Optoma HD143X DLP Projector Review

The Optoma HD143X 1080p DLP, from the Optoma brand, is a home entertainment projector. It has high brightness levels, making it ideal for use in bright rooms which lack control over the levels of ambient light. This projector is also ideal for Super bowl parties since users don’t have to shut the curtains and hold their party in darkened rooms.

Whether you are using this projector in the bedroom, media room, or living room, you will find out that it has adequate lumens to offer satisfactory entertainment in most environments.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of 15,000 hours, making it durable; this reduces the lifetime ownership costs for users since they don’t have to replace it for several years after purchase.

Dynamic Black

This projector comes with a dynamic black feature, which is one of the most exciting features in home entertainment projectors. This feature darkens the blacks as it preserves dark shadow details by making adjustments on the lamp output; this results in higher contrast images.

ISF Calibration Mode

The projector comes with ISF calibration mode, which is an intriguing feature in home entertainment projectors.  This mode allows users to save their calibration settings for Night and Day, without having to adjust the different modes to get the best colors from this projector.

Noise Level

The fan sound level in this projector is 25db, which is reasonable and acceptable. Users can enjoy watching movies without having to contend with disruptions from the fan sound.

Image Quality

The projector features brightness levels of 3,000 lumens, 1080P HD resolutions, 16:9 aspect ratios, DLP technology, and 23,000:1 contrast ratios; these features ensure the projection of clear, bright, and razor-sharp images, enhancing the entertainment and gaming experiences.


This projector comes with a year manufacturers’ warranty; users can be assured of excellent after-sales-services in case the projector becomes faulty within one year after purchase.

In-built Speaker

The projector comes with a 10W in-built speaker that produces crisp clear sound, adequate to fill small to mid-sized rooms comfortably. Users get to enjoy a more exciting entertainment experience as the sound accompanies the projected images.

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What Do We like

RYGCWB Color Wheel

The projector comes with the RYGCWB color wheel; it has blue, white, cyan, green, yellow, and red colors, projecting images that are well detailed in terms of color.

3D support

The projector comes with 3D support; users can watch their favorite 3D content and movies using this projector. Using the active Shutter DLP 3D Link glasses, users can all the 3D content and movies that they want.

Low Input Lag

This projector features a low input lag of only 16ms! This makes it excellent for serious gamers.

What We Don’t Like


The projector weighs 2.49kg, making it a bit bulky; this may not be convenient for users who love carrying their projectors with them because of its weight. Moving it from one room to another might prove to be tedious.


The projector comes at a reasonable price and it is ideal for gaming and watching movies. Users who enjoy getting a cinema feel while watching movies will find this projector breathtaking!

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