Best Motorized Treadmills For Weight Loss

Motorized treadmills come with integrated and advanced features that enhance your workout session and ensure weight-loss. Here we review the best-motorized treadmills from brands like Powermax Fitness, Fitkit, Cockatoo, and others.

No time to hit the fitness center or gym? Buying a treadmill will help you in achieving your workout goals in the comfort of home.

Motorized treadmills offer more than just walking and running. They help n tracking heart rate, distance covered, calories burned, time taken, speed and many other factors. This assists you keep track of your workout and adjust the intensity accordingly.

To add to the benefits, modern motorized treadmills also come with inbuilt speakers, mobile connectivity and many advanced features. This makes the workout session fun. Hence if you ain’t motivated much, some music might surely help.

You might have used many weight loss machines, but treadmills are the easiest to use. They can be placed in the gym as well as home.

With its flat and even surface, you do not have to worry about hitting a bus, tripping over a rock, or running into your ex-friend.

With the motorized features and digital monitors, you can keep track of your progress and later appreciate yourself with a low-fat cupcake, making your heart happier.

This article will provide you complete information on motorized treadmills such as benefits of a motorized treadmill, working of it, features to look out for and its types available in the market. Lastly, we have also mentioned a buyers-guide, our top 14 recommendations, and frequently asked questions to solve any of your queries.

Benefits of Motorized Treadmill


If you don’t have a specific schedule for the day, with the treadmill at home, you can enjoy your workout anywhere and anytime. Gyms might have specific time slots, but through a treadmill, you can enjoy a workout at your own convenience.

Easier equipment

As compared to other workout equipment, the treadmill is much easier to install, use, and maintain. You only have to install once and get the setting according to your wish that can be used daily.

Multiple users

At gym memberships are only provided to a person. But with the treadmill at home, family members can also make its optimum use.


Treadmill lets you decide the speed for jogging, running, and also the level for incline. It tracks the data and shows the result for improvement.


Factors like rain or snow may affect visiting a gym, whereas treadmills at home are not affected by the weather. With the treadmill, you can work out at home with privacy and no interference.

No Straining

While using a manual treadmill, users have to put a lot of time and effort into getting it working. That can sometimes give extreme strain to back. A motorized treadmill solves that issue and provides a steady pace to walk or run on.

Suitable for longer training sessions

Gym membership gives a certain time slot in which you have to visit and finish your workout. With the treadmill at home, you can work out as long as you want to.

Adjusting of speed and incline

On a motorized treadmill, you can set the speed of a belt for jogging and running.

It can be increased or decreased as per the user’s liking. Also, there is an inclination level in treadmills that can be selected as it is tougher than regular jogging or running.

Working of a Motorized Treadmill

Most body transformations are done with regular exercise and going to a gym; the treadmill is important equipment in the transformation. Ever wondered how a treadmill works?

The manual treadmill that was used before had a belt that relies on the speed of the person running on it. In simpler words, it exhausts more of your energy than calories.

Whereas in motorized treadmill instead of user powering the belt movement, the machine provides a surface to move on with a wide conveyor belt driven by an electric motor.

In a motorized treadmill, the motor maintains a steady pace of the belt. A good motorized treadmill should have 2 Hp DC motor.

Apart from regular jogging and running motorized treadmill has a feature like inclination. What inclination in the treadmill does is that it gives an angle to the surface.

Inclination on treadmill lets its user have a better physique has it resembles leg activities while trekking, building leg the muscles.

Features Of Motorized Treadmills

Running surface

Running surface is the conveyor belt on which jogging and running take place. It is important to consider its length and width before purchasing, and it depends on your body type and weight.

If you have a slightly broader body frame and heavyweight, you need to get a treadmill that has a wider belt. The running style also determines the area suitable for jogging or running.

Motor power

If you are s sprint runner, then you need a treadmill that has a powerful motor. Look for Horsepower offered by the motor before purchasing and the type of workout you will be doing on the treadmill to get the best suitable treadmill.

1.5 TO 3 Hp continuous DC motor is considered to be best.


Newer treadmills offer track cushioning to protect the user from running impact. Running on a hard surface can cause strain and damage to body joints.

To prevent cushioning is included in treadmills, and it reduces the impact by 14 to 20 %.


The incline setting on a treadmill provides its user with the same leg activities that outdoor sports like trekking does. Incline running can provide a better physique and brings variety in regh4ar training.

Control panel

The Control panel in the treadmill includes an LCD screen that displays heart rate, calories, speed, and incline degree. Control panel lets you choose the speed you want and what information you want to see and which shoh4d be discarded.

Types Of Treadmills

Manual Treadmill

If you think hard work pays off, the manual treadmill will extract your energy. Manual Treadmill comes along with a belt that relies on the speed you run in. It is a safe and simple machine for which your legs act as a motor.

With the complex electrical components out of your way, they are smaller and weigh lesser compared to the motorized treadmills. If you are high on saving money, the manual treadmills are cheaper with minimal maintenance costs and refrain from dropping your jaw after looking at the electricity bill.

However, with the uneven pace and a more strenuous workout, it is less comfortable, burning down more of your energy than calories.

Motorized Treadmill

This is effective as the motor controls the belt, setting a steady pace. The horsepower, being one of the biggest factors, the motorized treadmill should have at least 1.5 CHP (Continuous Horse Power).

They possess more options and features than the manual treadmills. Instead of focusing on getting the right pace, you can focus on more important things.

It comes in with a lot of features that help you keep track of your physical performance, motivating you to try harder and burn more.

However, being an electrical treadmill, it sure does consume electricity, but it is more efficient if you’re focusing on efficiently burning calories. They are easier to use and have numerous built-in workout programs that would be a motivation to keep the diseases and calories away.

Motorized Treadmill Buyer’s Guide

With its great progress in maintaining health and fitness, treadmills come under the widest varieties. This leaves you with a lot of options, and here is what you should look for:


We are aware of the two main types of treadmills – Manual and Motorized. While a manual treadmill is more pocket saving and eco-friendly, a motorized treadmill is more concentrated on upping your fitness scale.

It is difficult to get a manual treadmill started as you use your legs to move the belt. This would leave a strenuous effect on your joints, leaving you tired before you start to run.

However, on a motorized treadmill, a button is all that it takes, displaying all its features.


Consider the amount of space you would want the treadmill to take up. If there is no standard place where you want to work out, you may consider buying a Folding Treadmill.

The weight of the user

Using a treadmill in the initial days sounds exciting, but expecting exceptional results also counts. It would be highly productive if you choose a treadmill with a maximum user weight of at least 20 kilograms greater than the heaviest user.


For better results, you need to work hard, and what more than running or jogging uphill? This can be done by just pushing a button on a motorized treadmill, and you can adjust the inclination.


This is the heart of the treadmill that will help keep heart diseases away. There are two types of motors – AC motor and DC motor.

The AC motors are more powerful than the DC motors but have large power requirements. In a household treadmill, DC motor would run mostly by generating energy from batteries and will provide a steady operational speed.

DC motors require less power and electricity.

Treadmill motor energy is measured in horsepower. Peak HP is the highest point that a treadmill can reach but cannot sustain.

Continuous HP is the HP that the motor can sustain for long use without issues. When looking at motor HP, always look at the continuous HP.

For walkers: a 2.0 horsepower continuous-duty motor will suffice.

For joggers: 2.5 horsepower continuous-duty should be the minimum.

For runners: 3.0 horsepower continuous-duty or higher.

A person weighing more than 85 kg may opt for a treadmill with high horsepower for its smooth functioning.

Belt Quality

The belt is what gets you running, so the best quality would yield the best results. 18 mm thickness is the right width for any treadmill to last long.

There are reversible belts, using them will make the life of the belt twice of its healthy life.


If you want to be healthy, it should start with being safe. Accidents can always occur with exercise equipment, and the treadmill is no exception.

A good treadmill should have excellent safety features built-in when you change the speed while on a treadmill, the change should happen gradually, not drastically.

The magnetic key is also an important feature. It is a key attached to the treadmill with a magnet and attached to the key is a string which you should connect to your body before running.

In the extreme case that you are exhausted and can’t keep up, the key will snap, and the treadmill will stop.

Belt Size

The average belt size, which is needed with a motorized treadmill, is 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. However, this range varies if you have a height above 6-feet.


You would not like the treadmill shaking badly while running. The frame should remain stable while running.

Control Panel

To make the product user-friendly, it comes along with control panels, which helps you to adjust speed and other settings according to your wish.


It usually happens that some of these products come with defects and malfunctions in manufacture. So, if it comes with a warranty, you can easily get them replaced.

14 Best Treadmills in India

1. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09Motorized Treadmill 

Lifelong has been offering a huge range of fitness products. One such product is this motorized treadmill. The LifeLong FitPro LTM09Motorized Treadmill provides a fit and healthier lifestyle at the comfort of your home. Its 90-degree foldable design saves space and solves storage solution. Hence this machine is ideal even for small apartments. 

It weighs 90 kg and has a peak motor of 2.5Hp. With a running area of 1100×395 mm and a speed of 10 km per hour, this product is your perfect workout partner.

Main Features
  • It comes with 12 preset workout programs for weight loss and endurance training.
  • The 2.5 Hp power motor can accommodate beginners, pros, walkers, and runners.
  • Its maximum speed is 10km/h.
  • You can enjoy music as the treadmill comes with inbuilt speakers and an AUX and USB port.
  • It comes with 8 rubber pads under the deck for shock absorption.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has an anti-slip lawn texture, which prevents injuries.
  • The treadmill has a display monitor and a heart rate sensor for tracking your workout session.
  • It has wheels that make the treadmill highly mobile.
  • The treadmill is energy efficient and works on less noise.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Installation might take quite a lot of time.

2. AGARO Spark Motorized Folding Treadmill

Agaro Spark Motorised Treadmill is a folding treadmill that has automatic workout programs set in it. It has 1.5 HP and provides a maximum weight capacity of up to 100 kg.

This treadmill is a combination of good looks and great performance for an amazing workout experience. It has an ergonomic design and a sturdy frame and operates at low power consumption.

Main Features
  • Powerful motor with 1.5 HP to power operations at speeds 1-10 km per hour
  • It comes with 12 preset automatic programs with a variety of workouts
  • This treadmill supports a maximum weight of up to 100 kg
  • It provides a spacious running environment with a jogging area of 420X1100 mm
  • The heart rate sensor helps in staying within the target heart rate during workouts
PROS (What we liked)
  • The foldable design makes it easy to move the treadmill to different places via transportation wheels
  • It comes with a user-friendly LCD display that shows time, distance, speed and pulse
  • The jogging track is skid-proof and reduces shock with the multi-layered running belt
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed were observed so far

3. Powermax Fitness TDM-97 Motorized Treadmill

Powermax Fitness TDM-97 Motorized Treadmill
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This satisfies the term ‘cheap and best.’ The features do justice to the cost and the user. The 5.5 inches LED display shows Speed, Time, Distance, Calories burned, and Heart rate.

With a maximum user weight of 100kg, not everyone can fit in. The 12 preset programs help in the overall workout.

Main Features
  • 1.0 HP Continuous GREEN efficient DC Motor
  • 1.0 to 10 km/h speed range.
  • Pulse sensor
  • 1015 x 405mm / 40 X 16 inches running surface
  • 12 preset programs
  • 5.5 inch LED display
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-year motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • The preset workout programs are useful for beginners.
  • It mainly focuses on health aspects.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The less speed restricts from continuous running in high ranges.
  • At higher speeds, the belt may slip.
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4. Fitkit FT063 7 in 1 Motorized Treadmill 

Fitkit FT063 7 in 1 Motorized Treadmill
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Now perform your workout sessions with Fitkit FT063 7 in 1 Auto Incline Motorized Multi-Functional Treadmill, an all-new product that comes to the market. A bright LCD screen that displays all information regarding your workout plans and heart rate.

Enjoy your workout session with a built-in MP3 speaker that comes with this product. Listen to your favorite music while running on this treadmill.

Main Features
  • To view your performance easily, it comes with an LCD screen that displays information such as time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, mode, preset programs.
  • To maximize the output during exercises, it has 12 preset programs to efficiently workout. According to your workout plan, you can change the modes as well.
  • The motor power is of 2.0HP, and the peak motor power is 3.0 HP.
  • The maximum weight of users should not be more than 120Kg.
  • The FITKIT android app, which is compatible with Xiaomi, OnePlus, Samsung, or other Android Phones or Apple phones, can be used to track your daily workout.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The treadmill has wheels for transportation, which makes it easy for you to transfer it from one room to another according to the space available.
  • To increase the motion of the belt, it has auto-lubrication.
  • You can manage the space by simply folding the treadmill after use.
  • The MP3 speakers allow you to listen to music while working out.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty each on the motor and the parts of the treadmill. Along with that, you can avail free installation service from the company.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No negative points observed so far.
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5. Cockatoo CTM-05 Steel 1 HP Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill 

Convert your room into a workout studio with this easy to install Cockatoo CTM-05 Steel 1 HP Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill(Free Installation Assistance) which comes to the market with an ocean of features along with it.

With the transportation wheels, you can easily carry it wherever you want to. Now customize your workout plans with this product. Let us have a look at all the features of this product.

Main Features

  • The running belt of this treadmill measures (LxB):1100 x 390 mm (43.3? x 15.3?), which is a good amount of belt size for users.
  • A 1 HP motor power means that the product is efficient enough to serve the purpose.
  • The maximum user weight who can use this treadmill is 90Kg.
  • You can have a glance at your performance easily with the help of a 5-inch LCD screen. With changeable modes, you can customize your workout plans.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It includes all technical features such as Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Pulse, Fat Measure. It gives almost all the information to users, making it very user-friendly.
  • The handrail pulse grips can be used to track the heart rate while you are working out on the treadmill.
  • You can convert your room to a workout room as it comes with wheels, which makes it easier to transfer from one room to another. The transport wheels allow you to effortlessly transfer it without causing strain to your muscles.
  • It comes with a 3-years warranty on the motor and 1-year warranty on the parts. The company also provides free installation of the product.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The weight limit is 90Kg.
  • Lack of stability in the treadmill while running.

6. WELCARE Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill IM5001

A product that works according to users with varying easy to use preset programs, WELCARE Folding Treadmill IM5001 (1.5 HP) – Electric Motorized Exercise Machine for Running & Walking [Easy Assembly] allows users to plan their workout session.

Spending some time on this treadmill allows you to increase your cardio, muscular fitness and burn the extra belly fat. To make this treadmill safer for use, it comes with a safety key and an emergency stop button.

Now, let us have a look at the other features of this product.

Main Features

  • It is equipped with a 1.5 HP motor and has an LCD display screen that shows information about the workout such as time elapsed, distance covered, speed, calorie burnt and pulse rate.
  • The running surface belt has an area of 1100 x 400mm / 43 x 15 inches.
  • You can adjust the speed according to your wish. To plan your workouts well, it has 12 preset programs. Choose a program according to your plan and adjust the speed from 1-10 km/h.
PROS (What we liked)
  • To manage the space for storing it, the treadmill can be foldable to 90-degree and it comes with a manual lock.
  • To prevent slipping while running over the belt, it has a 5 layer anti-skid layer and also has a grass texture to add comfort while running.
  • A great product to improve cardio, muscular fitness, and to burn fat easily.
  • To measure the heart rate, it has a sensor on the handrail.
  • With the transportation wheel, you can easily carry it from one room to another.
  • To add safety, it has an emergency stop button. Along with that, it has a safety key that connects you and the machine.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It only has a 90Kg capacity.

7. Cockatoo Velocity Series 1.25 HP (2.5 HP Peak) & 1.5 HP (3 HP Peak) DC Motorized Treadmill

Cockatoo Velocity Series 1.25 HP (2.5 HP Peak) & 1.5 HP (3 HP Peak) DC Motorized Treadmill
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This treadmill from cockatoo is smart and effective. It has a manual incline feature in which users can decide to improve their physique further.

With its speed range of 0.8 to 12 km per hour, you will surely enjoy your next workout with this treadmill.

Main Features
  • The treadmill has a 1.25 Hp DC motor with 2.4 HP DC peak power capacity.
  • It is made out of 5 layers treadmill belt that absorbs the shock of your strides.
  • It has independent CPU technology to provide accurate data on its LCD.
  • Offers manual incline that can be optimized about the requirement.
  • Shows hand pulse, speed, distance, time, calories, and body fat.
PROS (What we liked)
  • High power, energy-saving, ultra-quiet motor  enhances the experience
  • The digital display is fantastic.
  • Three years warranty on the motor.
  • Can be folded when in not use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No USB port.
  • No pause button.
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8. Fitkit FT098 1.5 HP (2 HP peak)

Fitkit FT098 1.5 HP (2 HP peak)
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This treadmill from fitkit is a great option for beginners and a great solution for gym workout at home itself. Fitkit offers free installation on the purchase, which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

This product comes with 12 preset programs. Its unique features and powerful performance is the reason its customers love it. It is lightweight, compact, and foldable, which makes it ideal for any home space.

This treadmill surely can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Main Features
  • Motor power on the treadmill is 1.5 Hp and 2Hp being peak motor power.
  • Has LCD  that shows – time, speed, calories burned, heart rate.
  • Speed range is 1 to 12.8 km/h with heart rate sensors on handlebars.
  • Running surface available is (l x w) – 47 x 15.74 inch.
  • Offers 90 degrees folding for more spacing and mobility after use.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Free installation by the company.
  • Plastic wheels are handy to move the treadmill around.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • USB AUX port is available to listen to music.
  • Few sets of workouts are already built in the machine for beginners to start with.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Maximum user capacity is 90 kg.
  • The speaker’s quality is average.
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9. Afton Motorised Treadmill BT19

Afton Motorised Treadmill BT19
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Afton, being one of the best brands in the fitness industry, focuses on health and fitness. This treadmill does justice for the price and features.

It comes with a 2HP Continuous DC motor with speeds up to 14 km/h, 3-level manual inclination, and auto lubrication. Knee injuries can be kept at bay because of the significant spring absorption and cushion feature.

Main Features
  • 2HP Continuous DC motor
  • Speed Range: 1-14 km/h
  • 3 level inclination
  • 115 kg maximum user weight
  • Aux and USB input for music
  • Auto lubrication
  • LCD screen display
  • Powerful shock absorbers
  • Smooth stop system
  • 1-year warranty
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is easy to install.
  • The smooth stop system reduces the risk of injuries.
  • The run belt comes with a multi-ply polyester satin weave with a PVC non-slip surface of 1.8mm thickness.
  • The steel crowned rollers keep belt centered and running smoothly to reduce noise and wear.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The treadmill does not provide a high inclination.
  • It has a limited user weight capacity.
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10. Healthgenie 6in1 Motorized Treadmill

Healthgenie 6in1 Motorized Treadmill
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This can also be described as a treadmill for the family. With its natural installation processes, the DC motor can run continuously for 45 minutes.

The premium speaker system that comes along keeps the workout interesting. It is user-friendly that comes along with an excellent massager.

It is easy to assemble, and the noiseless motor does justice to the speaker system.

Main Features
  • 123.5 X 42 Cm running surface.
  • 2HP motor power.
  • Massager.
  • Twister.
  • Sit-ups.
  • A resistance tube.
  • A set of dumbbells.
  • 1-14 Km/Hr speed range.
  • 110 kg user weight
  • 12 programs
  • Warranty: Frame- 3 Years, Motor- 1 Year And Other Parts- 1 Year.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The family and user-friendly treadmill attract the attention of every member of the family, keeping all of them healthy and fit.
  • Easy installation.
  • Excellent packing.
  • Dumbells and resistance tube is of good quality and very useful.
  • Noiseless motor.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The paint on the belt wears off with time.
  • The spanner comes of a different size.
  • No inclination option.
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11. Kobo TM-201 Motorized Treadmill

Kobo TM-201 Motorized Treadmill
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Kobo is one of the most popular brands in exercise equipment. They focus on delivering good quality for the betterment of people.

The good performance is what draws the attention, and it has many added features that support a good workout. It can be manually inclined and is foldable.

Main Features
  • 2 H.P. (peak) DC motor
  • 3 level manual incline
  • 1-14 km/hr speed range
  • 1200 mm x 420 mm running belt surface
  • MP3 speakers with AUX input
  • 120kg maximum user weight
  • LCD display
  • Rubber cushion system
PROS (What we liked)
  • It has good performance and is pocket-friendly.
  • This specifically helps in the cardiovascular workout.
  • The maximum user weight is quite sufficient for the price.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The treadmill running board is not very strong.
  • The motor makes noise after a few months.
  • Assembling the parts might be a hindrance sometimes.
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12. Durafit 001 Sturdy Motorized Foldable Treadmill

Durafit 001 Sturdy Motorized Foldable Treadmill
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As the name suggests, the Durafit treadmill is a sturdy and durable machine for everyday use. The programs may be selected by the users depending on the kind of workout.

It has a 1.25 Hp continuous duty, and the target-chasing mode helps you set a goal and achieve it. Mostly preferred by the older people in the family, it is proved to be safe and easy to handle.

Main Features
  • 1.25 HP continuous-duty DC motor.
  • 48 x 17 inches, 1220mm x 420mm running area.
  • 1.8mm belt thickness.
  • 110kg maximum weight
  • 1.0-14 km/hr speed range.
  • 3 level manual inclination.
  • Vertical hydraulic folding system.
  • Emergency stop key with a smooth stop system
  • Friction coating.
  • Ample running area.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The grip is held steady by the particular friction coating area.
  • The emergency stop key comes along with a smooth stop system that reduces the risk of injuries.
  • The 100 percent silicone oil is an excellent lubricant.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Is convenient only for domestic use.
  • Heavier than the other treadmills.
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13. Afton Fitness AT96 Treadmill

Afton Fitness AT96 Treadmill
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The smoothly running treadmill has a running belt made with a PVC non-slip surface, and the rollers are precision-machined, reducing the noise. These features favor it to be a home treadmill.

The high-quality speakers throw boredom away, and the 5.5 LCD shows time, speed, distance, calories, pulse rate, etc. keeping you attentive.

It is power efficient. It reduces the risk of injuries as it comes along with sturdy shock absorbers.

Main Features
  • 4HP peak motor.
  • Cushioned deck
  • Running Area: 55 X 20 inches / 1397X 508 mm
  • Run Belt: Multi-ply polyester satin weave with a PVC non-slip surface of the 1.8mm thickness
  • Rollers
  • Multi LCD Display – 5.5 LCD(118*67mm)
  •  2.5HP continuous duty (CHP) DC motor
  • 130kg weight capacity
  • 15% inclination
  • 1-year warranty
PROS (What we liked)
  • It consumes less electricity.
  • It makes less noise and is smooth to run on.
  • It can withstand body weight up to 130kg.
  • The superior quality speakers are used for entertainment.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Mostly used in homes rather than commercial purposes.
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14. Quantico Treadmill with Auto Lubrication & Auto Inclination

Quantico Treadmill with Auto Lubrication & Auto Inclination
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The six-level shock absorption reduces any risk of knee injuries. It is simple to install and operate.

The options for ready-made exercise plans make it helpful and useful for a home workout. The 5-inch display shows many options like speed, calories, heart rate, etc.

For non-stop music for a non-stop workout, you can plug in your iPod or mp3 device into the console sound system.

Main Features
  • 2HP continuous horsepower with 4HP peak
  • 15% inclination
  • 1260mm x 420mm, 50 x 16.5 inches running area
  • 1 Km/hr-14Km/hr speed
  • 115 kg maximum user weight
  • MP3 player plugin
  • 10.1-inch color display
  • Auto lubrication
  • Auto inclination
  • Six level shock absorption
  • 12 programs
  • Lifetime frame warranty, 3-year motor warranty, and 1-year parts and labor warranty
PROS (What we liked)
  • The auto-lubrication, auto-inclination, and a powerful motor are something that surprises the price.
  • The console system helps you stay motivated with your workout playlist.
  • Saves space because of folding, simple to install, and operate.
  • Functional well and easy to operate.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The lack of a pause button makes you restart the whole program.
  • The belt is small in width, which is favorable for walking only.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to look for in buying a treadmill?

Set a budget you would like to spend on the treadmill. It can fall in the range between 20k to 35k.

Specifications like:

  1. Belt size– Belt size should be at least 48 inches long, and 18 inches wide for anyone even with 5-6 feet height can use it.
  2. Speed-Opt for a treadmill that lets you select the speed size, for running go for a treadmill that goes to 10 mph for higher speed.
  3. Incline– Get a treadmill that has an inclination option, for better and more workout options.
  4. Stability- treadmill should be durable and stable and should not shake while running on it. It should hold at least 90 kg of weight on it.
  5. Horsepower of the motor –  Go for a motor that offers at least 1.5 continuous- duty horsepower, and if you plan on often running, choose between 2.5 to 3.0 CHP.

2. Are treadmills bad for knees?

If the weather is lousy or there’s a flu around, jogging or running on the treadmill can put pressure on the knees. But with regular use, you can make your knees stronger.

3. Which treadmills are best for the home use?

Above given are two treadmills that are the best option to choose from. For more options, check out the best treadmills for home use.

  • Afton Fitness AT96 Treadmill:

Afton offers 2 HP continuous DC motor with a speed range of 1-14 km/h, which is a great speed for running. LCD screen to show all the details. Easy to install and smooth system so it can be used at home.

  • Fitkit FT098 1.5 HP (2 HP peak) Motorized Treadmill :

Fitkit has 1.5 Hp and two hp peak motor, good for daily jogging on it. With heart rate sensors on the handles, its LCD screen shows accurate information.

It can be folded 90 degrees when not in use, so it’s a great option for the home.

6. How much treadmills consume electricity?

Electricity consumption varies from models of treadmills and their speed per hour. On average, it can consume 280 watts to 928 watts, depending on the model and its motor capacity, as well as how much you use it.

7. Manual or motorized which treadmill is better?

Treadmills come in 2 different types – Manual and Motorized. In manual treadmills belt moves when the user runs on it, which requires a lot of energy.

Whereas in motorized treadmill motor keeps the belt moving on a certain pace. Motorized treadmills are more convenient as users don’t have to put more effort and can focus on fitness gains.

8. Do you burn more calories on a manual treadmill?

This is a myth that people believe. You burn more calories if you use a manual treadmill. This is because you apply more energy to move the belt.

But, you need to know that LESS calory is burnt on the treadmill. Apart from that, the initial efforts put into it to start the belt move can cause strain to your joints.

9. What kind of shoes should I wear on a treadmill?

People who run on the treadmill usually put more pressure on the heal than the foot. So you need not buy shoes that have extra cushioning in the heel area.

This will support the running stance of runners and will prevent their legs from getting sore the next day. Also, look for a shoe that does not bend in the arch, but at the ball of the foot.

10. Is it bad to walk on a treadmill barefoot?

Most runners prefer to run barefoot on the treadmill, but this could be dangerous to them. The reason being the heat developed underneath due to the motion and friction of the belt.

It can also cause runners to stub their toes. This could be painful.

11. What speed should beginners run on a treadmill?

If you are a beginner, then you should start exercising on the treadmill for 3 days a week at a very slow speed for 15 minutes.


Treadmills have a lot of advantages regarding your health and fitness. Whether to keep your heart healthy or your muscles toned, treadmills are a must-have in every home.

The main thing to focus on while buying a treadmill is your budget according to which you can match the horsepower, features, speed range, and inclination.

If you are a dedicated athlete, passionate about running, then the higher range of treadmills is what you should opt for. Brands like Sole Fitness and Powermax come in handy here.

If you are hoping to stay fit by losing weight and keeping your health intact, Afton and Healthgenie come along with great features pricing themselves between 35000 to 50000.

If you are only focusing on the cardiovascular workout by walking and jogging, the treadmills below 20000 like Kobo treadmill or even brands like Powermax have found to be very useful.

Buying yourself a treadmill will certainly lead to a happier and healthier tomorrow.

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