction is very powerful.
  • It can easily be maneuvered
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It makes quite a level of noise
  • It can easily get overheated
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Frequently Asked Questions

Using any equipment can be tricky, and the upright vacuum cleaner is no different. Listed are some questions that might cross your mind in having this utility in your home

1. Which upright vacuum has the best suction?

Some of the upright vacuum cleaners which have the best suction are:

2. Does a bagless vacuum have more suction?

The benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner are its powerful suction. The suction remains constant. Hence, the disposal of dust and dirt is less messy.

3. What vacuum is cleaner best for stairs?

It is best to get a cordless upright vacuum cleaner.

4. When should I wash the vacuum cleaner filter?

Vacuum cleaners should be taken care of if you don’t want it to be spoilt in a matter of time. The washable filters should be cleaned every month if you are one that makes use of it very frequently. If your use of the machine is occasional, you can wash it every four months.

5. How do I know when the HEPA filter needs to be changed?

You don’t need to worry about your HEPA filters just yet; it is bound to last a minimum of 3 years. You need to start replacing it after this period if you are looking to maintain maximum filtration. However, you should always ensure that these filters are checked at least once a year.

This is to be sure and check for potential filter damage or soiling. During your check, if you smell a musty odor, this shows that there is an issue with the HEPA filter. Check out the tips on cleaning and maintenance of vacuum cleaner.

6. What are the best bags I can get?

The bag is a significant factor in the vacuum cleaner. According to manufacturers, it is advised that you buy branded bags of the machine’s manufacturer for a replacement. However, you can always get cheaper alternatives, from suppliers such as Unlift, Vivanco, Airflo, etc. these companies help the big brands to manufacture their bags. They also produce cheaper and reasonable alternatives to these bags.

7. What are the best accessories I need for my vacuum cleaner?

You don’t need to buy all the accessories you can find to enjoy the best upright vacuum cleaners can offer. Accessories are essential to its functionality, and getting them is essential. However, if you are not getting any accessory, you should get the crevice tool. This would allow the machine the ability to reach for tighter locations. You can also get the upholstery tool for sofas or a power tool. This would ensure efficiency in cleaning.

8. How to clean my vacuum cleaner filter?

Cleaning your vacuum cleaner filter regularly is key if you are going to use it for a long time. In cleaning, you should make use of lukewarm running water when washing the filter. When you are done, you should rinse it through and through, until the water is clear.

When this is done, you should ensure that the filter dries out naturally for 24 – 48 hours (Note that this is dependent on the prevalent temperature of the ambient). You should make sure that the filter is entirely dried-out before you return to the machine. Else, the machine’s efficiency would be undermined.

9. Is the AMP of my upright vacuum cleaner directly proportional to the efficiency?

This is not true. There is no proven correlation between the number of amps generated by a vacuum cleaner, and how efficient it is at cleaning. The efficiency of the upright vacuum cleaner, just like any other vacuum cleaner is dependent on its suction power, airflow, and other factors, not including the amps.

Amps are merely measurements of the electric current used by the equipment. If you are buying one with higher amps, then you should know you are trying to consume more power when your equipment is in use or charging.

10. Do I always need to have attachments?

Your machine is good to go without the various attachments; however, in their presence, you experience better efficiency of use. With the right set of accessories, your home can get all the way cleaner and neater.

11. How many times should I run my vacuum cleaner over the floor before it is clean?

It depends on how prone to dirt your floors and surfaces are. If you are one that resides in places with high traffic, you should run the vacuum over the floor, for about 6 – 7 times. In the low traffic areas, about 3 – 4 times of cleaning should do.

The frequency also depends on the power of the machine you are using. From several users, you should be able to estimate the number of times you need to get your place perfectly clean. To be on a safer side, if you are one that is so conscious of dirt, you should get one with a dirt sensor, this would help your cleaning better.

12. When should I replace the belt of the machine?

If you notice that the vacuum cleaner is not as effective as it used to be, or you notice that the beater bar is not turning, then you should replace the belt. Firstly, unplug the appliance, as you don’t want it to turn while you work on it, suddenly. If it does, it can expose you to serious injury. Subsequently, get the manual and follow the various instructions for replacing the belt carefully.


Getting your home clean is a job to be left for the best machine to execute it. The upright machine is all shades of what you would want in a cleaning machine, with the ease it offers, the icing to it various perks. Making use of this machine has proven to be conscious of people with back difficulties, as well as those with asthma and other related problems. There shouldn’t be a problem buying this utility, and with the detailed guide above, finding the perfect one for you is no longer an uphill task. Go ahead and enjoy the benefits of the upright vacuum cleaner.

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