Cosco Trim 232 Upright Bike Review

Exercising has been part of our lives. Although some may have the luxury of time unfortunately for some, time is a bit of an issue. If you are guilty of not having any time in going to the gym and doing your exercise routine because of time constraints, this bike is perfect for you. Cosco Trim 232 Upright Bike is a great option to get your dose of exercise started.

This upright bike from Cosco is a great option if you want to achieve a high-quality workout without investing too much of your time because, through this fitness machine, exercise is at your own pace. Control your own time in exercising by giving this bike a try.

Digital Monitor

The Cosco Trim 232 Upright Bike is integrated with a digital LCD monitor display which displays your workout progress. The easy-to-read and user-friendly monitor display keep track of your fitness statistics to ensure that you are provided with real-time results by indicating the distance, calories burnt, time, speed and pulse. This feature helps you to get motivated and inspired in doing more because you are provided with real-time results.

Resistance Level

This upright bike from Cosco has a double direction magnetic system with a 5kg flywheel. You can now customize every session by adjusting the resistance because this is adjustable. This bike’s resistance is smooth and frictionless, enabling it to have a smooth and silent workout session. You can now target challenging resistance level from time to time to achieve greater results. 

Commendable Design

This bike comes with an adjustable seat for that added exceptional comfort. The pedals are wide enough to ensure safe pedaling throughout the session. The pedals are large and non-skid to ensure that your feet are secured and stable. This is designed to provide comfort for users of different leg lengths. The saddles are big enough and the fixed handlebars are integrated with pulse sensors that enable you to maximize your heart training performance. 


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What Do We like

Compact Design

Unlike other indoor bikes, this Cosco Trim 232 Upright Bike has a compact design to help you store it easily when you’re not using it. Since it is compact, it is also space-efficient, therefore, you won’t have any problem in installing it because it does not take too much of your space. If you are someone who considers space as a premium, this bike is a great fit for you because it is space-efficient. 

What We Don’t Like

Smaller Seats

The bike has a smaller seat and it does not have any back support.


Are you having a hard time finding the perfect time of doing your workout? You are worried about having too much hassle going to the gym or having outdoor exercise? This is the best option for you to change what you are used to. The Cosco Trim 232 Upright Bike can help you achieve that high-quality workout without compromising your deliverable or work because you can have your exercise at your own time, whenever you feel like it. Exercise at your own pace.

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