Bajaj DC2015 43L Room Air Cooler Review

Making yourself comfortable in the summer season can be possibly done by having cool air present in their home. However, some of them do not want to experience tremendous freezing that is brought by air-conditioners, if that person is you then you will surely love air coolers. They transform the temperature just right for you by being neither too cold nor too hot.

Air coolers have transformed throughout the years and its performance was getting better. When it comes to this Bajaj DC2015 43 Ltrs Room Air Cooler is somehow promising because of its features and extreme quality. It is an air cooler that is definitely worth trying especially for houses with big rooms.

Wood Wool Cooling Media

Are removable pads that ensure better efficiency and cleaner air. You can remove them easily whenever you need to clean them.

Castor Wheel

These wheels are integrated beneath the air cooler for you to move it from one place to another whenever you need to.

3 Way Speed Control

3 way speed Allows you to alter the speed to cater to your cooling needs.

43 Liter Capacity

Gives you a decent amount of usage time so that you will not need to refill the tank from time to time

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What Do We like

Spectacular Design

This air cooler has an impressive exterior design that will surely impress your visitors.

Wide Coverage

It can accommodate up to 600 square feet which are truly awesome because this air cooler can singlehandedly provide coolness to big rooms.

Affordable Price

Even though this air cooler has premium features and decent capacity, its price is still reachable for ordinary people.

Easy to Clean

You can easily detach its parts if you want to clean it saving you a lot of time and effort.


This air cooler only consumes 200 watts of electricity which is significantly low compared to other air coolers.

Non-Complex to Use

You will not have a hard time understanding how to use this air cooler because it is super user-friendly.

Strong Air Throw

The air that it throws can reach up to 50 feet which makes it perfect for big rooms.


It has a responsive motor which lets it perform its functions very well without being noisy.

Equal Distribution of Air

This ensures that there will be a more efficient cooling with its 4 way air deflection resulting in more satisfaction.

What We Don’t Like

 No Drain Hole

Since there is no drain hole, you have to remove the water manually.


Now you know the best air cooler that is perfectly suitable for small rooms then you might want to try it out immediately. This will make you become more comfortable at all times especially when the hot season comes.  You and your family can work and live much happier with the use of this air cooler and that is for sure.

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