Optoma UHD50 4K Projector Review

Transform your living spaces into high-quality home theaters with the Optoma UHD50 4K projector.  It’s among the new models of 4K UHD projectors that use 0.47? DLP chipsets. It comes with several outstanding features and has the lowest levels of noise in this category.

It focuses on sharp pictures from top to bottom and from side to side. No fading or hot stops are seen in the images projected. The color balance is fine-tuned outside the box so users can simply fire it up to enjoy big screen experiences.


Image Quality

This projector comes with a brightness of 2400 lumens, 1080p SDR sources, 50,000:1 contrast ratios, and color gamut supports, together with HDR compatibilities, delivering amazing detail, vibrant colors and details that bring games and movies to life.


The projector comes with adequate contrast levels that avoid muddiness whenever shadow details are projected. When black images are projected such as rolling credits or title screens, the black levels are satisfying and solid.

Short Throw Ratios

This projector comes with short throw ratios that enable it to fill 120 degrees of diagonal screens from throw distances of 10.5 meters, meaning that users can enjoy larger images in smaller rooms.

HDR Performance

HDR images are temperately higher contrast images as compared to those you get from non-HDR sources. The projector has HDR sources when combined with 4K resolutions projects with 60 Hz refresh rates for beautiful and sharp pictures as well as videos.


This projector comes with a year manufacturers’ warranty; users are assured of after-sales-services if the projector becomes faulty one year after purchase. The brand might choose to repair or replace the projector depending on the damages.

Fan Noise

The projector is one of the quietest models of the 4K projectors under INR 20,000. While in the Bright Mode, the noise level in this projector is impressively quiet, and if it’s switched to the Eco Mode, then it produces no noise at all; users get to enjoy their movies without disturbance.

In-built Speakers

This projector comes with dual 5W Stereo speakers, each mounted on either side of the projector; these speakers produce decent sound levels, enhancing the large screen experiences.

Life Span

The projector comes with a lamp life span of 4,000 hours in Full Lamp Mode, or 15,000 hours while in the Dynamic Black Mode, which is the most preferred mode; users need not worry about the costs of lamp replacement for several years after purchase.

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What Do We like


The projector features dual 2.0 HDMI ports with 2.2 HDCP support that enables it to connect with the newest 4K UHD video playback gadgets,  yielding unmatched smoothness.

What We Don’t Like

Sound Quality

Even though the sound produced by the in-built speakers in this projector is decent, the audio is a bit thin and not exactly loud, even when set to full volume. To achieve amplified sound levels, users have to connect it to external speakers which don’t come with this projector.

Dark Frame Around Images

This projector, using 0.47? DLP chipset throws very dark frames around projected images, which can be quite disturbing as users watch their movies or go about gaming.


This is one of the most sought after entertainment projectors currently in India. Featuring unique features, this projector is ideal for movie lovers and gaming enthusiasts.

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