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We all try to incorporate a healthy diet and a weekly workout routine. But for some, fitness can be a way to express themselves. Many people build their careers in fitness by opting for bodybuilding.

But, being a bodybuilder is not an easy task. You need to follow a certain diet, a certain lifestyle, and a heavy workout routine. It includes weight lifting, squats, and other intense exercises.

For such exercises, you need proper support for the back. To get effective results from your workout, you need a waist belt.

A waist belt or a weight lifting belt helps keep your posture correct and provide the needed support while lifting those weights.

Although there are gym instructors that provide the needed guidance to achieve that dream body, there are certain gym accessories that you need to invest in to get the maximum results. A weight lifting belt is one such accessory.

If you too are looking to invest in a weight lifting belt that will take your performance up a notch, then this article is just for you. We have provided all the information that you need to make the right choice. In this article, you will a comprehensive buyers guide, Our Top Picks, and FAQ’s which are listed at the very end.

Top 6 Best Weight Lifting Belts in India

Weight Lifting Belt Buyer’s Guide

You should go through these necessities before investing in any weight lifting belts.

Different type of belt designs

There are mainly three types of belt designs cone, cylindrical and contoured. Each of them has its characteristics and benefits.

  •  Cone Belt

It is a rarely seen design of the belt. Its design is supposed to follow the natural curve of the torso.

These belts are tapered on sides and are thicker, which gives good posterior and anterior sections. They are designed with a perfect cone shape to give the perfect fit.

  • Cylindrical Belt

This belt supports all the essential areas like the abdomen, torso, back, and sides. They are of the same width.

Unlike other belts, the same width helps in covering the back and torso equally. These belts are often recommended to powerlifters and athletes.

  • Contoured Belt

The belt’s width is thicker near the torso and becomes skinny at the abdomen, which allows the torso to remain flexible while providing support.

Olympic lifters and recreational athletes often use these belts.

Different types of Material

This may seem futile criteria, but it is a significant one. Basically, the material is of two types nylon and leather. There are other materials too, but it might be the blend along with these two materials.

  •  Nylon

This material is used in belts not mainly for stiffness but for increasing comfort level. The stiffness of the belt depends on the width and extra inserts provided.

Either width or extra inserts may help in maintaining the versatility and stiffness. It provides more support around the kidney area and torso.

  • Leather

Leather belts are often used by those who prefer stiffness over flexibility. The durability of leather belts is more than nylon belts.

Leather belts come in some softer type of material, which may fit appropriately onto the waist while bending.


Everyone doesn’t need to be comfortable working out with a belt on their waist. It’s preferable to be aware of your comfort level before actually investing in a belt.

You should keep your back in the correct posture and not exert much pressure. It’s better to have one for maintaining safety; the inserts on the belt can be adjusted according to your comfort level.

6 Weight Lifting Belts – Top Picks

1. Xtrim Dura-Belt

Xtrim Dura Belt
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The Xtrim power-lifting belt is made using 100% genuine leather and is heavily stitched with a suede lining on both the inside and outer side. This gives it a non-slip surface that prevents the belts from slipping from the torso.

It ensures a life-long warranty making it the most reliable weight-lifting belt that offers support and strength while embracing the core.

Main Features
  • Available sizes: Small 26”-29”, Medium 29”-32”, Large 32”-36”, and Extra Large 36”-42”.
  • Made using 100% stiff and durable leather.
  • It is 4 inches wide, ensuring even stabilization of the entire core, back, and abs for extra support and power.
  • It is heavily stitched with a suede lining on the interior and exterior to prevent the belt from sliding on the torso mid-lift.
  • Double prong closure.
  • Comes with a thickness of 8 mm for better core and lumbar support.
  • It has 12 holes allowing you to adjust it according to your waist.
  • Suitable for use in a power-lifting, weight-lifting, gym routine, body-building, and dead-lifting.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Designed to ensure quick and easy use of the power-lifting belt.
  • The rounded edges of the belt make it comfortable to use.
  • Reduces stress on the spine during heavy workouts.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points were seen so far.
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2. Nivia Supreme Gym Belt

Nivia Supreme Gym Belt
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Nivia has been offering gym accessories for a long. They ensure that the accessories are comfortable and durable as well so that you can give your best each day.

Nivia supreme belt is a product that is highly padded to provide back support. It is designed to tone your muscle around the waist while training and working out. The wider width gives a good grip on the waist. It is made up of soft padding to give comfortable support.

Main Features
  • The belt is best suited to fit the size 34 – 38 inches.
  • It has soft padding to it for a comfortable feel.
  • The belt can be used by people that are still in training as well as professionals.
  • Both men and women can use it.
  • It has a closure of velcro for a perfect fit.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its padding gives good support.
  • The belt is tested for colour fastness so that it looks new for a long period.
  • It is tested for safety and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • It helps in improving our posture.
  • It is used to cure back problems which are majorly caused during old age.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Fitting is not the best. It could have been better.
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3. USI WT Lifting 4 Padded Belt

USI WT Lifting 4 Padded Belt
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USI weight lifting belts are well renowned in the fitness world. They produce belts not only in leather but also in nylon.

The variety provided by them in belts and other fitness gears are extremely wide and comfortable. It has been used by a lot of professionals while working out. The support provided makes the workout easier.

We have reviewed the Usi weight lifting belt that is not only effective but also is budget-friendly.

Main Features
  • The weight lifting belt also comes with a leather belt for effective results
  • The belt is of L size which makes it suitable for most users
  • It has a steel buckle and multiple holes for a snug fit
PROS (What we liked)
  • It gives good support to the back and abdomen
  • It is reasonably priced
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It might not fit the plus-sized people
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4. Aprodo Unisex Waist Support Belt 

Aprodo offers great quality gym accessories that will help you achieve your dream body. Whether it’s wrist wrap, arm blaster, gym blaster, gym gloves, and waist belt you can be assured of its quality and durability.

This 5-inch unisex waist belt by Aprodo comes with nylon Eva, making it highly effective for all the weightlifting.

Main Features
  • This belt has 6-inch wide nylon fabric on the outside and a felt fabric on the inside.
  • It has been ergonomically designed to provide all the needed comfort and lumbar support as well.
  • The belt has a heavy-duty stainless steel slide bar buckle to keep the belt in its place during use.
  • Its quick-release buckle allows you to throw it on and off with ease.
  • The belt only weighs 300 grams which makes it easy to carry around.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It comes with a velcro closure for an extra snug fit.
  • Its wide back design of the back reduces the stress as well as stabilizes the back.
  • The size is adjustable, making it appropriate for all users.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The overall built quality could be better.

5. PS Pilot- Leather Weight Lifting Belt

PS Pilot- Leather Weight Lifting Belt
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PS leather belt is wide in size that helps give a great grip to your back and abdomen. Due to the leather, it does not flex while doing any squats or any other exercise. It can be your perfect gym companion.

This brand specializes in gym products, and athletes and pro lifters highly recommend the belt.

Main Features
  • This leather belt has multiple holes for a snug fit
  • Its steel buckle keeps the belt at a place.
  • The belt is available in various sizes from the small, medium, large and extra-large
  • It is designed for the back and abdomen.
  • It also has padding for added comfort.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Leather material gives a firm grip while working out.
  • Made of high-quality material for durability
  • Perfect for beginners because of its 4 inches wide size
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Leather might chip off after use.
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6. Hard Bodies HB-B104 Leather Gym Belt

Hard Bodies HB-B104 Leather Gym Belt
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Hard Bodies manufacture gym essentials are ranging from belts, weights to other gym gears. The product gives good support and is often considered the best for beginners as well as professionals.

This weight lifting belt from hard bodies comes with multiple inserts which may fit different body type and give firm support while exercising. This feature makes it highly versatile.

Main Features
  • This is a brown coloured belt that is perfect for weight lifting since it is made of leather.
  • It has 3 layers of leather for durability.
  • The belt comes with padded back support to ensure stability while working out.
  • The heavy-duty steel buckle keeps the belt in place.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has extra padding for comfort
  • It is made of good quality leather
  • The inserts are firm and give good grip
  • Stylish in appearance and has multiple inserts for a snug fit
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The belt is not very comfortable for a long day of use
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should you use a lifting belt?

It would help if you used weight-lifting belts when lifting heavy weights in an upright position as it reduces stress on the spine and lower back.

It prevents back hyper-extension during overhead weight lifting. It also stabilizes the back, abs, and entire core for providing extra strength and power.

2. What exercises use a weight belt?

If you invest in one good belt, then that belt can be used in multiple exercises. The exercises that use a weight belt are:

  • Weight-lifting
  • Dead-lift
  • Bench Press
  • Barbell Rows
  • Back and Front Squat
  • Clean and Jerk

3. How thick should my weight lifting belt be?

A weight lifting belt should be thick enough to keep the belt in place and prevent it from slipping during heavy-weight lifting. The maximum thickness ideal for power-lifting workouts is 13 mm.

4. What size should a weight belt be?

The size of the weight belt should be according to your waist size. Hence, you have to measure your waist size at the level of your belly button. Choose a size bigger if you are in-between sizes.

5. Should I wear a weight belt for squats?

You should wear a weight lifting belt if you are squatting heavy as it increases the lifts’ performance. Weight belts can be used for squats, jerks, and lifting weights.


Many people have this assumption that weight lifting belts are only for professionals. Well, this is wrong.

A weight belt can be used by anyone who is involved in weight lifting. They provide the needed support and helps in keeping the right posture. If you too are thinking of taking your workout routine to the next level and starting weight lifting, this is the right time to invest in good quality weight lifting belts.

To make it simpler for you, here are our top picks when it comes to waist belts Xtrim Dura-Belt, Nivia Supreme Gym Belt, and Usi Wt Lifting 4 Padded Belt 

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