Hindware Geyser

The Hindware brand has been in existence for several decades, emerging as a leading electrical appliance manufacturer in India, driven by innovativeness. Hindware geysers are made using top technological advancements, which makes it possible for them to heat water very quickly, saving a lot of energy. The Hindware brand manufactures the following varieties of geysers:

Storage geysers

There are many storage water heaters from Hindware with a wide array of specifications and water holding capacities. These geysers are durable and corrosion-resistant, with the radical O’ Pro technology.

Instant geysers

Hindware has brilliant water heaters collection available in the Indian market. These geysers will sort out all your hot water needs, instantly.

Gas geysers

Gas geysers from Hindware can handle both low and high-pressure levels, which guarantees users safety and top-notch performance.

Before you purchase one, it is important to check out the buying guide that mentions all the essential points that help you make the right purchase.

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Key Features/ Technologies in Hindware Geysers

High-class O’Pro Protective Technology

Geysers’ inner tanks are prone to scaling because of the presence of mineral salts in the hard water; it can corrode both the inner tanks and the heating elements.

Geysers from Hindware come with the high-quality O’Pro technology, which averts corrosion by balancing out the tanks’ electric potentials and the immersion heating elements.

The O’Pro technology performs excellently in averting rusting in geysers, thereby extending the geysers’ lifetime by up to 50%.

Titanium Principal Shield

Geysers from Hindware have a combination of steel linings with enamels of liquid Copper and Titanium. It ensures that users get clean and fresh hot water at consistent temperatures for longer periods. Titanium produces dioxide films that move to the tanks’ inner surfaces lining averting corrosion.

Enhanced Water Inlets Diffusers

Hindware geysers have enhanced water inlet diffusers, which ensure the uniform spraying of cold water in the tanks; this feature is very important in high rise apartments where there are very high-pressure levels in the geysers.

5 Star BEE Rating

An important aspect to consider when purchasing geysers is the “standing loss” feature; lower standing loss translates to higher energy efficiency and vice-versa.

Geysers from Hindware have superior insulation that ensures over 80% of heat retention, for longer durations. These geysers have 20% more efficiency than the majority of geysers, which come with 5-star ratings.

Magnesium Anode Rods

Geysers from Hindware have Magnesium anode rods that cushion the geysers against corrosive elements. These anode rods make the inner tanks’ electrochemical protection super-efficient, which extends the geysers’ lifetimes beyond their merited lives.

Temperature Control Knobs

Geysers from Hindware come with temperature control knobs, which allow you to choose the temperatures that you prefer. Setting your geyser at 50ºC helps in slowing down corrosion and mineral build-up in your geysers and pipes. It also encourages energy saving by reducing standby losses.


Hindware geysers are gaining more popularity in the Indian market as they continue manufacturing more modern geysers that are a preference of users in the contemporary world.

These geysers meet diverse requirements of users and are suitable for installation in different kinds of spaces. They have attractive French designs that add class to your bathrooms. With geysers from Hindware, you won’t compromise between performance and aesthetics.

Choosing geysers from Hindware will guarantee you top quality performance and durability from your geysers.


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