Haier Geysers

The Haier brand was first set up in Qingdao, China, in 1984. After being in existence for only two decades, it was placed as the second-largest manufacturer of home appliances worldwide in 2003.

The Haier brand started its operations in India in January 2004, with its headquarters in New Delhi. By 2015, the brand had more than 33 operations including those they had set up in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

The soul of the Haier brand is its corporate culture; it has been recognized widely as a leader in world-class markets due to the quality and innovative appliances they continue to manufacture.

Since the Haier brand began manufacturing geysers, it has always put customer satisfaction derived from their geysers first. The Haier brand technology of manufacturing safe care geysers has been projected to IEC criteria.

The brand manufactures many geyser varieties with different and unique features to capture the diverse consumer needs across the Indian market. Before you purchase one, it is important to check out the buying guide that mentions all the essential points that help you make the right purchase.

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Key Features/ Technologies in Geysers by Haier

Storage Capacities and Purchasing Prices

Geysers from Haier come with different storage capacities, from 3L instant geysers to 25L storage geysers; this allows users to choose which geysers serves them best, be it for small or large households.

Haier geysers come with different prices; you will find cheaper geysers for the smaller capacities and less exotic models, to more expensive ones for bigger capacities, more sophisticated and innovative ones.

Installation Costs

Geysers by Haier come with instruction manuals and wall mounting installation packages; this makes it very cheap to install them since all you need to do is to follow the simple steps in the manual and install the geysers at a place of your liking, without having to incur any extra installation costs.

Protection from Pressure

Some models of Haier geysers come with 8 bar pressure ratings; this is double that of other ordinary geysers, which is an excellent safety feature and makes them suitable for use in pressure pump apps and high rise apartments.

RSC Technologies

Haier geysers come with RSC technologies, which ensure that hot water flows consistently through rounded circular structures of the inlet tubes; this protects users from burns.

SafeCare Technologies

Haier geysers come with PTO10 SafeCare systems, which ensure that users get super protection from shocks while taking their baths.


Haier geysers come with Incology heating elements, which ensures that the geysers heat water very quickly, leading to minimum wastage of energy.

Also, they come with 5-star BEE ratings, which means they are very efficient in energy consumption.

Durability and Protection from Corrosion

Most of the Haier geysers come with stainless steel tanks, which ensures super protection from corrosion and enhances the durability of the geysers.

Another advantage that comes with this feature is that users get to enjoy the water that is clean and rust-free, hence averting disease outbreaks.


The Haier company branding strategies across the globe aims at making their geysers acceptable and available to as many users as possible in India and across the globe.

Its international business frameworks include global design networks, distribution, after-sale-service, and production.

Presently, the brand has more than 58,000 sales agents globally, which shows its huge presence in the electrical appliances world; this makes their geysers easily accessible to users across India and the world at large.