Dell P318S Projector Review

The Dell P318S Projector comes from the Dell Company, a leading and trusted brand in India. The brand strives to offer all its clients with customer care service technologies to cater to all their different needs. This business/professional projector comes with many features that make the presentation process easy, smooth and hassle-free. The projector features the latest technologies and reasonable pricing that offers customers value for their money.


Image Quality

The projector features 10000:1 contrast ratios, 4:2 aspect ratios, 800×600 SVGA resolutions, and 1.95-2.15 throw ratios; these features ensure the projection of crisp clear and detailed texts, images and graphics, making the presentations more impactful.

Screen Size

This projection comes with a screen size projection of 27.5-252.4 inches; it can be used in small rooms that require smaller screen sizes or in larger conference rooms that need massive screen sizes.


The projector comes with many connectivity options such as HDMI, VGA Out, and VGA in, allowing users to make their presentations from several projectors at the same time. Other connectivity ports include Audio In, firmware & service updates, and composite.


The projector comes with a lamp life span of 6,000 hours when used on Eco Mode; it can run for several years even if it’s used daily, without needing replacement. Users can be assured of low ownership costs since they won’t have to keep replacing it from time to time.

Convenient Wireless Connectivity

The projector comes with convenient wireless connectivity options; coming with the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, the projector can offer wireless displays from Android devices or Dell Windows laptops for smooth and untethered presentations.


This projector comes with password protection and an integrated security port that helps in guarding it against unauthorized access and theft.

Mounting Options

This projector offers the following mounting options:





The ceiling mounting option in this projector keeps it out of the way and it’s easily accessible, with cable management and height adjustment; this is the most popular mounting option.

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What Do We like


This projector comes with two years of manufacturers’ warranty; users can easily access after-sales-services from experienced customer care representatives at Dell in case the projector becomes faulty within two years after the date of purchase. The outstanding feature in the warranty in this projector is that users can extend it up to 5 years through the optional extension!

Texts and Graphics Clarity

This projector comes with a whopping 1.07 billion colors! The texts and graphics projected are brightly colored, making presentations more impactful, Users sited at the back can clearly see what is been projected without straining.

Freeze Feature

This projector comes with the freeze button that allows users to blank out the screens during presentations as they refocus the discussions or manage their contents during presentations.

What We Don’t Like

Wireless Adapter

The Microsoft wireless adapter allows users to project what’s on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets directly from this projector. However, the adapter doesn’t come with the projector, meaning that users have to purchase it at an extra cost.


For professionals who want to achieve clarity in their presentations, this is the ideal choice for them. With the many features that make the presentation experience easier and smoother, this projector is very ideal for presentations.

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