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The number of gyms has increased over the last few years due to the increase in health awareness. People are opting for a healthy lifestyle and are more concerned about their routine. More youth are inclined to attaining healthy and fit body due to which the ratio of gym-goers has increased. A gym is no longer considered a luxury or status symbol; it is slowly becoming a part of our lifestyle.

Gym instructors provide with a starters guide to the beginners of what to do and what not to and what might be suitable for your body type. There are certain equipment, gears, and other items which are common and essential for all, like Weight Lifting Belts they are safety belts which help you give support while lifting heavyweights.

Instructors often pressurize on using this belt for those who do snatches, clean and jerks and squats. The belt wraps around your abdomen so that while exercising when you take a deep diaphragmatic breath the belt restricts on how much can your abdomen expand, this constriction increase intra-abdominal pressure, which ultimately result in stabilization.

While doing squats, the spinal cord is most at the risk of getting injured or harmed if you don’t do it right; this belt helps in restricting the back movement to your actual capacity. We all need a toned body but not on the cost of our bones getting fractured or broke. It will also be better if you talk with your gym instructor or doctor if you have any medical history before buying any gym essential or directly jumping in a heavy exercise which may hurt your muscle, bones or joints.

Weight Lifting Belt Buyer’s Guide

The customer should go through these necessities before investing in any weight lifting belts.

Different type of belt designs

There are mainly three types of belt designs cone, cylindrical and contoured. Each of them has its characteristics and benefits.

  •  Cone Belt

It is a rarely seen design of the belt. Its design is supposed to follow the natural curve of the torso. These belts are tapered on sides and are thicker, which gives good posterior and anterior section. They are designed with a perfect cone shape to give the perfect fit.

  • Cylindrical Belt

This belt gives support to all the essential areas like abdomen, torso, back, and sides. They are of the same width. Unlike other belts, the same width helps in covering the back and torso equally. These belts are often recommended to powerlifters and athletes.

  • Contoured Belt

The width of the belt is thicker near the torso and becomes skinny at the abdomen, which allows the torso to remain flexible while providing support. Olympic lifters and recreational athletes often use these belts.

Different types of Material

This may seem futile criteria, but it is a really important one. Basically, the material is of two types Nylon and Leather. There are other materials too, but it might be the blend along with these two materials.

  •  Nylon

This material is used in belts not mainly for stiffness but for increasing comfort level. The stiffness of the belt depends on the width and extra inserts provided. Either width or extra inserts may help in maintaining the versatility and stiffness. It provides more support around the kidney area and torso.

  • Leather

Leather material belts are often used by those who prefer stiffness over flexibility. The durability of leather belts is more than nylon belts. Leather belts come in some softer type of material as well which may fit appropriately onto the waist while bending.


Everyone doesn’t need to be comfortable working out with a belt on their waist, it’s preferable to be aware of your comfort level before actually investing in a belt. It’s considered to keep your back incorrect posture and not exert much pressure, for maintaining safety it’s better to have one, the inserts on the belt can be adjusted according to your comfort level.

Top 11 Weight Lifting Belts available in the market in India

1. PS Pilot – Leather Weight Lifting Belt 


Pilot sports co PS Pilot- Leather Weight Lifting Belt Bl Back & Abdomen Support (L, Black)


It has a wide leather belt which helps in giving a great grip to your back as well as abdomen. Due to the leather, it does not flex while doing any squats or any other exercise. This brand specializes in gym products, and athletes and pro lifters highly recommend the belt.


  • Model Name – PS Pilot – Leather Weight Lifting Belt
  • Good for shoulders, legs, and back
  • Suitable For: Fitness
  • Size in Number – 26 – 37
  • Designed For – back, abdomen
  • Padding – yes
  • Ideal For – Junior, Senior, Boys, Girls, Women
  • Pack of – 1
  • Age Group – 12 onwards


  • Leather material gives a firm grip
  • It’s suitable for everyone
  • It has extra padding for comfort
  • Made of high-quality material giving it extra life
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Leather might chip off
  • Not for heavy lifters




2. Facto Power Weight Lifting Leather Belt 


Facto Power Weight Lifting Leather Belt Back & Abdomen Support (M, Black)

Facto power is a gym gear used while weight lifting and helps in ensuring that you have correct posture while doing squats or dips or other exercises which may affect your back. The belt is designed to fit all body types, which is the biggest plus point. It has multiple inserts to suit your body type and fit you properly. Even though being a bit expensive, it reaches up to the mark.


  • Gym Exercises
  • Suitable For: Fitness
  • Size in Number – 38 – 38 inch


  • It gives firm support to back and abdomen
  • It has multiple inserts which help in adjusting according to your body size
  • It’s comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement


  • It’s not recommended for beginners
  • It’s a bit higher range





3. Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women

This provides quality for the money, even though it is in a higher range of belts, the firmness around your waist explains why this product is worth it. The belt comes with extendable straps which are not only used while working on the waist or abdomen but also while working on other parts; it has multipurpose use.


  • Length – 81cm
  • width- 10cm
  • weight-410gm


  • It’s good for beginners
  • It has an extendable strap facility
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s durable
  • It has padding to give your back a good support


  • It is expensive




4. Maizo Training Weight Lifting Belt 


Maizo training weight lifting belts have a wide width waist belt. These belts are really helpful while working out they are extremely comfortable and do not form any disruption. For those who are just starting to go to the gym and do not know which belt to buy can opt for this. It is really good for beginners as you are not used to working out with any bondage, this might feel like part of your workout gear and not make you uncomfortable


  • Weight Lifting
  • Size in Number-36 – 42 cm
  • Padding – Foam Padded
  • Ideal For – Boys, Men, Girls, Women
  • Pack of – 1
  • Closure – Velcro closure


  • It gives good support
  • It does not constrict you while doing your workout
  • It is good for beginners
  • The width of the belt is wide


  • It has a velcro strap which might not be that firm
  • There are no extendable strap



5. Nivia Supreme Gym Belt Back Support


It is designed to tone your muscle around the waist while training and working out. The wider width gives a good grip on the waist. It is made up of soft padding to give comfortable support


  • Support Gear
  • Size in Number- 34 – 38 inch
  • Padding-Soft Padding
  • Playing Level – Training, Professional
  • Ideal For – Men, Women
  • Pack of – 1
  • Closure – Velcro


  • It is a multipurpose belt
  • Its padding gives good support
  • It helps in improving our posture
  • It is used to cure back problems which are majorly caused during old age


  • Velcro fitting may not be comfortable for everyone
  • The belt might not fit properly to different body size




6. Aurion 2121 Leather Gym Belt 

The Aurion belts are made with supreme quality leather and are made with great precision, keeping in mind the comfort of customers. It has double stitching throughout to make the belt more durable and snug fit. It provides with great support on the back, abdomen as well as your waist.


  • It is durable
  • It provides great support to back, abdomen
  • It fits perfectly to your body
  • It has extra padding to provide a good posture while working out
  • Good quality leather


  • It might fit certain body type only
  • The color of the belt might diminish over a time



7. Protoner Weight Lifting Belt Waist Support

Protoner Weight Lifting Belt Waist Support (L, Black)


Active Fitness produces Protoner belts. They manufacture high quality and customer trusted good quality products relating to fitness and working out. This comes with multiple inserts which help in adjusting it according to your wish


  • Size in Number – 34 – 38 inch
  • Sales Package – 1 Weight Lifting Belt
  • Series – Leather


  • It is affordable
  • It is good for beginners
  • It has an adjustable strap with multiple inserts
  • It is durable
  • It has a thick band which provides good support


  • The durability may vary according to the usage



8. Kemket Belt Back Gym Back Support

Kemket Belt Back Gym Back Support (S, Black)


These belts are used not only for weight lifting but also while doing squats, dips, and various other exercises. It has been provided with Velcro belts to provide you with a firm grip around your waist while working out. Quality control seems the main agenda of this company, all the products are of high quality and have a really long life and are comfortable, this checks all the essential boxes which are necessary for a weight lifting belt


  • Used for exercise & fitness
  • Size in Number – 110 – 130 cm
  • Material – Leather


  • It is a multi-purpose belt
  • It is made of good quality leather material
  • It is adjustable according to personal preference
  • It provides good support to your back and waist giving you a good posture


  • It is expensive
  • The inserts might not be comfortable for everyone



9. USI 4″ Weight Lifting

USI Weight Lifting 4" Belt Padded Leather (Large) Back & Abdomen Support (L, Black)

USI weight lifting belts are well renowned in the fitness world. They produce belts not only in leather but also in nylon. The variety provided by them in the case of belts and other fitness gears is extremely wide and comfortable. It has been used by a lot of professional while working out. The support provided makes the workout easier


  • Weight Lifting
  • Size in Number – 98 – 120 cm
  • Sales Package – 1 weight lifting belt 4″ padded leather (Large)


  • It has extra padding
  • It fits up to large size
  • It is not uncomfortable while exercising
  • It gives good support to the back and abdomen
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It might not fit the plus size
  • It does not come in a different color



10. Cosco Gym Belt Strong

Cosco India Ltd has been producing good quality gym essentials for quite a while and has established its market. The products available are of good quality and have good durability. It gives rigid support to your torso during weight lifting and overhead lifting.


  • It’s durable
  • It gives good support
  • It does not restrict your movement


  • Does not have any extra padding
  • It has velcro fitting which might not give good grip


11. Hard Bodies Jynx Leather Gym Belt Hard Bodies Jynx Leather Gym Belt (Free Size, Brown)


Hard Bodies manufacture gym essentials are ranging from belts, weights to other gym gears. The product available is really good and has good support. It comes with multiple inserts which may fit different body type and give firm support while exercising. It is not easy to find belts which do not look as if you have been tied with a harness, but Hardbodies understand you and make the belts seem less sad and more attractive with a pop of color and breaking the mainstream of only black and white.


  • Weightlifting
  • Brown
  • Size in Number – 30 – 40 inch
  • Padding – Foam Padded
  • Playing Level – Advance


  • It has extra padding
  • It is made of good quality leather
  • The inserts are firm and give good grip
  • Stylish in appearance
  • Reasonable rate
  • Multiple inserts


  • Not for beginners
  • Finishing of the product may vary according to the seller from whom you purchase





Weight lifting belts are mainly used for hardcore gymming and the beginners, it provides them with extra support and a firm grip which does not put their back, abdomen, and waist at risk while doing exercise. The instructors highly recommend these belts, but before investing in any belts or any other gym essential visit your instructor, he knows your strength and might be able to give you a better suggestion regarding, which belts are more appropriate for workout and body type.

For beginners, Aurion 2121 Leather Gym Belt (Black) is highly popular, so those who are willing to invest in belts are suggested to try this out. It gives firm support as it has wide belts and has padding, which is comfortable while working out. It has multiple inserts which are suitable for majorly all body type. It does not constrict your movement while working out.

If any pain caused during the workout while using any belts, please visit a doctor as it may affect your muscle, which may cause serious injury. Along with regular work out and gym, you also need to focus on a healthy diet to gain maximum benefit. Only exercising may not give a fruitful result. Also, practicing healthy living as a lifestyle helps a lot in regaining your energy and restoring it.



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