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kenstar Kgt03w1p 3 L Instant Water Geyser Jacuzzi Review

Geysers replace the traditional methods of heating water. These appliances need no manual effort other than turning on the switch. Hence, they have made the life of an individual easy. Kenstar deals with the manufacture of a wide range of home appliances, including water heaters, food processors, air coolers, and others. Here we provide a […]

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Kenstar Icecool RE (CL-KCIICF1H-FCA) 60 LTR Honeycomb Review

When it comes to quality Kenstar is surely not left behind especially on their air coolers. They provide nice features which are really evident because people who bought their products have shown that they are really satisfied with it. This Kenstar company truly is up to their standards. They are established in 1996 and since […]

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Kenstar Star 25L Water Heater Review

Kenstar is a well-known domestic appliance company. It manufactures devices that are made in comfort technology. Kenstar has the motive of building a superior lifestyle for its users. It has a well-built range of quality water heaters. Excellent water heaters like the Kenstar Fresh are of premium technology. It has precision and safety features. It […]

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Kenstar Spring 25L Storage water heater Review

Kenstar is a leading company that sells air conditioner, cooler, water geyser, mix grinder, electric kettle, and many other home appliances. Kenstar Spring Water Heater is an excellent quality 25 l storage water heater and has an elegant design. This water heater by Kenstar has a glass line tank with a replaceable anode rod, which […]

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Kenstar Aquafresh KGS15G8M-GDE 15-Litre Water Heater Review

Kenstar is a leading company that sells air conditioners, air coolers, mixer grinders, and electric kettles, water geysers, and home appliances. Kenstar Aquafresh Water Heater has a good storage capacity of 15L. It has a rustproof powder-coated MS body with plastic top and bottom lid and consumes the power of 2000 watts. It has a […]

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