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Best Selling Ankle Weights

Are ankle weights worth the hype and if so, which one should you purchase? These are two questions that you probably asked yourself when you heard about ankle weights. Whereas ankle weights are not as popular as they used to be a few decades ago, many people still opt for them when they need to […]

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Top 9 Swimming Goggles in India

With the busy lifestyles that people have indulged themselves in, it becomes a big issue as to how should one maintain one’s weight? Those who have a sitting job tend to face greater weight problems due to lack of mobility. Not only does the job profile play a significant role, the appetite that one thrives upon […]

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Top 10 Gym Shoes for Men

The new age generation has become more concerned about keeping fit and active. They maintain a healthy diet and go to the gym practically every day to workout out. The market has expanded for the gym enthusiasts, fitness freaks and athletes to include a diverse number of sports and fitness products which include protein powders to […]

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Top 10 Best Whey Protein Powders

Protein Powder has become a common name among the health conscious, athletes and gym enthusiasts. They require a large quantity of high-quality protein in their diet to maintain their physique and promote muscle growth and development. One such protein powder which has a high content of protein is Whey Protein Powder. This protein powder is made […]

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Best Headphones for Running

Running is one of the best exercises to keep your heart happy. It’s a known fact that doing what you love and enjoy yield better results. As you step outside to jog or run you expect it to be a perfect day with the fresh breeze sweeping through your face, the smell of the freshly lawned […]

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Top 11 Best Running Shoes in India

Running is the simplest way to be fit, and not to mention a great mood lifter as well. Certain scientific studies have even revealed that 20-30 minute workout a day, can help you be happy and less stressed. But whether you’re a beginner or a shirt-off racer, a pair of good quality running shoes is what a must […]

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Best Medicine Balls For Healthy You

Medicine balls are often called exercise or med balls as they are used for strength training. These balls are solid and heavy and are used for gaining power and strength especially by athletes. Medicine balls also helps in improving fitness, as well as to recover from injuries. One can use them during squats, crunches, oblique twists […]

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Best Motorized Treadmill For Weight Loss

Treadwheels were introduced as a punishment in the earlier days, but treadmills have proved to be a boon for this generation. Jogging and running have their benefits. From keeping high blood pressure at bay to keeping us fit, running is something that we inculcate into our lives for a better us in a better tomorrow. […]

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