Kenstar Aster OF-KOA15CJ3 3 Litres Oxy Fryer Review

Kenstar started its operation in the year 1996, since then, it has introduced several unique products to the India market. Its Aster air fryer can cook with little or no oil, and it also ensures to deliver a healthy and delicious meal. This fryer brings an excellent favor to your taste bud with its perfectly fried tasty food. The air fryer is not only used for grilling and frying; it can be used for baking and roasting as well.


Food basket

This air fryer comes with an easily removable food tray which is comfortable for transferring your meal to another plate. This food basket also allows you to fry a large amount of food in one go.

Hidden Handle

The air fryer comes with a unique handle, which makes handling of the appliance an effortless task. The handle can be slot in to make it hidden and can be brought out for use at any time. The device can also be moved freely around, and when you are done using the air fryer, it can be slotted back into its space.

LED indicators

It comes with two LED indicators to offer proper use of the air fryer. One of the indicators indicates that the power is on, and the other lets you know that heating is in progress. These LED indicators make you stay alert when the cooking is in progress.

Timer and Temperature

The timer allows you to set the time frying up to 30 minutes and a temperature between 80 degrees and 200 degrees. It comes with an auto power cut feature, which turns off power supply once the set time has been completed. The knob has been designed to let you choose the most convenient time temperature.

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What Do We like

Air outlet vent

This air fryer comes with a unique air outlet vent that prevents your kitchen from smelling bad. This outlet vent was strategically placed to disperse air effectively. It also ensures the expulsion of air at regular intervals to ensure freshness.

Power cord

It comes with a 1.2-meter-long power cord, which allows you to place the air fryer at any spot of convenience.

3L capacity

The air fryer comes with a capacity of three liters for convenient cooking. You can cook various dishes, either for a small family gathering or a large gathering. It has been designed brilliantly to satisfy all your needs with ease.


This air fryer comes with a sleek body and a beautiful red color. The frame is sturdy, and it has a flat base for convenient positioning. It also has a soft touch handle, which is useful in bringing out the food basket.

What We Don’t Like

If the product is not handled with care, the cooking pan will not fit correctly. The cooking pan is meant to fit well for a long time, but improper handling can cause it not to fit well. As a result, there might be an escape of hot air during the cooking process.


Kenstar Aster 3 liters oxy fryer is a good air fryer with the power of 1500watts and voltage of between 220 to 240 volts. It has a great design and air outlet vent. The air fryer also comes control knob and power cord. Its indicator also lets you know when your food is ready.

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