Orient Air Coolers

Having an air cooler has become a common household item in Indian. The Orient air cooler is a top brand in home utensils, and they have employed a top technological approach in manufacturing their product. 

To stay comfortable in your home in the hot Indian summer, you can use the Orient air cooler. This brand ensures quality and cool air around your room. The Orient air cooler refines the air by removing dust and pollutants, making the air around you safe.

Aside from the scorching heat that can be damaging to health. The air is usually laden with pollutants from cars, dust, and other impurities. So we must keep the air clean with an air cooler that comes with a purifier.

With so many brands of air cooler in the Indian market, the Orient air cooler has stood out amongst the lot. The air cooler contains features that make them useful and efficient.

Here we would be looking at some vital things you need to know when buying an air cooler. Also, you will find different types of air coolers offered by Orient brand. Understand your needs and make a decision. 

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How Does Orient Fair As an Air Cooler Brand?

Orient is a household name in India having several household items in the market. The Orient brand is known for its technological advancement and other useful features.

The Orient air cooler brand has become popular with an increase in sales. Orient brands have excellent features that make it stand out. Here are some of the great features of the air cooler:

  • With the Orient brand, you will enjoy quality services.
  • They have a reliable and responsive customer service that will meet up to your entire needs.
  • With the use of advanced technology, the product is top class.
  • They have unique features that make them stand out from other products.
  • Ease of use and maintenance make them appealing to customers.
  • Customers are satisfied with the brand, and the brand has a lot of positive reviews.
  • It is designed with filters that help purify the air.
  • The prices of the brand’s products are affordable.
  • Energy-saving features that save you the cost of using electricity. 

Orient USP

The Orient brand makes use of the DenseNest technology that ensures the feel of nature. Orient air cooler is designed by reducing the gap, and this increases water retention by 45% and increases the cooling effect. 

The honeycomb pad will provide a cooling effect to cover the entire room. And the fans are placed in angles that ensure maximum blowing effect with the powerful impact that circulates the natural air around the room effectively. 

The ease in using the Orient air cooler is one of the unique selling points. It comes with a remote control that can be used to control the speed for increasing or reducing the cooling effect. Timer function features for quickly setting up the time when the device will go on or off. 

It provides you with one of the best experiences you will ever have in cooling your environment as it is hassle-free as you relax and control the air cooler from anywhere in the room. 

Users will not have to worry about high energy consumption as it is designed to consume less electricity. Saves power for continued use of the Orient air cooler. Also, keep the air cooler running all day even with no electricity as it is compatible with an inverter. 

It contains air filters that help to attract dust and other impurities, keeping the air clean. The hot summer period usually comes with dust and pollutants. And the air filters in this brand are vital features to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The design of the air cooler makes it easy to install and maintain. It involves a simple procedure of placing it in the room with less moving parts. High-quality material that ensures durability, with anti-rust effect and other outstanding quality. 

Experience high performance with significant and powerful motors. The powerful motors ensure that the air feels the entire room, which makes it convenient. Place the Orient air cooler and ensure that the air circulates all over the room. 

For such a high-quality product, the price is affordable. The price will not necessarily be an issue for such a high-quality product.  The general features of the Orient air cooler are top-notch and ensure quality air around the room. 


In conclusion, we have seen the unique features of the Orient air cooler. With the quality of the air cooler and these top quality features, the price of the product is reasonable. With its air filters in place, we can maintain a healthy living with the Orient brand. 

Easy to use and maintain makes it convenient for all homes. It can be easily carried around and install without any technical knowledge. It looks good in your home without distorting the arrangement of your home. 

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