Kenstar Star 25L Water Heater Review

Kenstar is a well-known domestic appliance company. It manufactures devices that are made in comfort technology. Kenstar has the motive of building a superior lifestyle for its users. It has a well-built range of quality water heaters.

Excellent water heaters like the Kenstar Fresh are of premium technology. It has precision and safety features. It has a minimalistic design that is easy and convenient.


The Kenstar fresh heats up to 6 liters of water. This ensures extended continuous use without having to regulate the temperature all the time.


Kenstar fresh uses electric ability to function best at 2000 watts. It requires an operating Voltage of  230 – 250 volts. The rated pressure for the heater is 8 Bar Pressure.

Body type

The Kenstar fresh 6l has ABS body material. It is made of Glassline coated tank, which makes it corrosion-proof. The mounting of the device is of vertical style.


The Kenstar Fresh  6L supports numerous safety features. The water heater has a multifunctional valve, a Non-Return Valve, a Drain valve. And has a pressure release valve adds to the water heater security. To support the healing process further, the heater has a replaceable Magnesium rod.

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What Do We like

Low Energy Requirement

Kenstar Fresh is believed to prioritize energy conservation truly. It ensures low consumption. It has a saving rate approved with BEE Star Rating of  5 Stars.


Kenstar has safety as one of the topmost priorities of the company motto. It includes a multifunctional valve, Non-Return Valve, Drain Valve, and Pressure release valve. They help in the prevention of shock accidents. It has a replaceable Magnesium Anode Rod.

High rise buildings

The Kenstar Fresh is suitable for high rise buildings. The rated pressure of 8 Bar Pressure makes it ideal for the tall buildings.

What We Don’t Like

No temperature control

There is no temperature control for the water heater. This hinders the experience sometimes as the hotness of required water is situational.


The Kenstar fresh is an excellent range of storage water heater among its extensive range of home appliances. The built is done with a minimal finish as the motive. It supports energy conservation. It a simple product with straightforward instructions and has easy to use technology. The product has a long durability.

Even with its simple technology, it gives a powerful performance.  It has safety features and functional capacity. It is the water heater that will be the best choice you could make while picking the best available water heaters.

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Hetavi Rudani

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