Durafit Recumbent X Bike Review

What fitness equipment do you prefer? Do you like standing while working out or do you like to be in a seated position? If you prefer the latter, then you might consider trying a recumbent bike. Durafit introduces the Recumbent X Bike – a recumbent bike that is suitable for those who likes to be seated while working out without compromising the quality of workout. This recumbent bike provides the needed back support for that more comfortable fitness session.

The recumbent bikes improve your cardio, strengthens your legs and thighs, and boosts your stamina. Not only that, it also helps you in getting that desired body goals. These bikes also offer low impact workouts which helps in reducing the pain and strain but increasing strength. Because Durafit wants what’s best for the health conscious, Durafit offers one of the top-quality fitness bikes in the market today!

Monitor Display

You can now easily see your improvements while keeping track of your workout progress. This recumbent bike has different mode setting features like the pulse rate, calories, speed, distance, mode and time. A very important feature for those who are very conscious of their results.

Adjustable Resistance

Adjusting the resistance is made easy through its resistance knob. This allows you to individualize your workout sessions by increasing or decreasing the adjustable magnetic resistance levels according to your preference to achieve that best result throughout the whole workout session.

Multi-Level Seat Adjustments

This recumbent bike, unlike other bikes, has multi-level seat adjustment. It has 7 levels of seat adjustment to be adjusted as per user’s reference. Height doesn’t matter because it is designed for users of different height. You can now be sure that you are afforded with much comfort while you are exercising.

Added Features

This bike also comes with a laptop holder, you can now watch movie or listen to your favorite music while exercising since it has a big tray on which you can keep you laptop or cellphone. Also, it has a water bottle holder for you to quench that thirst and refresh yourself in your workout session. If you are worried on how to move this bike from one place to another, then worry no more because it also comes with wheels.

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What Do We like

Comfortable Sitting Position

This recumbent bike has larger seats that could provide support and comfort to your hips, lower back and buttocks. This seating position allows you to be seated in the most comfortable way and gives you that full support. The recumbent bikes are known because of their reclined seat position design which helps to prevent saddle soreness. The pedals are positioned in the front, adding comfort to your ride. If you are someone who’s concerned about your back, then this bike is perfect for you.

What We Don’t Like

Not Easy to Store

If you have little space in your homes, buying this could be a bit of an issue. This recumbent bike is a challenge for you in terms of storing because it cannot be folded.



Choosing the right equipment that will work for you might be a bit challenging, especially if you are a newbie. There are a lot of good fitness equipment out in the market today. But the bottom line is that these bikes offers the same goal – healthy lifestyle and high-quality workout.

If you are particular with the way you are positioned or seated while working out, try the Durafit Recumbent X Bike. This recumbent bike is suitable for all ages. You could be a beginner, who wants to keep it slow; a professional rider, trying to get a quality training; or health conscious, ensuring the most comfortable position while working out. This recumbent bike can give you that results.

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