Kenstar Glam 35R Personal Cooler Review

The performance of an air cooler is extremely important because the comfort of you and your family is at stake here. So when choosing one, be sure that it is from an outstanding brand just like Kenstar. It is trusted because it is been in the industry for several years already and at the same time it is a local brand that is why maintenance will not be a problem.

So with regards to that Kenstar Glam 35R Personal Cooler White might be perfect for you. It is reliable and user-friendly and displays a combination of outstanding features and nice design. This is an air cooler that is engineered to perfection to provide you the performance that you are looking for.


Allows Cross-Ventilation

It gives a better cooling experience for people because it uses the air effectively to disseminate cool air throughout your room.

Caster Wheels Feature

It allows you to move the air cooler by means of pushing from one place to another without the need to carry it.

Water Level Indicator

This is where you can view the current water level of the air cooler so that you will know when to refill.

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What Do We like

Desirable to Use

It does not emit any bad smell which provides you an amazing experience.

Affordable Price

Even if you have a limited budget you will still have the ability to buy it because it has an extremely low price.

Stylish Body

You will add up a nice design to your room because of the stylish body that it has which will surely impress your guests.


It has a strong yet very energy-efficient motor that makes it a practical appliance to use on a daily basis.

Space Saver

Since this air cooler has a slim body which makes it easy to fit in highly-limited areas.

Easy to Clean

It has detachable parts that can be easily cleaned when necessary.

What We Don’t Like

It is Noisy Sometimes

This air cooler is sometimes noisy when in used buy understandable because of the strong cool air that it gives.


So if you want to have a simple yet very efficient air cooler for your home that does not consume too much space and is easy to maintain then this one is for you. This air cooler will provide you with all your needs that is why we suggest that you buy it as soon as possible.

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