Optoma ML750 WXGA Projector Review

The Optoma ML750 WXGA is a portable projector from the renowned Optoma brand. It is a 3D DLP LED projector featuring key features that are a must-have in any business projector. This projector is powered by DMD DLP chip systems, featuring a long lamp life span.

It’s an energy-efficient projector, producing less heat while saving on energy costs. The projector comes from one of the most reputable brands across the world, Optoma, guaranteeing users of quality, efficiency, and durability of this projector.


This projector supports VGA and HDMI connectivity options through a 24-pin general pin. Users can project from their mobile devices to the MHL connection via HDMI. It also supports PC-less presentations via USB, 1.5GB internal memory, or MicroSD card.

Supported Formats

The three connectivity options, USB, HDMI, and VGA, support an array of formats, including Word and Excel files/documents, PowerPoint, photo, video, and audio.

Screen Mirroring

This projector comes with screen mirroring features that allow users to share contents from their gaming console, Notebooks, and mobile devices via the HD Cast Pro using the HDMI input

In-built Speaker

This projector comes with a 1W speaker that produces enough sound to fill small to mid-sized rooms.


This palm-sized projector is compact and weighs only 363g, making it perfect for road warriors; it fits easily in a backpack or briefcase, making it ideal for professionals who love carrying their business gadgets with them.


This projector supports 16 languages, making it possible for users who don’t understand the English language to use it comfortably.

Easy Installation

This projector features Auto Keystone features; it can be easily set up since the auto keystone sensors adjust any distorted images, even in small spaces, making installation easier.


The projector comes with brightness levels of 700 lumens, making it efficient in lower lit classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, and meeting rooms.

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What Do We like

Remote Control

This projector comes with a remote control that allows users to operate it from a distance, making it very convenient; users don’t have to go and operate it manually, which can be an obstruction during presentations.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of 20,000 hours, or ten years when used for 5 hours daily; users don’t need to worry about lamp replacement costs for ten years after purchasing this projector.

Incredible Image Quality

The projector features 1280 x 800 WXGA resolutions, 20,000:1 contrast ratios, the brightness of 700 lumens, and 10,000:1 contrast ratios; these features project razor-sharp videos and visuals with incredible brightness and colors.

What We Don’t Like

Screen Mirroring

As much as this is a unique feature that allows users to share content remotely, it can’t work without a WUSB adapter; this adapter doesn’t come with the projector, meaning that users have to purchase it separately, at an extra cost.


The projector is ideal for professionals who are always on the move. With its endless features that make presentations more impactful, this portable projector is a must-have for users who make presentations in different locations. What’s better than finishing your presentation and simply putting your projector in your shirt pocket and moving to the next presentation?

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