Best Rubberized Volleyballs

Volleyball is a fascinating game that comes with a plethora of health and fitness benefits. It leads to weight loss and provides an impressive workout for the upper body, arms, and shoulders, strengthening the lower body muscles. It enhances cardiovascular and respiratory functioning and enhances hand-eye coordination. It improves fitness by building agility and improving the body’s coordination, speed, and balance. However, for playing the game, we need good quality volleyball. Therefore we have curated a list of volleyballs that you can choose from.

1. Nivia Craters Molded Volleyball

It is a sturdy volleyball that creates an impression with its appealing looks. It is a rubberized ball of size 4 that weighs 400 grams. It is suitable for all indoor surfaces. It is compatible for playing on both the grassy and hard surfaces without running the risks of getting deflated.

This ball is designed using butyl bladders that provide for quick and easy inflating. It is a water-proof ball that employs machine-stitching for improved durability and long-lasting usage. It is designed to suit all conditions, including training as well as match scenario.

2. jaspo PU Volleyball

Jaspo volleyball is designed with high-quality butyl bladders that offer high elasticity. It is also heat-resistant and wear-resistant. It comes with an internal and external separation design. The soft PU material reduces arm pain caused during training.

This volleyball is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor games. It comes with reinforced durable and uniform thread stitching that is done by machines. It weighs just 360 grams, making it ideal for beginners, youth, adults, and even the elderly.

3. Voodania Kross World Volleyball

The volleyball has an eighteen-panel handsewn detailed construction. It is designed with soft play technology.

Volleyball is suitable to play within all seasons, indoors, and well as outdoors. The ball comes deflated. It has a butyl rubber bladder for air retention.

4. Vector X VB-SPIKE-MOULDED-4 Rubber Volleyball

This volleyball is designed using butyl rubber bladders that make the ball smooth and lightweight. It makes it easy for the players to handle the ball comfortably. You can play with this ball in all conditions, including training as well as matches.

This durable volleyball features rubberized panels. It comes in size 4 and features 12 panels. Its sturdy synthetic rubber design ensures its long-lasting performance in all conditions. This water-proof volleyball maintains its performance even in wet conditions. It allows the players a firm and stable grip during play.

It is ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor play. It gives great performance on grassy as well as hard surfaces. Moreover, its stylish look suits various game settings. It comes with a moulded construction that gives it a consistent exterior. It features prominent seams on its surface that add energy to the play and recharge the game’s atmosphere.

5. Wilson Super Soft Play Volleyball

It features official size, measures 21 cm in width, and weighs only 249 grams. It is prepared from synthetic EVA material and involves super soft machine-sewn construction for enhanced durability and sturdiness. This volleyball is designed using butyl rubber bladders for improved air retention. It comes with a sponge backed cover that provides a smooth and soft feel. The presence of a soft leather-finished outer shell provides a convenient and easy-grip while controlling the ball for delivering perfect serve and lunging forward for making diving saves.

6. Cosco Volleyballs

This is a combo Kit that comprises Cosco volleyball and a ball pump with a needle. Its cosflex material makes it an excellent outdoor play ball and provides robust backing for maintaining the proper shape. It comes in size 4, measures 65~67 in circumference, and consists of 18 panels. This rubberized volleyball is prepared using moulded construction.

It is a trendy volleyball that comes with nylon windings for proper shape retention. It is designed using a butyl bladder for high air retention for perfect ball handling during playtime. It is recommended for recreational games. The plastic pump and needle are meant for inflating the ball, and they can be used for inflating footballs, volleyballs, basketball, etc. This plastic pump comes with a flexible handle for easy inflating.

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