Cosco Home CEB-604 A Upright Bike Review

It’s about time to change your mindset about health and fitness. Some people may think that achieving a healthy lifestyle is expensive, difficult and requires a lot of effort. Cosco helps us realize that fitness doesn’t need to be that expensive or hard to achieve. Introducing Cosco Home CEB-604 A Upright Bike – an upright bike designed to change you think about getting that fitness goal.

Worry no more on having time issues because you can now have your exercise at your own place and at your own pace!


Monitor Display

Tracking your workout progress has been made easy with the integrated monitor display of this upright bike. It displays you the time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned to give you that motivation in doing more and doing better while doing your exercise.

Dual Action

This exercise bike comes with a big 500mm flywheel that ensures you’ll have a smooth and effective exercise. The tension and resistance can also be easily adjusted depending on your preference. This makes it suitable for all users with different levels.

Commendable Design

The CEB-604 A Upright Bike is designed to have a comfortable seat that can be adjusted easily. It has a movable handlebar for an optimal cardio workout and added convenience and support while you are using the machine. This bike can carry a maximum of 100kg.

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What Do We like

Compact Design

The CEB-604 A Upright Bike has a compact design which means that it does not use too much of the space. It is simpler and smaller than other indoor bikes in the market. You can now have that mini-gym in your house without using too much space.

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seats

Because of this bike’s simpler design, it only has smaller seats just like traditional bikes. You may feel a bit of pain in your lower back as well as in your buttocks area because the seat is not wide enough.


Nowadays, exercise has become one of the most important daily routines in one’s life. Whatever type of exercise you are planning, whether it’s a lighter or a more extensive exercise, depending on your preference and mood, this bike is a great option for you to get started. Whatever your preference, it still boils down to the goal of every person – to have a healthy lifestyle. 

This bike is suitable for users who want to do an exercise routine that is simpler but still effective and efficient in burning fats but increasing their cardiovascular activities.You will no longer feel guilty about not being able to go to the gym to have that workout because, with this Cosco Home CEB-604 A Upright Bike, you can now have your workout at your own home. 

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