Portronics POR 600 LED Projector Review

The Portronics POR 600 LED Projector is much smaller than other projectors making it flexible to use and very portable. It uses one of the most classy technologies presently; DLP technology. This projector has approximately 8.8 million microscopic mirrors that facilitate picture accuracy and efficiency.

It can be used comfortably in a dark room with 20 people. Whether you connect it to AC power or run it on the inbuilt battery, the brightness remains constant.


80 Inch Screen Lengths

Users can easily achieve 80-inch screen lengths diagonally by placing this projector eight feet away from the screens or walls.

Dual USB Drives/SD Card

This projector comes with a dual USB drive and SD card slot, which allows users to enjoy their movies even through computers anywhere and anytime.

Inbuilt speakers

This projector comes with inbuilt speakers that allow users to listen to audio contents even when they are using pen drives. It has an AUX output that users can use to connect external speakers.

DLP Technology

The projector comes with DLP technology, which is one of the most erudite light technologies in the present times. This technology is ideal for critical light modulation and efficiency.


The projector comes with in-built multimedia engines making it a very versatile projector. With this projector, you can play from your iPad/iPhone or smartphone, videos, pictures, mobile on the big screen games with no hitches while charging your phones at the same time.


This projector weighs only 948g, making it easy to move it around from one room to another. It’s small in size, making it even easier to move it around.


The projector comes with a 1-year manufacturers’ warranty; users can be assured of after-sales-services in case the projector develops any problem for one year after the date of purchase.

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What Do We like

Efficiency and Functionality

The projector is ideal for use for training, presentations, and watching movies. Users can use it in the office for presentation and carry it home to enjoy movies on the big screen.

Remote Control

This projector comes with remote control, which makes it easier for users to use it even when they are sitting at a distance.

Image Quality

The projector comes with a native resolution of 854*480 and contrast ratio of 1000:1’ It also has an aspect ratio of 16:9 projecting quality and crystal clear images.

Lamp Life

This projector comes with a lamp life span of over 20,000 hours. This assures users of durability since they don’t need to keep replacing the lamp at extra costs.

What We Don’t Like

Connection Cables

This projector doesn’t come with connection cables; users have to buy them at an extra cost.


The Portronics POR 600 LED projector comes with many distinctive features that make it stand out from many projectors. It comes from one of the most trusted and reliable brands in India; users can purchase it from the many retail outlets across India or place their order on the online stores.

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