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The cricket batting pads or leg guards provide vital protection for your legs against fast bowling, medium pace, or even spin bowling at a decent pace. The face of cricket batting pads comprises vertically separated sections that cover the shin and allow easy running and movement in pads. It is made of shock-absorbing padding materials and a stiff cane shaft. The knee rolls of batting leg guards provide robust protection for the vulnerable knee joint. It also adds flexibility to the pads to bend with the rest of the legs. Here are the best batting pads.

1. SG Test RH Batting Legguard

It is a high-quality traditional batting leg guard that is used by top international cricketers like Cheteshwar Pujara, Suresh Raina, etc. It features cotton-filled knee rolls that are stuffed with a layer of high-density foam reinforcement for enhanced protection for your knee joints. It also minimizes the impact of the ball hitting the pads.

It has a cane reinforcement design that is reinforced with low-density foam filling. The top hat of the pads provides added protection with mesh instep. It also features wear-resistant piping for enhanced durability. It comes with special butterfly center straps for providing great comfort for movement and bending. It highlights a wrap-around fit that perfectly sheaths the legs.

These leg guards are available for both right-handed and left-handed batsmen. This lightweight batting pad is also available in youth/boys sizes.

2. RK KAIME Sports Batting Leg Guard

RK Kaime sports batting leg guard protects the knee rolls. It is filled with cotton to provide maximum comfort. The leg guard comes with three hook and loop fasteners for perfect fit.

It has a firm fit which makes it easy to run in it. It is highly comfortable with its additional vertical knee bolster. The guard keeps your legs safe with its high-density foam. It is sturdy and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.

3. Adidas Pellara 4.0 Cricket Batting Pads

These are Adidas entry-level pads. They come with three-pieces inside knee construction for greater protection.

The pads have a triple vertical internal bolster that enhances protection and flexibility. The pads have cotton filling inside for comfort. The bars on the pads have high-density filing.

It has laminated air mesh for ventilation. Its strap has a puller tab for easy tightening.

4. Mrf Grand Batting Pads

These are high-quality men’s size batting leg guards that employ traditional construction and provide test quality protection. It is a super test model that features Singapore cane for improved protection.

It features a high density plastazote foam face for added flexibility during running and bending in conjunction with the entire legs. It comes with high resistance plastazote sidebars that wrap nicely around the leg for improved safety.

5. WINART Cricket Batting Legguard 

This premium quality batting leg guard or pad features PVC as outer material, and inner material is stuffed with cotton for reinforced protection, enhanced durability, and long-lasting usage. It comes with velcro straps that allow the flexibility of comfortable opening and removal of pads around your legs.

It is recommended for players in the senior age group that play professional level cricket and thus need leg guards for playing excellent shots fearlessly.

6. DSC Condor Glider Cricket Batting Legguard

This cricket batting pad or leg guard features a compact design with tri-section shinbolsters that are perfectly wrapped around legs for providing superb protection. The vertical cane bolsters are reinforced with high-density foam for enhanced protection and comfort.

It comes with an extended side wing for added protection. It features breathable mesh lines bolsters that are stuffed with low-density foam for providing extreme safety and comfort. The face of the pads or leg guards comes with premium quality PVC facing. It also highlights mesh instep with foam for added comfort.

It features 2″ wide straps with padded buckle protection that allows you to fasten the pads quickly and provides enhanced comfort while batting for long hours.

It has a lightweight design that ensures easy running and effortless movements for precise shot playing. It has good quality PU outer that is easy to maintain, and its tatron instep has wear-resistant properties for long-lasting usage.

7. GM 1600409 101 Cricket Batting Legguard Mens Right

This batting leg guard is prepared using a traditional cane construction method for effective protection and shock absorption capacity. This lightweight pair of pads measures 130 kgs.

It comes with a vertical bolster that is stuffed with low-density foam for extreme protection. It features a knee locator reinforced with low-density foam that provides impressive safety of knee joints.

It is easy to open and comfortably wrap around the legs using one strap. The instep PVC boosts its strength for long-lasting usage.

The protective foams build a powerful and comfortable protective shell that absorbs up to 90% of impact energy instantly. It allows the players to focus on their game rather than worrying about getting injured.

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