Singer Geysers

The Singer brand opened up its doors in the Indian Shores in 1977 and constructed its headquarters in New Delhi. For a long time, Singer had been famous for their sewing machine.

The company only started manufacturing other product ranges after establishing itself in India successfully. Presently, the Singer brand manufactures personal care, home and kitchen appliances for the millions of consumers who trust and rely on their products to make their lives easier.

Consumers have widely accepted Singer geysers in the Indian community, the main reason being the availability of geysers ranging from as low as Rs.2200 to RS.9500.

The most popular Singer geysers are the 3L instant models. The brand manufactures all types of geysers, i.e., instant, storage, tankless, and geysers.

All these geysers come with unique features which makes the Singer brand to be well sought after by thousands of users, even on online platforms. Before you purchase one, it is important to check out the buying guide that mentions all the essential points that help you make the right purchase.

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Key Features/ Technologies of Geysers from Singer

Stainless Steel Tanks and ABS Body Covers

Singer geysers come with stainless steel materials, which play crucial roles in averting rusting; this ensures that users get rust-free water, and the geysers last for longer periods since rust damages them within a short time.

Geysers by Singer also have ABS body covering, which protects users from shock when taking their bath. These bodies come in different exotic designs that add class and beauty to your modern bathrooms.

In-Built Pressure Release Valves

Singer geysers come with pressure release valves that allow water to flow when pressure exceeds safe limits, which makes them suitable for installation in high rise apartments.

Indicator Lights

Singer geysers come with indicator lights that display the cut-off or heating status- you get to know that your water is hot from looking at the indicator lights.

Instant Hot Water Production

For the Instant geysers by Singer, they produce water instantly after turning them on. The instant geysers with capacities of 1L cater to many hot water requirements in the households effectively; you can get hot water in your bathroom and kitchen at the same time.

Adjustable Temperature Timers and Temperature Knobs

Singer geysers come with automatic functions for shutting off when temperatures go beyond safe limits; these features are the thermal cut-outs and thermostats which shut off the power supply to the geysers when temperatures rise beyond safe limits.

Purchase, Installation and Geyser Maintenance Costs

Singer geysers come at pocket–friendly prices, you can get geysers from as little as Rs.2200, which accommodates consumers who can’t afford expensive geysers, yet they need hot water, especially for the Winter climate in India.

These geysers come with manuals and installation kits, which makes the installation process manageable and hassle-free; they come with manuals that give clear outlines on the steps to follow when installing your geysers.

The maintenance costs of Singer geysers are relatively low since they come with manufacturers’ warranty for up to 2 years after purchase.


The Singer brand has become very popular with water heaters, mainly because of the different capacities and prices that each geyser model comes with. Because they have many years of experience manufacturing geysers, Singer is always committed to making it possible for their users to be more comfortable and to get value for their money.

Singers’ main aim is to create products that inspire; they haven’t failed on this in regards to geysers.