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Portronics POR 624 Projector Review

The Portronics POR 624 Projector is highly powerful yet extremely portable, and it’s ideal for giving training or presentations, as well as for watching movies. This projector is from the Portronics, a famous gadget brand that provides a wide range of quality projectors. The brand is known for manufacturing all their projectors using advanced techniques […]

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Portronics POR 600 LED Projector Review

The Portronics POR 600 LED Projector is much smaller than other projectors making it flexible to use and very portable. It uses one of the most classy technologies presently; DLP technology. This projector has approximately 8.8 million microscopic mirrors that facilitate picture accuracy and efficiency. It can be used comfortably in a dark room with […]

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Portronics Indo 20D POR-294 Power Bank Review

Portronics is an Indian brand that aims to satisfy customers’ needs and ensures a better experience. It has been almost 10 years of trust and delivering the promised quality. The innovative products from this brand are of high quality, durable, and greatly appreciated by the users. This power bank from Portronics is of 20000 mAh […]

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Portronics Pure Sound POR-102 Portable Speaker Review

Portronics ensures it provides a practical device for its user every now and then. One such product we are reviewing by Portronics is the Portronics Portable Speaker System. This speaker comes with a pure sound and it is compact. The speaker is lightweight and extremely powerful in output. It fits comfortably in your hand and […]

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Portronics Roar Speaker Review

Portronics is a trusted Indian that delivers high quality, innovative, and sleek products to its customers for convenience and comfort. One such product we are reviewing is the Portronics Roar. This speaker comes with powerful 24W speakers with acoustically tuned amplifiers. It also has multiple playing options and powerful 6000 mAh lithium-ion battery which can […]

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Portronics Vibe POR-938 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Portronics produces genuine products that aim to inspire you and make your life happier and easier. One such product we are reviewing is the Portronics Vibe Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. This speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity and good battery life. The sound quality is very good, and it also comes with superior audio drivers. The thickness […]

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Portronics SoundPot Portable Speaker Review

Portronics uses creative designs, high-quality reliable components to deliver a unique product for use. One of such product by Portronics is the Portronics SoundPot Stereo Speakers. This device comes which is aesthetically designed, and has a beautiful compact cylindrical design, and comes with a better grip. The speakers offer high-quality sound and can be easily […]

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Portronics Dynamo Portable Speaker Review

Portronics are committed to providing you the best quality innovative products for use. One of such product developed by Portronics is the Portronics Dynamo Bluetooth Portable speaker. This speaker comes with powerful speakers and acoustically tuned amplifiers. It allows you to easily pair devices for comfort. The speaker has a large 2000mAh lithium Ion-battery which […]

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Portronics POR-289 Indo 5 5000mAH Lithium Polymer Power Bank (White)

Nowadays, we cannot do without our cell phones, and the dying battery is no less than a nightmare. Power banks are in trend these days because not only are they compact, easily portable, but also as they relieve you from the hassle of wall charging phones. Portronics is a trusted brand that deals with the […]

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