Vacuum cleaners under INR 20000

A well-furnished but an untidy room is never a choice; a tidy room is definitely what we all look for. However, even when we opt for cleaning, we do not have ample time to clean the entire house because of our tight schedule. In such a scenario, we need to ditch the conventional cleaning method but switch to the new yet highly rewarding and less time-taking way by making use of the vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly a blessing for our lifestyle because of their extreme ability to clean the room just the way you want. These products do not have any restriction as it comes with a multitude of cleaning accessories that aid in cleaning different parts of the room. The best part is you can even clean the car seats, your couch, and some of the toughest corners of the room without any help.

The basic limitations come when it is about the price as different people have a different budget, and hence today, we will have a look at the vacuum cleaners that are available under the price tag of INR 20000.

At this price point, you can avail of some of the fantastic vacuum cleaners that are versatile. So if you are thinking of the features that are available at this price point, let us have a look at the features available in the vacuum cleaners under INR 20000.

There are many types of vacuum cleaners that you can find under this range like vacuum cleaners for pet hairhandheld vacuum cleaner, etc. Also, before you make an investment, ensure to follow the points in the buying guide to make sure you make the right purchase.

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Features of Vacuum cleaners under INR 20000

Handheld, robotic and commercial class cleaners

At this price point, you can avail of different types of vacuum cleaners. Since not all of us require the same thing, when you have this budget, you can choose anything you wish. Hence you can choose from handheld, robotic, and commercial grade cleaners. These three types have three different advantages but ensuring their basic purpose to do in the best way. 

Handheld cleaners

Hopefully, the name handheld cleaners are enough to make you understand about the cleaners. Handheld cleaners are being integrated with some of the amazing cleaning mechanism, thereby making it great for people when it comes to cleaning. You can take it anywhere, clean anything without any limitations.


Not many, but you can get some options of robotic vacuum cleaners. Well, we all know how efficient these cleaners are when it comes to cleaning. They have the efficacy to do the entire job on its own without the need for human intervention as they are being included with an excellent sensor to sense dust and clean automatically.

 Commercial-grade vacuum cleaners

These are certainly one of the devices that come with unmatched power. The motor, the suction system, and the accessories that come with these cleaners work in such a way that it outperforms your expectations.

Unmatched suction power

One of the basic needs of the vacuum cleaners is to have a good suction power, as this is the essential thing that decides the efficacy to suck the dust and dirt present in the room. The vacuum cleaners available at this range have been integrated with an unparalleled suction power, which is why you can stay assured of deep cleaning.

Filter system

The vacuum cleaners available within INR 20000 can clean even the hardest of dust. Whether it is the pet hair, the microbes, harmful outdoor dust, or anything else, these vacuum cleaners have the efficacy to clean from the deep because of the filters integrated into it. You can stay assured of making your home 99.9% dirt-free with these cleaners.

Easy to use

No doubt that we all look for vacuum cleaners that can be used easily. You do not have to go through the expert advice as the cleaners have been designed in a way to understand without the need for anyone. Moreover, the presence of the long cord for the commercial-grade cleaners is way too long to reach anywhere or any corners of the room.

Huge capacity

Not every time we have the time to clean the vacuum cleaners and hence huge capacity is a big yes for everyone. When you are investing such a huge amount, you can stay assured that the vacuum cleaners can hold an unmatched amount of dust and dirt. You can keep using for a long time without the need for cleaning unless one day it is full and the filter inside needs to be cleaned.

A brief comparison

SpecificationsVacuum cleaners under 15000Vacuum cleaners under 20000
Robotic Vacuum CleanersNOYES
Handheld Vacuum cleanersYESYES
Commercial grade cleanersNOYES
CapacityAverageHuge capacity
Presence of HEPA filterNOYES
VersatileYESYES (with no limitations)
Suction powerAverageUnmatched suction power


So now that you the features you can avail from the vacuum cleaners available under INR 20000, why not opt for one of these and ensure deep cleaning? Only these high-end devices can offer unmatched cleaning without investing much time in it.

So, have a look at the assortment offered by some of the popular brands like Dyson and Bosch and place your order today’s to ensure deep cleaning.