High-End Air Coolers

Summer heat in India is usually known to be high in places like Delhi and Rajasthan. Temperature can rise to about 45 to 55-degrees on some occasions.

This high temperature and hotness can lead to burning and irritation on one’s skin and make the room uncomfortable. 

But the problem is that most under INR 10,000 air coolers are not as effective as an air conditioner during a sweltering day. Worry not! here you will find the important information on High-end air coolers that are as good as basic Air Conditioners

Here we would be looking at some crucial factors to consider when one needs to purchase high-end air coolers. 

Here we would also be looking at some vital things you need to know when buying a high-end air cooler. Also, you will find different types of air coolers under this range. Understand your needs and make a decision. 

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Comparison between High-End Air Coolers and an Air Conditioner

FeaturesHigh-end air coolersAir conditioner
PriceHigh-end air coolers are cost-effective when compared to buying an air conditioner for the same room size. A high-end cooler is between the range of INR 12000 to INR 25,000Air conditioners are quite expensive when co pared to the price for a high-end air cooler. An A.C can cost within Rs. 60,000 to 75,000
Operating costThe high-end air coolers come with a less operating cost as it is not a burden on one’s walletRunning of an air conditioner can be costly as it requires more electricity to operate
NatureHigh-end air coolers are closer to nature as the air is blended with cool waterAir conditioners generate its water and are not natural
Eco-friendlyHigh-end air coolers are more eco-friendlyAir conditioners are not so eco-friendly as it makes its compressor surrounding hot
PortableHigh-end air coolers are much portable and easy to move around A.Cs are often installed in a particular position, most especially the windows. This makes it quite difficult to move around easily.


Difference between air coolers under 10,000 and high-end air coolers

Below is a summary of the difference between an air cooler under INR 10,000 and a high end-air cooler

FeaturesAir coolers under INR 10,000High-end air coolers
Room typesAir coolers under INR 10,000 are suitable mostly for small to mid-size roomsIt is ideal for medium-sized to large rooms
PricesThe price for this type of air coolers is between the range of INR 5000 to INR 9,999The cost of the high-end products starts from INR 10,000 to INR 25,000
Air circulationIt works or circulates air using huge fansIt makes use of blowers
Water capacity The under INR 10,000 air coolers can contain 20 to 30 liters of waterThe high-end air coolers can hold 50 to 75 liters of water


Features of High-end air coolers

There are so many features to look out for when buying a high-end air cooler online or from the mall. Here are some factors to consider when making your purchases.

  1. Remote control

All high-end air coolers come with a remote control functionality. This helps one to change the function and alter the working of the air cooler at your convenient by pressing the remote control

  1. Water level indicators

High-end air coolers are mostly designed with a water level indicator feature that tells users the water level at any particular time. It is also important when one is filling the water tank

  1. Aesthetic air cooler designs

Due to the relatively high price of these products, it is usually designed in a way to match the aesthetics of one’s home.

  1. Ice cube tray

High-end coolers come with an ice cube tray that one can use in keeping the ice cubes on the top tray of the cooler. The melted ice flows back to the water tank

  1. Tank alarm

Another feature that high-end coolers come with is the empty tank alarm system. This feature helps to notify one when the water level has dropped below the required standard. This feature is mostly seen in mainly high-end air coolers.

  1. Inverter compatibility 

Most high-end air coolers are designed in a way that it can smoothly run on an inverter. This is because it requires or consumes less electricity. 

  1. Multi-functional wheels 

The high-end air coolers come with multi-functional wheels or castor that makes it easy for one to move around.

  1. Variable speed control

With a high-end air cooler, one can alter or adjust the fan speed to suit the room temperature by using just a button.

Importance of high-end air coolers 

High ends coolers are essential for the following reasons 

  1. High efficiency 

The high-end air coolers are known to be more efficient in cooling a room. Since most of these high-end coolers come with water, it tends to transfer heat more effectively due to the high thermal conductivity. 

  1. Sustains cool temperatures

High-end air coolers help to maintain cool temperatures. These high-end air coolers set into motion when the surrounding becomes hot or during summer periods.

  1. Good for warmer climates

High-end air coolers are ideal for locations with high ambient temperatures. With the help of an excellent high-end air cooler, the room can become warmer and more comfortable.


When looking for a fast coolant for your room, office space, or an ambient environment, then a high-end air cooler should be the right choice for you. This air cooling system helps to reduce or eliminate heat and noise that might come with an under 10,000 air cooler. 

One is therefore encouraged to go for a high-end air cooler to enjoy the pleasure that comes with the product. 


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