Kenstar Wonder Cool 40-Litre Air Cooler Review

When compared to electric fans, air coolers have a significant difference except for their electricity consumption. Air coolers do not consume too much electricity just like electric fans. The wondrous thing is that it can cool more efficiently compared to electric fans. The good thing about air coolers is that they do not produce dry air. The reason for this is that air cooler is accompanied by water and sometimes ice to produce cooler air for your room.

With regards to that this Kenstar Wonder Cool 40-Litre Air Cooler will bring your expectations to a reality. You will have the ability to provide your room the cool air without thinking too much about its maintenance. It is just like you are using an electric fan but in a much cooler version of it.


Caster Wheel Feature

This feature will allow you to move the air cooler freely and much easier with the use of the wheels integrated beneath its casing.

Wood Wool Cooling Media

Gives you a better cooling experience by filtering dirt, bacteria, and unwanted smells. This can also be removed easily so that you can clean it whenever it is necessary.

Air Deflection Feature

It allows the air to flow more efficiently inside the room by targeting all the areas even the hard to reach ones.

Motorized Louvers

This air cooler has louvers that automatically move which makes you save a lot of time and effort from positioning it manually.

High-Capacity Motor

The motor of this air cooler can throw air up to 35 feet in 2550 m3 per hour.

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What Do We like

Affordable price

This air cooler has a budget-friendly price that will give you the ability to buy it even if you are on a limited budget.

Durable Body

The body of this air cooler is really sturdy and will not rust because of the premium materials that it is made of.

Outstanding Design

This air cooler will surely put some improvement on the look of your home.

Easy to Understand Panel

You will surely not have any difficulties in understanding how to use this lovely air cooler.


Expect that you can fit this air cooler everywhere because it does not consume too much space and the weight is bearable.


This air cooler is known for its low energy consumption which makes it an amazing air cooler to use if you are budget conscious.

Easy to Clean

No need to worry about having a dirty it cooler because you can easily clean this when necessary.

What We Don’t Like

Sometimes Water Overflows From Container

Always make sure that you only put the right amounts of water only because it might leak on the body of this air cooler.


What a great topic we have tackled and right now you already have the ability to determine if this air cooler is the best product for your home. We suggest that you put the benefits that it has in your buying decision. With regard to our opinion, we suggest that you buy this product now because we are sure that it will provide you your needs when it comes to cooling your room.


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