Best Selling Ankle Weights

Are ankle weights worth the hype and if so, which one should you purchase?

These are two questions that you probably asked yourself when you heard about ankle weights. Whereas ankle weights are not as popular as they used to be a few decades ago, many people still opt for them when they need to burn more calories or improve endurance and resistance during cardio exercisesIn addition to their training and exercise usefulness, ankle weights also come in handy in helping you nurse an injured knee, or ankle.

Ankle weights remain a top choice due to their numerous benefits, affordability, and ease of use.

This article aims to serve as a buying guide to both newbie buyers as well as experienced shoppers of the best ankle weights. It will look at what to consider when shopping for ankle weights, and what you stand to gain if you purchase them. We also made sure that we explained the different types of ankle weights online and the top 10 recommendations that you should not miss out. We consider your safety a top priority, and we have included a guide on “how to safely use ankle weights.

As you wind up this article, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by shoppers before they purchase ankle weights.

Best Ankle Weights

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Our Best Pick
Best in comfort & durability
Best for Beginners
Best Budget Sturdy weight
Best Ankle Weights for health Enthusiasts
Best Budget Ankle Weights
Best Ankle weights for legs, hands, arms
Best ankle weights for Jogging and walks
Best Lightweight
Best Yoga Ankle weights

What are the different ankle weights benefits?

Buying ankle weights is one thing; the purchase being worthwhile is different. Even before you decide on the best ankle weight to buy, it is good to know what you stand to gain from the purchase.

Ranging from health benefits to muscular gains to good therapy, here are some of the main benefits of using ankle weights.

  • Stronger muscles; Training with weights put on strains the muscle tendons and eventually results in some strong, good looking legs.
  • Toned thighs and muscles; By adding some resistance as you train your legs, the muscles are toned and shaped, leading to a better-looking physique.
  • Nurse your Injuries; Most physicians recommend the use of ankle weights to patients recovering from leg or ankle injuries. This informed by the fact that adding more weight to the legs as you walk, jog or exercise helps strengthen the leg muscles such as the hamstring, quadriceps, and the glutes plus it aid in reducing the strain on the ankle.
  • Shake off excess weight by burning more calories; The use of ankle weights as you walk or exercise forces your body to use more energy to lift the extra load. The body achieves this by burning more calories which are stored in the form of fats. Eventually, this leads to a loss of weight at a faster rate than a person who chooses not to wear ankle weights.
  • Build more stamina and improve your endurance. By consistently adding more weight when you exercise, ankle weights compel you to use more force as you exercise, thus coercing your body to build more endurance and stamina. Furthermore, your cardiovascular and pulmonary health will be significantly boosted, leading to a healthy body state.
  • Improves water workout; Ankle weights build more resistance as you swim hence forcing your body to burn more calories so that it can provide the extra energy needed by the already stressed muscles. This significantly improves the quality of aquatic training and increases the benefits derived from swimming.

How to safely use ankle weights

Ankle weights are perfect when it comes to workouts as they can not only be used by people of different age groups but also are easy to carry around and can be used anywhere for different types of exercises. There are a few exercises that you can do wearing the ankle weights for maximum results.

Ankle weights are best suited for use while doing open chain exercises. For starters, “open-chain exercises” implies those exercises in which the feet are not fixed on the ground but can move freely in the air. Open chain exercises are best done on flat surfaces.

As you prepare to exercise using ankle weights, you will need;

  • A yoga  mat,
  • Some adequate space, and
  • Ankle weights, of course.

Making sure that the ankle weights are of the right weight, that is 1 to 2kgs, as very heavy ankle weights can lead to muscle injuries.

Other than walking, running, or swimming, other ankle weight exercises can be performed:

Leg lifts: Lie on the yoga mat and with your hands and palms firmly on the ground. Next, raise and lower the leg with the ankle weight on for about 30 seconds. You can alternate the legs and the movements to spread the effect evenly on the hip area.

Opposite Knee/ Opposite Elbow: With the fingers placed firmly on the head and your back laying horizontally on the yoga mat, do the opposite knee and opposite elbow exercise. Make sure you keep on inhaling and exhaling as you repeat the movements.

Reverse Curls: This one involves lifting and lowering both legs while lying horizontally on a yoga mat. You must move your back as you lift the legs to ensure you hit the abdominal muscles.

When using ankle weights, always ensure that:

  • You start with the lowest weight and gradually progress to heavier weight as you build more resistance and stronger muscles.
  • You come up with a good ankle weight routine that will help you monitor your progress.
  • You employ a variety of exercises in your workout routine — these range from the open chainsaw exercises discussed above to jogging to swimming to running to simply having a walk.
  • You don’t wear ankle weights for a long time as this can lead to damaged muscles and ankles.
  • You consult the doctor or gym instructor for professional advice on the best ankle weights for you and the best routine to follow.

What options do I have?

For starters, there are two main types of ankle weights: fixed and adjustable.

The fixed models come in one predetermined weight measurement. For example, if it is 2 lbs. Ankle weight during purchase, then it remains at 2 lbs, and can’t be altered. The downside of owning a fixed ankle weight is that you will not have the liberty of changing the weights, and resistance, as your training intensifies.

On the other hand, the adjustable ankle weights are flexible and allow you to change the weights progressively. You can modify the resistance as per your needs or physician’s recommendation by adding or removing small weights in the fabric casing.

What to consider when shopping for ankle weights?

Purchasing and exercising using the right ankle weights will help keep your body in good health and shape. However, choosing the best weights that serve your purpose is never an easy task given the numerous brands out there in the market.

To begin with, seek the advice of a doctor or a gym instructor on the most suitable ankle weights for you. Professional advice is important before any purchase as wearing the wrong weights will not only have little or no health benefits but can also result in injuries to your ankles and stressed muscles.

To help you, maneuver this world of “ankle weights” which can a little bit confusing especially if you are newbie buyer, here are some top features that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Nature of the weight: You will be faced with two choices here; that is the adjustable and fixed weights. Fitness enthusiasts recommend the adjustable type — the reason being that you can always change the amount of weight to suit your program, depending on the level of exercise and how intense you want the training exercise to be. On the contrary, fixed weight ankle weights can turn out to be a tricky purchase, and also an expensive one, as you can’t change the weights when your exercise routine becomes more and more intense hence the need to change the resistance progressively.
  • Type of the fabric/ materials: Ankle weights come in different materials. The ideal material like mercerized cotton or canvas feels comfortable on your ankles and can absorb sweat and moisture, thus preventing the constant sliding of the weights during intense exercise. Ensure that the material is easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • Length of the Straps: A comfortable fit is key as you work out, especially during those very rigorous training exercises. The most common straps are the Velcro straps. Other ankle weights have the hook and loop Velcro system which achieves a tighter grip on your ankles. Ensure that the ankle weights not only provide a comfortable fit on your ankles but also provide some degree of free movement.
  • Presence of a Reflective Trim: If you love to go for runs or jogging after the sun has settled, a reflective trim will keep you safe as it will help motorists to notice you. This minor feature will save you from accidents by enhancing your visibility on the road as you jog or run.
  • Carry bag: A carry bag is essential, especially when you plan to work out later in the day and don’t have the time to go back to your house to get the ankle weights. Most good ankle weights come with a carry bag that has adequate space to transport the ankle weights and a pair of socks.
  • Your purpose / your needs: Various ankle weights are suited for use in different situations. Some are waterproof and can be used in the water while others cannot. Some weights are too heavy to be used for therapy and are only suitable for bodybuilding training. Your needs should always be defined to make the purchase worthwhile.
  • Cost and availability: Don’t spend the whole of your paycheck on ankle weights. There are a lot of brands of ankle weights to choose from depending on your budget.

1. Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights – Our Best Pick

Nordic Lifting Ankle/Wrist Weights
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The Nordic lifting adjustable ankle weights are designed to both last longer and provide a comfortable feel to the ankles when worn.  They offer adequate resistance to nurse your injuries and improve your body balance and support.

If you are an athlete, these weights will help you step your energy levels a notch higher by improving your core strength and stability. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the Nordic lifting adjustable weights will work out just fine for you as they are available in four different sizes ranging from 2 lbs to 5 lbs thus you will be able to pick the right weight as per your needs.

The weights are also very convenient for those who train alone as they come with an instructions manual to guide you in your work. They can be easily adjusted for use on both ankles, wrists, legs, and hands due to the presence of a Velcro strap.

Main Feature
  • Velcro pad, a reinforced padding and sturdy stitching which helps to switch from arms to legs and also provides a comfortable grip on the ankles.
  • The weights are made of metal pellets of high density and low volume that offer good resistance and help improve your body stamina and strength.
  • Features a reflective trim that ensures you remain safe even when exercising after dark on roads that have traffic.
  • Comes with a carry bag that conveniently allows you to carry the ankle weights to wherever you go.
  • Hand Crafted from the high-quality Neoprene.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They can be used even in dimly lit environments.
  • They can be easily put on and off.
  • They are comfortable and durable.
  • A few users also used it as wrist weights.
  • Plenty of room for adjustment.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A few users stated that the reflective material lining easily wears off.
  • There are quality concerns about the fabric, especially with the weights above 2 lbs.
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2. Cosco Ankle Weight – Best in comfort & durability

Cosco Ankle Weight
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Cosco Ankle Weight is a perfect buy for users who are keen toward exercises and workouts to bring out better results in your legs and muscles. It comes in two variant, so you can easily buy one according to your own choice. The material is comfortable and durable for long-term use. Let us have a look at all the features of this product. 

Main Features
  • The ankle weight is made up of Lycra and iron sand, which gives it the required weight.
  • It comes in a pair of 2. 500grams each.
  • The adjustable strap allows you to adjust the weight according to your leg size easily.
PROS (What we liked)
  • A good product for fitness and workout exercises.
  • The material is comfortable to be worn while exercising.
  • The fasteners and velcro pad allows you to adjust the strap easily and fit according to your wish.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The velcro closure is not of good quality and gets worn out easily.
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3. Fitsy Adjustable Ankle Weights – Best for Beginners

FITSY Adjustable Ankle Weights
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The FITSY adjustable ankle weights are designed to not only provide comfort but also to fit perfectly on your calve. The fabric is both strong and reinforced, making it ideal for those guys who love durable items.

They fit perfectly on your ankle due to the presence of an adjustable hook and loops straps that can be easily fastened. The grip of the weights is secured firmly by a D-ring, thus ensuring that they fit perfectly on your ankles. You will be able to move freely as the cushioned flaps safeguard your ankles from injuries or scratches induced by the weights.

The 1kg weight on each ankle provides enough resistance during various exercises, runs, or walks, thus ensuring that you remain in perfect health and improve your body balance.

Main Feature
  • Comes with a wide hook and loop for a comfortable grip on your ankles.
  • Neoprene exterior that comes with a strong stitching and sturdy outer rim making them durable and comfortable to use.
  • Sold in pairs with each ankle unit weighing about 1 Kg for maximum resistance and challenge to improve the body strength and stamina.
  • Features cushioned flaps that safeguard the ankles and allow a good degree of movement even during the most rigorous exercises.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are easy to wear.
  • You can easily adjust the grip of the weights.
  • They are best suited for a variety of exercises ranging from aerobics to running.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The material used might come out after some time.
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4. Aurion Wrist/Ankle Weight Bands – Best Budget Sturdy weight

AURION Wrist/Ankle Weights (2 kg x 2 kg) Home Gym Weight Bands
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Looking for a strong pair of ankle weights that will not hurt your paycheck? The AURION Wrist/Ankle Weights are the perfect choice for you. The product is perfectly stitched, with sturdy strides, and weight of 2 Kgs per weight making it a very worthwhile purchase. Most customers recommend its weight as it neither too heavy for newbie, nor is it too light for the pros.

The weights are filled with sand that remains intact and does not spill over when used over some time. The Velcro strap is of high quality and ensures that the weights remain on your legs even during the most intense exercises.
Main Feature
  • The fabric is made of soft polyester and helps to safeguards your skin and ankle from injuries resulting from abrasion and scratches.
  • Features contour handles that not only ensure safety but also provides some degree of comfort.
  • The weights are sand filled, and the weight is fixed.
  • Comes with a 4 kg set, 2 kg each unit, that provides ideal resistance during training for both the pros and the newbies.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The product has a return policy in case of wrong delivery, or it turns out to be faulty.
  • The fabric feels comfortable on the skin and is long-lasting.
  • The weights are pocket-friendly considering that the product is very durable.
  • It is perfectly stitched and aesthetically appealing.
  • Many users have appreciated its quality.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is fixed and not adjustable, making it not perfect for those who love progressive training.
  • The straps are long, and therefore, it can’t be used on both the arms and the legs.
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5. TheraBand Ankle Wrist Cuff Wrap Weight Set – Best Ankle Weights for health Enthusiasts

TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle Wrist Cuff Wrap Weight Set
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The lightweight TheraBand Comfort is the most preferred by people who are health conscious and exercise enthusiasts of all ages and fitness levels. Be assured that these ankle weights will remain on your ankles even during the most strenuous exercises due to the presence of a metal buckle onto which the straps can be angled thus ensuring that they remain in place.

They come with a soft non-abrasive terrycloth interior ensures that they don’t dig deep into your ankle, are comfortable to wear and also absorbs any moisture or sweat that might cause them to slide when worn.
Main Feature
  • Comes in pairs with each unit weighing 1.5 pounds each. This provides the resistance needed to improve your lower body strength and for balance therapy.
  • Reflective trim enhances safety and visibility when training outdoors after dark.
  • Presence of soft terrycloth interior that provides comfort to the ankle and absorbs sweat and moisture.
  • The exterior features a neoprene fabric that comes with a strap which can be adjusted to fit different ankle sizes.
  • Different sizes of the weights that is ideal for progressive exercise starting with the lightweights and also heavy loads for maximum resistance.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are easy to put on and off.
  • A metal loop that ensures they remain firmly on your feet.
  • They are comfortable and adjustable.
  • They are great for rehabilitation work.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They can cause slight scrapes when worn for long.
  • The terry water cloth is not waterproof and thus not ideal for water-based exercises.
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6. Flyngo Adjustable Leg Ankle Weights – Best Budget Ankle Weights

Best Budget Ankle Weights
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Available as a pair of 2, each ankle weight weighs 1 Kg totaling to 2 Kgs, hence offering increased resistance. This makes them ideal for various simple fitness workouts such as jogging, cross-training, and jogging. They are easy to use due to an adjustable Velcro closure that is designed to be easily worn and secures the weights perfectly on your ankles, making sure that they don’t slide.

The fabric material is made of mercerized cotton, and the inside is soft material which feels very comfortable on your ankles and calves and absorbs sweat and moisture.

The military Colour design is both beautiful and cool. The weight material is iron shot which has high density and low volume making them ideal for use for various exercises such as leg lift and the opposite elbow/knee.

In a nutshell, the Flyngo Adjustable Leg Ankle Weights are designed to enable you to strengthen your leg muscles, burn the excess fats and calories as well as help you torn your abdominal muscles at a pocket-friendly price.

Main Feature
  • Comes with Adjustable Velcro Closure Straps.
  • They have a total weight of 2 Kgs per pair.
  • mercerized cotton fabric that is soft inside, thus offering comfort.
  • Weight material is the high density, and low volume Iron shots.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are easy to put on and off
  • They feel comfortable on the legs and easily quickly excess moisture and sweat
  • They can be used both at home and at the gym for a variety of exercises like core training, Cross Training, aerobics, walking, jogging, etc.
  • They are pocket-friendly.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • One of the ankle belts is shorter than some other weights.
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7. JoyFit Ankle Weights – Best Ankle weights for use on legs, hands, arms

JoyFit – Ankle Weights, Wrist Weights Adjustable for Legs, Hand, Arms, Running, Jogging for Men and Women 0.5 Kg, 1 Kg
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The JoyFit wrist/ ankle weights are perfect for use during workouts at home, walking, jogging, core training, cross-training, aerobics, and at the gym. Their lightweight design makes them ideal for people who love to put on weights as they run or jog.  The grip on the ankles or arms is tight due to the presence of Velcro closure straps that prevent them from sliding.

They are flexible and can stretch to accommodate a variety of arm and leg sizes. These ankle weights can be used on both legs, hands, and arms.

Main Feature
  • They weigh 1 Kg per pair that is 0.5 Kgs per weight unit, providing resistance and improve your body fitness.
  • The fabric is spongy and stretchy, which provides maximum and also fits on varying ankle sizes.
  • They have Velcro closure straps that ensure a tight grip on your ankles and arms.
  • Presence of a thumb hole that prevents them from spinning.
  • Ideal for Walking, Home Workouts,  Jogging,  Cross Training, Aerobics, Core Training, Gym, etc.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They can be used alternatively as wrist, arms, and leg weights.
  • They are easy to wear and remove.
  • The material feels very comfortable when put on.
  • Pocket-friendly.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The Velcro closure straps have shady stitches but not deal breakers.
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8. JBM Ankle Weights Sand Filling – Best ankle weights for Jogging and walks

JBM Adjustable Ankle Weights Wrist Leg Weights Sand Filling
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The JBM adjustable ankle weights retail at different weights per pair ranging from 2.2Lbs to 3.3Lbs to 6.6Lbs, thus offering different resistance as per your needs. The sturdy and durable double Velcro straps ensure that they fit perfectly on different sizes of legs, whether big or small and don’t keep on sliding as you exercise, walk or swim.

You will use these adjustable ankle weights for longer periods as the heavy canvas provides a strong and durable casing for the lightweight iron sand. The iron sand itself is designed to have a very high density and low volume, thus making this pair of weight comfortable to use.

There are three different colors to choose from grey, blue, and red, according to your needs and preferences.

Main Feature
  • Heavy canvas material and sand-filled, which improves the resistance.
  • It is equipped with double Velcro straps.
  • Good quality buckles, which prevent the weights from sliding on your feet.
  • A pair weighs a total of 13.2lb that is 6.6 lbs. On each ankle, which can be adjusted to 2.2 Lbs. And 4.4Lbs.
  • Ideal for gym resistance training, burn calories and fat and enhance body muscles.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They can be adjusted to different weights.
  • Easy to clean as you can remove the weights.
  • They are sturdy and durable.
  • They have a one year warranty.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • They fit loosely, especially on people who have moderate ankles or calves, making them keep on shifting during exercise.
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9. Plumcot, VVN, Ankle Weight – Best Lightweight

Plumcot, VVN, Ankle Weight, 500gm Each, Pack of 2
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The Plumcot VVN ankle weight is a good bargain for those who are looking for lightweight ankle weights at a very affordable price.

They come in pairs each weighing 0.5 Kg each unit, totaling to 1 kg, a weight that offers adequate resistance as you work out towards rehabilitating muscles, as well as for good physical therapy.

Main Feature
  • Neoprene exterior, a strong outer rim, and strengthened outer rim that makes the ankle weights very durable.
  • Presence of a hook and loop fastener that is adjustable and can be made tighter or loosened for the perfect grip.
  • Delivered as a pair with each unit weighing 0.5 Kg, totaling 1 Kg, thus providing adequate resistance for home workouts, rehabilitation of muscles, and enhanced body balance.
  • The pair of ankles comes in a clear plastic bag.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They are durable and comfortable.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • The quality of the fabric is of good quality.
  • Affordable price tag
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The weight is not suitable for the pros who are used to heavy ankle weights.
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10. Nayoya Ankle Weights Set and Carry Pouch– Best Yoga Ankle weights

Nayoya 3 Pound Ankle Weights Set and Carry Pouch – Premium High-Quality Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Cuffs
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They are best suited for use during yoga or during routines that need a bit more work. They also come in handy for people who prefer to exercise by walking due to their lightweight design.

You don’t have to worry about them sliding on your feet as they come with sweat absorbing cloth covers. The Velcro closures also ensure that the weights have a firm grip on your ankle, thus no sliding.

Main Feature
  • They weigh 3 pounds each pair, that is, 1.5 lbs each weight, which provides resistance and improves the effectiveness of the workout session in improving the body’s well-being.
  • Comes with a traveling bag that can be used to carry both the weights and some socks.
  • A Velcro strap that ensures a great hold of the weights on your ankles.
PROS (What we liked)
  • They can be used both in water and on land.
  • They are soft, comfortable, and don’t chaff the skin on the ankles.
  • Easy to wear and take off.
  • Easy to adjust the weights and can be used on both wrist and ankles.
  • They come with an appealing design that will look great on you.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A few users stated that it does not fit well for people having healthy ankles.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Ankle Weights.

You probably have questions about ankles weights before you make up your mind on the most suited ankle weight for your needs. Hopefully, the frequently asked questions below, together with their answers, will help you make up your mind.

1. Is it right to walk with ankle weights?

Ankle weights are not recommended for users while brisk walking. It could increase the energy which you burn while walking and can also cause strain in your ankle joint and leg muscles, which would make you prone to injuries.

2. What are the benefits of ankle weights?

Ankle weights are used to increase your endurance. It is because when you add more weight to your ankles, you have to exert extra force than usual, which will increase your endurance.
Leg raises can help you tone your leg but, if you add further resistance to it, the results would be far better. Using ankle weights can help you see the results even faster than any other methods.As you are applying more force due to the addition of weight, you have to use extra energy to do work, which will result in the burning of calories.
It helps you to develop muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

3. How do I know if an ankle weight will fit me?

Most ankle weights are designed with a universal size. This means that they will fit most people inclusive of men, women, and children. Some even have straps that can stretch in case you have thick ankles. It is important that you always choose ankle weights with a long strap as ill-fitting weights can lead to abrasions or worse, injuries.

4. Which is the best-suited weight for me?

It is highly advisable that you talk to your doctor or gym instructor before you purchase any weights. They have the knowledge and expertise to examine your needs and recommend a suitable weight professionally.

That said, you can also start with a small weight, for instance, 1 lb. And then advance systematically to the next weight that is most comfortable to use. Don’t start with very heavy weights as you risk hurting your ankle as well as your lower body muscles.

5. Can I go about my daily activities even when I have worn the ankle weight?

Absolutely. It is highly recommended, especially if you are a very busy person and don’t have the time to sit down and do some exercises and training. Walking with the ankle weights put on will add to the resistance and help you burn down the excess fat as well keep the muscles and your stamina in good health.

6. Will ankle weights help me build stronger muscles?

When you wear ankle muscles, the extra weight forces the muscles, especially abdominal muscles and those in the lower body, to grow bigger in response to the challenge of a heavier load. Any tissue in the body that is challenged to do more work grows bigger in the long run.

7. Where can I purchase my desired ankle weight?

Most big sports house and supermarket chains sell ankle weights of different sizes and models. Nevertheless, with the world-changing, the most suitable place to order ankle weights is online on e-commerce sites such as Amazon. The online stores have lower prices than retail shops since they procure their weights directly from the manufacturers. They also offer delivery services to your house, and most have money-back policies as well as a warranty in case the ankle weight fails or is not up to the expected standards.

8. How much will it cost me to buy an ankle weight?

It all scales down to personal choice, preference, and budget. For as low as INR 500, you can get a worthy ankle weight that will serve the intended purpose. However, there are some high-end ankle weights with some sophisticated features that go for as much as INR 8000. In the list provided above of top 10 ankle weights in 2018, follow the “buy now” links to be redirected to Amazon for you to purchase your preferred ankle weight.

9. How do I know if an ankle weight is durable?

Different ankle weights have different lifespan due to the difference in the quality of the material, the type of the weights themselves, and how you use them. Most durable ankle weights have a strong fabric, are made of iron metal solid or metal, and have safety straps to ensure they have a firm grip on your ankles.

10. I intend to wear my ankle weights for more than 5 hours a day upon purchase. Is this healthy, or is it wrong?

When worn for long hours, ankle weights have the potential to cause injury to your ankles and joints due to too much strain. It is recommended that you put them on for a shorter duration of time like when you train or take a short walk.

11. I hear ankle weights cause injuries to most people. Is this true?

Whereas this is partially true, injuries are caused by some mistakes that result from the wrong usage of ankle weights. The use of overly heavy ankle weights can lead to strained muscles and thus result in torn muscles. Other factors include but not limited to, wearing ankle weights wrongly and also wearing them for too long. It is very important that you always seek advice from a professional before purchasing ankle weights.

12. Is ankle weight easy to use?

It depends on individual ankle weights. Since few ankle weights will come with an instructions manual, key features to look out for are the presence of Velcro straps, the fabric of the casing, and whether the weights are adjustable or not. It is highly recommended that you purchase ankle weights in which you can adjust the weights and therefore, the resistance depending on your needs.

13. What do I stand to gain if I buy ankle weights?

Ankle weights assist people to burn calories and lose weight by forcing the body to burn more calories due to increased resistance. As you work out with ankle weights, your cardiovascular health will improve gradually.

Doctors and Physicians have recommended ankle weights to patients who suffer injuries to the legs and lower body muscles as the weights assist the patients in recovering quickly by performing a wide variety of exercises. If you are bodybuilding, ankle weights will assist you to put more pressure on your lower body muscles and force them to grow, giving you that much-needed endurance and body physique.



There are many models of ankle weights in the market. However, not all are suitable for your needs. Again, making a purchase requires a delicate act of balancing between your budget and the desired features. That said, there are the basics that should never miss out. These include:

  • a durable fabric,
  • strong  weights, and
  • Adjustable straps to tighten the grip on your ankles.

The key thing is ensuring that the ankle weights are durable, fits your needs and budget. We recommend these products Nordic Lifting Adjustable Ankle weightsJBM Adjustable Ankle Weights Wrist Leg Weights, and AURION Wrist/Ankle Weights.

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