BenQ MH733 DLP Projector Review

The BenQ 1080p is a DLP business projector from the BenQ brand. The company is a leading projector brand and has been operational in India for over ten years. The brand provides projection solutions for educational and corporates uses, be it small, large, or medium environments. This projector comes with many admirable features that leave the presentations etched in the audiences’ minds for a long time.


USB Reader

This projector features a USB reader that allows PC-less presentations. The USB Type-A slot supports an array of files such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Microsoft Word, PDF, and JPEG, making it easy for users to project documents or images directly without using laptops.

QCast App

Upon installing the projector in a LAN and pairing it up with the QCast App, content can be presented easily from smarts devices or PCs. This App enables users to project pictures and a wide array of files such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel from their smart devices or PCS, onto the massive screen.

Split-screen Projection

The projector allows users to project from 4 different smart devices or PCS via the QCast App, enabling the sharing of more ideas, effectively.

In-built Speakers

The projector comes with 10W in-built speakers that produce a crisp, clear sound that is adequate to fill mid-sized conferences and meeting rooms comfortably during presentations.

Image Quality

This projector features a brightness of 4000 lumens, 16:9 aspect ratios, 16,000:1 contrast ratios, and 1920×1080 Full HD resolutions. These features ensure the projection of crisp, clear, detailed, and bright visuals, graphics, and texts, making it easy for users sited at the back to view them clearly and easily, without eye strain.


This projector comes with a lamp life span of 15,000 hours while running on Eco Mode, making it durable; users can forget about extra purchasing costs for the lamp since it can run for several years even when used daily without needing replacement.

Remote Control

The projector comes with a remote control that enables users to operate it from a distance during presentations, offering a lot of conveniences; users don’t have to change settings or slides manually from the projector, which may disrupt the ongoing presentations.

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What Do We like

Wireless Presentations

This projector supports Wi-Fi connection that allows easy wireless projections using the  QCast App, from mobile devices or Pcs; it is made possible by linking a USB wireless dongle to a specified port at the projectors’ rear known as “WIRELESS DONGLE”. This feature makes presentations flawless and more organized.

Live Internet Connectivity

This projector provides internet connectivity via external internet configurations using the QCast App. Presenters can search for information and share it from the internet during presentations.

Flexible Setup

The projector comes with Vertical Keystone, Corner Fit, and 2D Keystone Correction features that align distorted images, making the setup process hassle-free and straight forward.

What We Don’t Like

Sound Quality

Even if the sound produced by this projector is reasonable, it isn’t adequate for large meetings or conference rooms. In such instances, external speakers need to be plugged in for sound amplification; these speakers have to be purchased separately at an extra cost.

Fan Noise

The fan noise level in this projector is 33db, which is a bit loud; the sound can be heard from time to time during presentations, which can be a distraction


The BenQ brand is famous for its quality, yet affordable projectors. This particular projector is ideal for professionals who are keen on delivering presentations with increased content densities and clear image clarity.

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