Cosco Commercial C-1000 Recumbent Bike Review

Are you guilty of not having the time to go to the gym to do your workout? It’s about time you consider having your own indoor bike. Cosco introduces one of the most high-quality fitness machines in the market, the Cosco Commercial C-1000 R Recumbent Bike. This bike is suitable especially to those who want to have a low-impact workout without causing too much back pain. The recline seating position of this bike gives you added comfort while you are having the ride.

Exercising has been made easy with this bike from Cosco. You can now have your fitness routine without leaving the comfort of your own house.


Digital Monitor

This recumbent bike comes with a large windows LED readout monitor which shows your fitness statistics. This feature indicates the distance, calories burnt, time, speed and pulse. The display gives real-time results to motivate and inspire you to do more. This is a great deal especially for those who want to get a closer look at the results of their hard work. It always feels good to see improvements throughout the workout session.

Resistance Level

The Commercial C-1000 R Recumbent Bike from Cosco has a friction-free magnetic resistance that can be easily adjusted and changed by pushing the computer button resistance. You can now individualize your session according to your preference. The magnetic resistance gives you a smooth and frictionless experience so that you get to concentrate more and have that peaceful workout.

Commendable Design

This C-1000 R Recumbent Bike comes with a large adjustable seat and back cushions for comfort. The adjustable deluxe aluminum carriage tube and seat carriage are designed to accommodate users of various leg length and height and comfort. On the sides are handlebars with built-in hand grip pulse sensors.

This bike also comes with wide and durable pedals with shock-absorbing air cushion and adjustable strap to make you are pedaling comfortable and your feet secured and stable. It is made with high-quality materials for it to be sturdy. The stable steel frame construction of this machine lets it carry a maximum user weight of 150kg.

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What Do We like

Reclined Sitting Position

The reclined sitting position enables you to be more relaxed during your workout session. It makes your workout easier and more convenient.

The position of the pedals, as well as the back seat, is designed to make you feel relaxed while riding. This recumbent bike has wider seat which means your weight will be evenly distributed to prevent saddle soreness and lower back pain.



What We Don’t Like

Not Easy to Store

This recumbent bike from Cosco has a dimension of 1450 x 620 x 1280 mm, quite big that needs too much of the floor area. 


This recumbent bike from Cosco is designed to make sure you are seated in the most comfortable sitting position, preventing you to be in a hunched position that could cause you to suffer from back pain. This bike ensures you to have a better spinal position. This C-1000 R Recumbent Bike provides you a low-impact workout which makes it suitable for users of different ages, shapes, and sizes.

This bike reduces the risk of injury because unlike outdoor exercise, this bike allows you to have that fitness routine without leaving the comfort of your home.

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