Kenstar Icecool RE (CL-KCIICF1H-FCA) 60 LTR Honeycomb Review

When it comes to quality, Kenstar is surely not left behind, especially on their air coolers. They provide nice features which are really evident because people who bought their products have shown that they are really satisfied with it.

This Kenstar company truly is up to their standards. They were established in 1996 and since then they have grown significantly throughout the country. Right now, they have more than 20,000 retail stores nationwide and considered as one of the prominent brands.

When it comes to air coolers Kenstar Icecool RE (CL-KCIICF1H-FCA) 60 LTR, you might as well give this promising air cooler a try. It is packed with great features and astonishing quality.


Efficient Filter:

This air cooler is loaded with a dust filter and mosquito net to ensure that no dirt will intrude on the cool air that you have inside your room.

Water Level Indicator:

It lets you see the current water level of the air cooler so that you will know when to refill it, providing more efficiency to your experience.

Honeycomb Cooling Media:

This provides a better cooling experience for you and your family. It also provides cleaner air as it filters out bacteria as well.

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What Do We like

Extremely Compact

This air cooler has a very bearable size and weight, which will give you the ability to place it anywhere you want to.

Easy to Clean

You can quickly clean it whenever you need to because the parts can be easily detached.

Affordable Price

The price of this Kenstar cooler is truly budget-friendly. That is why anyone can afford it and there is no reason for you not to have it.

Can Be Easily Maintained

The parts can be easily sourced whenever you need to because it is a local brand; that’s why the parts are widespread.

Saves You Time

You do not have to refill the tank more often because it has a huge tank that is capable of storing 60 liters of water. This is the primary reason why you do not have to refill it with water more often, saving you time and effort as well.


It does not consume too much electricity so that you do not have to worry anymore of high electricity bills.

What We Don’t Like

Air Only Comes in One Direction

The air only comes straight, which gives a lot of limitations whenever you are using it.


Now you have a deep understanding of the features and benefits of this air cooler. Then you might as well consider buying it. This air cooler will surely never waste your money because it is unbelievably awesome. Satisfaction is guaranteed once you try this wonderful air cooler. Buy it now and experience the comfort that it gives.

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