Crompton Geysers

Crompton brand, also known as Crompton Greaves, is among the most reliable and oldest names in the sector of consumer appliances. Crompton has its’ roots in India, with the founder being a British engineer.

The company has been producing electrical appliances for over 130 years now. The company has set standards for product performance, durability, and quality. It’s very well known for producing top-quality water geysers.

The Crompton brand manufactures different varieties of water heaters, i.e., the vertical, horizontal, storage, and instant. Before you purchase one, it is important to check out the buying guide that mentions all the essential points that help you make the right purchase.

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There are two types of geysers from Crompton, namely:

Instant Water Geysers

Instant geysers from Crompton deliver hot water instantaneously. They have minimum storage capacities of bout 3L, and they take a concise time to heat water. These water heaters have two years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Storage Water Geysers

Storage geysers from Crompton are ideal for large families, which need larger amounts of hot water for various uses. There are several varieties of storage water heaters from Crompton with capacities of up to 25L. They have a manufacturer’s warranty of about five years for their inner tanks and two years of general warranty.

Key Technologies/ Features in Crompton Geysers

Sophisticated and Sleek Design

New makes of geysers from Crompton, such as Solarium, come with sophisticated and sleek designs, which is an eye-catching addition in your bathroom.

These water heaters have patented designs in the stainless steel inner tanks. The heating element that heats the water is made with high-quality copper.

Protection from Pressure, Heat, and Current

Modern water heaters from Crompton come with protection that safeguards users from potential hazards. They have fusible plugs that protect water heaters from overcurrent. They have thermal cutouts that stop the heating process when temperatures exceed the safe threshold, thereby protecting users from burns.

The new water heaters from Crompton have safety valves that flush out water if the pressure goes overboard.

Magnesium Anode and Nano Coating to Avert Corrosion

Modern geysers from Crompton have nano-coated tanks that prevent them from corrosion. The procedure of manufacturing the nano-coated tanks is intricate and time-consuming, but once it is complete, it’s a bonus in fighting corrosion. It also aids in bring down leakage levels by more than 66% when you liken them with ordinary water heaters.

ISI Certified Incology Element for Heating with ABS Body

Storage geysers from Crompton have top quality Incology heating elements that aid in delivering quality heating performance; this element provides enormous resistance to carbonization, corrosion, and oxidation, a sensation that frequently occurs at high temperatures.

Crompton geysers’ outer bodies are made up of shockproof and sturdy acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, which melts upon heating; they don’t catch fire, allowing it to reinject and remold, protecting users from electrical shocks.

More Heat Retention

New geysers from Crompton have Poly-urethane-foam, which ensures that water doesn’t dissipate easily; it helps in minimizing the standing losses of the water heaters.

Electricity consumption comes to a minimum, which helps users to save money on electricity costs.

Adjustment Knob for Temperature

Geysers from Crompton have adjustable thermostats which enable users to control water temperatures precisely; you get hot water when you set the knob to the maximum, and warm water at a minimum.


Crompton brand holds strong values in the minds of its Indian consumers because they have huge experience in the electrical field. The company has powerful networks with over 3,000 distributors in India.

Crompton geysers are among the water heaters that have the best qualities for heat retention. If you are looking for effective, affordable, and durable water heaters, go for the Crompton brand.

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