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Orient Air Cooler

Having an air cooler has become a common household item in Indian. The Orient air cooler is a top brand in home utensils, and they have employed a top technological approach in manufacturing their product.  To stay comfortable in your home in the hot Indian summer, you can use the Orient air cooler. This brand […]

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Kenstar Air Coolers

The scorching sun during the summer in India can be unbearable. It is not suitable for your health to be under such severe heat. And so most people in India have turned to the use of air cooler.  One of the top brands you will find in the India market is the Kenstar Air Cooler. […]

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High-End Air Coolers

Summer heat in India is usually known to be high in places like Delhi and Rajasthan. Temperature can rise to about 45 to 55-degrees on some occasions. This high temperature and hotness can lead to burning and irritation on one’s skin and make the room uncomfortable.  But the problem is that most under INR 10,000 […]

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Desert air coolers 

The desert air cooler, which is also known as a swamp box or swamp cooler, is a larger air cooler that cools the air in a room by evaporation of water. This desert air cooler can conveniently cool a 550 square feet area.  It is, therefore, essential to purchase a desert air cooler if you […]

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Best Portable Personal Coolers

When we talk about personal coolers, we are talking about appliances that are used to cool a hot environment.  During summer periods, it is often hot, and most individuals seem to look for a way to cool down their homes and offices.  The use of an air conditioner can be a good source for cooling […]

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Kenstar Icecool RE (CL-KCIICF1H-FCA) 60 LTR Honeycomb Review

When it comes to quality Kenstar is surely not left behind especially on their air coolers. They provide nice features which are really evident because people who bought their products have shown that they are really satisfied with it. This Kenstar company truly is up to their standards. They are established in 1996 and since […]

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