Inalsa Geysers

The Inalsa Brand was started in 1967, and since then, it has become the preferred choice of Indian clients; it’s among the fastest expanding brands in electrical appliances in India. 

The Inalsa brand is a branch of the Taurus Group, whose headquarters is in Spain, which is among the most popular electrical manufacturers in Europe with its wide range of home appliances.

The Inalsa brand has continued to make all possible efforts to provide top-quality geysers and professional after-sale-services that may be needed after customers have purchased their geysers. 

All geysers by Inalsa are manufactured in compliance with ISI, CE, RoHS, and GS test standards to ensure that they are eco-friendly and that users are protected against any possible dangers while using Inalsa geysers.

The company offers a wide array of water heaters, from instant to the storage geysers, and they come with different specifications to meet different customer demands. 

Before you invest in one, it is important to check out the buying guide that mentions all the essential points that help you make the right purchase.

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Key Features/ Technologies in Inalsa Geysers

All-around Protection

Geysers by Inalsa come with protection from pressure and corrosion. They have safety valves that prevent unsafe pressure limits from damaging the geysers; these valves do so by discharging water when the pressure goes beyond safe limits, which relieve pressure automatically from the geysers. 

Geysers by Inalsa also come with contact rods; these rods protect the tanks from corrosion, causing elements that prolong the lifespans of the geysers., saving you maintenance costs. 

Easy Installation and Energy Efficiency

Geysers by Inalsa come with ABS bodies and stainless steel tanks, which help in heat retention, which helps greatly in conserving energy. They also come with the necessary mounting accessories, which make the installation process hassle-free. 

These mounting accessories also make it possible to convert these geysers from wall to floor mounting or vice-versa; they allow for mounting flexibility in instances where there is a need to mount them in different locations.

Geysers by Inalsa have 5-star ratings when it comes to energy consumption, which makes them very efficient. Storage geysers come with large capacities, which makes them very efficient for use in large households. 

Fusible Plugs and Thermal Cut-outs

Geysers from Inalsa have fusible plugs and thermal cut-outs, which prevent overheating by cutting off the power supply to the geysers, which keep users safe and prevent any extensive damage to the geysers.


Many geysers from Inalsa come with the manufacturers’ warranty, some even for two years after the date of purchase, which minimizes maintenance costs when they get faulty. 

Precision Thermostats

Geysers from Inalsa come with precision thermostats that plays crucial roles in maintaining the geysers’ temperature at set safe limits; this protects users from getting burns when taking their bath.


Inalsa brand is famous for producing quality, durable, and exquisite geysers, which are a favorite for consumers looking for modern water heaters that add contemporary looks to their bathrooms, as well as providing quality heating services. 

The most outstanding features of Inalsa geysers is quality and durability. If you are in search of durable geysers with manufacturers’ warrant, variety, innovativeness, and those that will offer value for your money, you don’t need to search any further than Inalsa.