11 Best Slimming Belt for Weight Loss

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A slimming belt is designed to be an ideal weight-loss companion for obese people. It causes loss of water weight, calories burning, and heavy sweating especially in areas surrounding your stomach, waist, and buttocks.

Even though it causes temporary weight loss, it assists you to adopt a permanent weight loss routine and makes it easy for you to stick to it. 

The slimming belts intensify our workout or fitness routine to fast-track the weight loss procedure resulting in a slimmer body.

Read on, our comprehensive buyer’s guide, the top 11 best slimming belts review, FAQs, and conclusion for buying the best slimming belt in an effortless manner.

Buyers guide

Belt’s thickness

The slimming belt covers up the midsection of your body including your abdomen, waist, and buttocks. 

It acts by generating the heat in the covered area that would melt away the fatty tissues and reduce belly fat.

The heating ability of the belt depends on its thickness. The thicker belt would generate more heat as compared to less thick variants.

Choose the belt that has enough thickness for reducing the fatty layers up to your desired levels.


When you go shopping for your slimming belt, be aware of your budget and ensure to stick to it to avoid overspending.

You would find numerous varieties of slimming belts in the market. These belts may differ from each other in terms of size, shape, and materials used in their preparation.

While browsing through the prices of various slimming belts you would find some are expensive and some are cheaper options. 

Choose a slimming belt that is available within your budget and comprise all the desired features.

Material of the Slimming Belt

The material of the slimming belt is an important consideration for buying a slimming belt. 

As your belt is wrapped around your waist and comes in close contact with your skin, it should be soft and comfortable on your skin.

The majority of the slimming belts are prepared from latex-free neoprene which is a synthetic rubber. 

The neoprene possesses sweat resistant properties that enable it to avoid slipping and shifting from its set place, especially when you move around or do physical activities.

You must check the material of the slimming belt to confirm that you are not allergic to it.


The slimming belts are available in different sizes for catering to individuals with different waist sizes.

You need to buy the one that matches your waist size perfectly. 

The belt must be comfortable on your skin and should not get tight on your waist to make you feel uneasy while you exercise or move around. 

Some slimming belts can be adjusted to the different waist sizes. 

Secondly, you need to check the size of the belt’s width. Some belts cover the entire abdominal area while some belts only a small abdominal area around the navel.

If you have a short stature, you may choose the belt with a smaller width. However, if you have tall stature, you need the belt with a larger width.  

Also, check the thickness of the belt and see if it fits well under your cloth. Once you have worn the belt, neither it should appear bulky nor not should it appear too thin. 

Easy to wear 

Ensure that the slimming belt is easily wearable around your waist with straps that are firmly positioned in their place. 

The loose straps may result in dislodging of the belt while moving and does not provide effective results.

Velcro closure

Check the velcro closure of the slimming belt. In a comfortable position, the velcro closure holds the belt tightly and stays strong.  

If velcro closure is not strong, it would cause the slimming belt to get loose which does not yield the desired heating effect for burning fatty tissues.


If you are confused regarding selecting the best slimming belt from a wide variety of options available, check the reviews of the various belts to ascertain their pros and cons. 

Also, read about the customer’s satisfaction star ratings. This would assist you in arriving at the right decision.


The durability of a slimming belt implies that it would serve you for extended periods. It also depends on how frequently you use the belt. 

Choose the one that has good durability and promises good results over its lifespan.

Top 11 Best Slim Belts

1. Boldfit Sweat Slim Belt

Boldfit is a popular health and fitness brand that offers a unique range of fitness products for a healthy mind, body, and soul. Their products include yoga mats, shakers, sweat belts, and foam rollers.

The sweat slim belt by Boldfit is a superior slimming belt designed to assist you in losing weight. It serves to enhance your body metabolism, helps in reducing belly fat, and improves calories burning during workouts.

Main Features
  • Prepared from latex-free neoprene material along with nylon outer coating that ensures enhanced flexibility and stability
  • Unisex belt suitable for both ladies and gentlemen 
  • Snugly fit for waist sizes in the range of 43” to 50” 
  • Features adjustable velcro that allows for customized changes as per the individual’s requirements
  • Features anti-slip flex that prevents moisture development and thereby avoids the growth of microbes that cause a foul odor 
  • Comes with waist cushions that offer effectively compresses and supports the muscles of the abdomen and lower back
  • Protects the lower back muscles and abdomen from strain and fatigue during a workout
PROS (What we liked)
  • A lightweight belt that is comfortable to wear during workouts, running, jogging or walking. Its lightweight material prevents heat stroke.
  •  Snugly fits around your waist without compromising your ability to carry  out  your daily chores
  • Effective temperature retention by retaining the optimal body heat
  • Corrects the body  posture and maintain better body balance by contributing towards building a stronger core
  • Outer nylon cover that improves thermal resistance, and increases grip around your abdomen
  • Effectively produce instant sweat with intense sauna effect
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far

2. Sportneer Sweat Slim Belt

Sportneer is a progressive sports and fitness brand that was founded in 2016. Its impressive range of product categories includes cycling, camping, hiking, exercise, fitness, and sports accessories.

The sweat slim belt by Sportneer is an effective waist trimmer that is prepared from high-quality material and assists you in transforming your tummy and leaving it looking tight and toned. 

It maximizes calories burning by shedding off excess water, rapid sweating, and retaining optimal body heat

Main Features
  • Prepared from latex-free premium neoprene material that provides enhanced heat insulation resulting in improved thermogenic activity
  • Leads to efficient weight loss with drastic improvement in your midsection by increasing muscle productivity and removing excess water weight
  • Features flexible and contoured material that provides comfy fits around the waist
  • The inner lining of the belt comprises a textured grid that aids in repelling moisture
  • Unisex belt designed for both ladies and gentlemen 
  • Increases muscles stability by compressing, cushioning and therapeutically heating sore muscles. These effect leads to quick muscle recovery 
  • Features adjustable velcro straps that comfortably fits up to waist size of 46 inches
  • Maintains the correct body  balance and posture by supporting abdominal and lower back muscles
  • Comes with overlock stitching that promote durability
  • Presence of better hook for enhanced grip
  • Enhance blood circulation in the abdominal area during exercises.
PROS (What we liked)
  • A lightweight and breathable belt that features non-slip inner layer to avoid slipping of the belt during workouts, and other physical activity
  • Intensify your workout by accelerating heat consumption and boosting metabolism
  • Durable build
  • Velcro straps provides snug fit
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far

3. BELIONERA® Waist Slimming Neoprene Ab Belt

Belinora Waist Slimming Neoprene AB Belt is a weight loss slim look belt for men and women trainees. It helps as a fat burner and tummy controller and can be used while exercising to remove excess water weight in your stomach.

Belinore presents a waist trainer slimming belt that helps form a slim figure. It is made of comfortable, adjustable fabric that is flexible and durable.

Main Features
  • Free size that can fit people having up to 45 inches
  • 100% Latex-free Neoprene material is used for making this belt
  • Flexible tapes provide strong support and dual compression ensures sizing accuracy mesh
  • It is constructed with flex-boning technology and comes with a Velcro closure
  • It is also suitable for multifunctional purposes like sports and fitness or while recovering from surgeries and injuries.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Helps in removing excess water from the stomach area
  • Accelerates the pace of reaching your fitness and weight loss goal
  • Provides extra support to lower back and abdominal muscles
  • it has a comfortable fabric allows flexibility and durability
  • It is easy to clean
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The width of the belt is small such that it does not fit the lower abdomen
  • Requires to be hand-washed

4. Spike Sweat Slim Belt

Spike is a budding fitness and gym equipment brand that was founded in 2018. It provides a wide range of fitness products across categories including slim belts, gym gloves, shaker bottles, tummy trimmer, jump rope, knee pad, and tracking accessories.

The sweat slim belt by Spike is a superb waist trimmer that is specially designed to assist you in burning fat faster. It provides an effective workout by increasing core temperature during exercise.

Main Features
  • Prepared from high-quality neoprene material that maintains optimal temperature especially in the abdominal area
  • Features enhanced weight loss wrap that is designed for causing excessive sweating and eliminating water weight during your fitness routine
  • Comes with special anti-slip flex design that repels the moisture and sweat absorption which prevents the buildup of bacteria and foul odor 
  • Offers increased durability as the belt can withstand a lot of stress and can be stretched till 50 inches
PROS (What we liked)
  • Causes efficient weight loss by retaining heat in your core area.
  • Provides extra support for lower back and abdominal area during the workout and normal routine activities
  • Serves as a comfortable fit enhancer as it snugly fit  around your waist, offers high flexibility and support during workouts 
  • Compression binding action provides lumbar support for stabilizing the central core muscles while you perform lifting techniques
  • Aids in back pain and is very lightweight
  • Does not restrict your movement
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far

5. Fit Mammal Sweat Slim Belt

Fit mammal is an enterprising fitness equipment brand that provides sweat slim belts or waist trimmers for reducing belly fat. 

The sweat slim belt by Fit mammal is specifically designed to make your workout more intense and highly effective. It also prevents pain and injuries associated with the lower back.

Main Features
  • Prepared from highest grade latex-free 3.5 mm thick premium neoprene material
  • Effective belt compression that offers required lumbar support for lower back
  • Features durable reinforced stitching that adds to its durability
  • Comes with breathable and stretchable premium fabric along with double velcro closure for strong and firm hold 
  • Provides superb insulation, enhances the thermogenic activity and increases core temperature for producing a lot of sweat in the tummy area
  • Comes with premium features that allow for a comfortable fit and firm grip 
  • Premium-quality neoprene material allows the belt to be stretched up to 46 inches 
  • Efficient belt compression leads to enhanced back support and body posture for daily activities
PROS (What we liked)
  • Stabilizes your spine for correcting your posture and relieving back pain
  • Suitable for wearing while doing any sort of physical activities such as running, cycling, jogging or gym workouts
  • Produces intense sauna effect leading to excessive sweating during workouts for optimal weight loss results
  • Features anti-slip and moisture lining grid that prevents the buildup of bacteria and stench odor 
  • Unisex belt with one size fits all functionality
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far

6. Wearslim Slim Shaper Slimming Belt

Wearslim is a promising fashion, cosmetics, and fitness brand that offers a range of high-quality products including shapewear and slimming belts, wear slim sweat belts, cosmetic makeup bags, multi-utility kits, and other products.

The slim shaper slimming belt by Wearslim is a superb hot belt that acts like a high-performance waist trainer and assists in achieving toned abs and sleek fitness.

Main Features
  • Prepared from high-quality 3D structure 2 mm thick neoprene material that provides superb breathability and great shape support 
  • Features lightweight and stretchy fabric that is comfortable to wear, it helps in keeping the shapers in their place during physical activities
  • Provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support that assists in burning tummy fat and shaping your waist perfectly
  • Awesome sport fabric that is super stretchable, absorbs moisture and dries out quickly
  • Available in various sizes up to 40 inches including L, XL, XXL and 3XL
  • Enhances core body temperature during the workout that stimulates sweating up to 2 times for accelerating calorie burning and reducing body fats
PROS (What we liked)
  • Provides for rapid weight loss by sweating off the excess water from the abdominal area
  • Causes higher abdominal compression that leads to improved muscles
  • High-quality and perfect suture ensure comfortable wrapping around the waist
  • Allows you to modify your tummy curve, attain high-waist tummy control and tight belly
  • Velcro strap provides good grip around the waist
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed 

7. Optimum Sweat Slim Weight Loss Belt

Optimum Sweat is a rapidly growing fitness brand that primarily deals in Slim legging for women, slim vest for men, and sweat slim belt for both men and women.

The slim weight loss belt by Optimum Sweat is specially designed for increasing your workout and generating a heat sauna effect around the abdomen. It flushes out excess water and results in excessive sweating for achieving a slim and toned belly.

Main Features
  • Made from premium quality, extra-thick, latex-free neoprene material that increases body temperature and provides enhanced sweating experience 
  • Features 0.4 cm thick sports fabric that comprises three-layer material including outer polyester fiber and sweat-absorbing layer, middle heat collecting layer and inner breathable layer
  • Exerts immense body shaping effect by repelling moisture and insulating heat 
  • Comes with fully adjustable Velcro strap for keeping the belt securely and comfortably fit around your waist
  • Provides super compression for supporting the lower back and abdominal muscles; assists in maintaining a correct posture for healing
  • Helps you to achieve toned abs and slimmer physique by maximizing the body temperature and retaining the body heat
PROS (What we liked)
  • A Lightweight and comfortable belt that is easy to wear and ideally suited for wearing during various physical activities such as running, gym, hiking, cross-training, etc.
  • The unisex design meant for both men and women
  • Anti slip design gives a perfect fit during workouts as well as for wearing under clothes
  • Flexible and easy to wear a belt that perfectly contours around body shape
  • Provides excellent support to lower back muscles and relieves the pain
  • Provides enhanced flexibility that allows the belt to fit even the smallest waist and also easily stretchable up to 51 inches if required
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed 

8. Leviosa Unisex Waist Slimming Sweat Belt

Leviosa is a renowned wellness and fitness equipment brand that provides a variety of indoor and outdoor wellness products such as waist slimming sweat belt, latex resistance bands, and arch support silicone sleeve cushion.

The waist slimming sweat belt by Leviosa is a physiotherapist certified belt for gymming and general home and outdoor workouts.

Main Features
  • Prepared from premium quality neoprene material that reduces fat around the waist and provides an improved sweating experience 
  • Comes in four sizes including small (95 cm), medium (105 cm), large (115 cm) and X-large (125 cm)
  • The compression of the belt helps in maintaining a correct body posture
  • Washable by hands but not suitable for bleaching, ironing, and  machine-washing
  • Enhances thermogenic activity, and increases core temperature for increased blood circulation in the abdominal area
  • Assists in achieving slimmer physique through excessive sweating around the abdominal area by preserving body heat and losing water weight
PROS (What we liked)
  • Provides awesome flexibility that can be stretched for adapting as per your comfort and requirements
  • Suitable for a wide range of physical exercises including running, gymming, yoga, cycling, cross-fit, zumba, etc.
  • The unisex belt that is suitable for both men and women
  • Exerts fantastic support to your abdominal and lower back muscles 
  • Snug and comfortable fit
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed 

9. LP Supports 711A Waist Trimmer

LP Supports provide high quality sport supports for ankle, foot , knee, shoulder, back etc. The brand has been recognized as an industry leader in technical protective gear and sports medicine. 

The LP supports 711A waist trimmer by LP is designed for supporting the lower back and abdominal lift. It effectively tones and shapes the midsection of the body during athletic activities.

Main Features
  • Prepared from 1/8”  thick neoprene material along with double knit nylon exterior ( premium quality material comprises 75% closed-cell neoprene foam and 25% stretch nylon)
  •  Eliminates fat around the waist resulting in an improved sweating experience 
  • Belt’s compression ensures maintaining a correct body posture
  • Washable by hands but not recommended for ironing and machine-washing
PROS (What we liked)
  • High-quality material offers awesome flexibility that allows the belt to stretch as per your comfort and needs
  • Nice grip and anti-slip feature that holds the belt firmly in its place
  • Suitable for a wide range of physical exercises including running, jogging, cycling, aerobics, etc.
  • The unisex belt that is designed for both men and women
  • Effective protection against the moisture and sweat
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed 

10. Joyfit – Sweat Belt

Joyfit is a USA based premium quality fitness accessories brand that provides a variety of products across categories such as gym accessories, strength training, and yoga accessories.

The sweat belt by Joyfit is a flexible and comfortable product that results in rapid fat loss and body toning. It results in maximum sweating during the day to day activities or during workouts or exercises, thereby accelerating the weight loss procedure.

Main Features
  • Prepared from 100% natural latex-free neoprene material that provides excellent grip through its moisture repellant action around the waist
  • Comprises stretchable wide frame for ensuring belts remain firm in its position during intense physical activities
  • Features double stitched trim that makes it a robust and long-lasting product
  • Produces maximum sweating that expedites the calories burning and weight loss process
  • Features a textured interior that ensures belt stays intact around the waist
  • Comes in various sizes including small (95 x 20 cm), medium (100 x 20 cm), large (105 x 20 cm)
  • Take your workouts to the next level by increasing the core body temperature
PROS (What we liked)
  • Lightweight product that provides elastic and contoured fit around the waist
  • Presence of dual-strap closures and double over-lock stitching makes it a firm and snugly fit belt
  • Corrects the body posture by supporting the spinal cord and maintaining the straight backbone, when used daily 
  • A highly flexible and durable belt that easily adapts as per the user’s body contours 
  • Maximizes the sweating for effective weight loss in the targeted abdominal area 
  • The unisex belt that is suitable for both men and women of all age-groups
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Excessive sweat makes it unbearable to wear for longer durations

11. Hykes Sweat Slim Belt

Hykes is an innovative fitness accessories brand that provides a wide range of products, including knee sleeves, knee wraps, gym gloves, bike gloves, and other fitness accessories.

The sweat slim belt by Hykes is designed for targeting weight loss in the abdominal area by increasing body heat. 

Main Features
  • Prepared from extra-thick latex-free high-grade neoprene material that provides a sauna-like enhanced sweating experience
  • Comprises textured inner lining that repels moisture and avoids slipping during intense workouts
  • Generate sauna effect for losing the belly fat quickly by increasing the body heat and eliminating excess sweat water
  • Flexible and lightweight product that comprises an anti-slip inner layer and grid design for keeping belt intact around the waistline
  • Suitable for a range of physical activities including sports, fitness, running, gyming and weight-loss
PROS (What we liked)
  • Intensify the fitness routine and keeps you refreshed and cool during the  workout session
  • Provides immense support for abdominal and lower back muscles that help in correcting body posture
  • Relieves muscle soreness and associated pain by retaining the therapeutic heat, increasing blood circulation, and improving muscle stability
  • Belt’s compression and elasticity causes muscle stimulation that reduces cramping and fatigue
  • Provides support, cushion and compression to lower back and abs muscles that protect against injuries
  • Can be also used by ladies after pregnancy, post abdominal surgery, postpartum recovery, abdominal pains and C-section.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do slimming belts really work?

The slimming belts are wrapped around your waist and generate a heating effect leading to sweaty abdomen and waist region. They provide temporary weight loss by working only superficially. 

The heating effect and sweat production cause loss of water weight that makes you appear slimmer. However, this weight loss is not sustainable.

According to the belt manufacturers, tightening the belt stimulates the muscles of the waist region and results in the toned abdominal muscles. 

The belt may also reduce the stomach level which leads to reduced food intake and thus lead to weight loss.

Even though a slimming belt may not result in permanent weight loss, the users appear slim due to the tightening of belly muscles by wearing a slimming belt consistently.

2. How to choose the size of a slimming belt?

The slimming belts come in a wide variety of sizes. You need to use a slimming belt that perfectly matches your waist size.

Begin by measuring your waist size. Now, look up the size chart that comes with a slimming belt to choose the belt size that corresponds to your waist size.

If the slimming belt does not match your waist size, it does not produce the desired effective results.

3. Do electric belts have any side effects?

The functionality of the slimming belts including electric ones is based on the simple idea of muscle stimulation and contractions.

The electric slimming belt acts as muscle stimulators and may cause the following side-effects.

  • The electric belt may interfere with the functioning of planted electronic or electrical devices such as pacemakers inside the body.
  • Excessive usage may result in swelling, redness, and inflammation of the skin subjected to muscle stimulation
  • In extreme and rare cases, the electric slimming belt may cause cancerous lesions


As losing your weight by physical workouts and maintaining healthy dietary habits is no fun, you can use a slimming belt for expediting your weight loss campaign. 

Investing your hard-earned money for buying a slimming belt requires you to be aware of the features that are worth your money and other features that you can do without. 

Go through our detailed reviews and buyer’s guide for choosing a slimming belt that can play a significant part in your weight loss routine by effectively inducing sweat and burning fatty tissues.

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