Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler Review

Being comfortable in the summer season is crucial because it will make you feel much better. One way of being comfortable in such a hot season is with the use of air-conditioners. It can be pretty easy if you have the budget. However this is not the case if you are out of budget, you might think that you’ll just compromise your comfort since air-cons were too expensive.

Thankfully, air coolers are there and they are significantly cheaper than air-conditioners. With regard to that, you might want to consider Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler. It is perfect for extremely big rooms and will provide sufficient cooling and a much better environment. So if your house has a huge floor area then this is definitely a great choice.

ABS and Thermoplastic Body

This specific attribute will keep the air cooler from accumulating rust. It will definitely make the air cooler more hygienic and durable to use.

3-Speed Settings

Allows you to choose among the different intensity of coolness that suits your needs and preferences.

Castor Wheels Feature

It has 5 castor wheels that are integrated beneath the body of this air cooler. This gives you the ability to move the cooler from one point to another without any hassles.

4-Way Air Deflection

This gives better efficiency in cooling as it allows this appliance to cool all the areas of the room.

Inverter Compatibility

You will save a lot of money from your electricity bills because it can run on inverter power.

Auto Swing Louvers

You will not need to manually position the louvers because it has a motor that is designated for the louvers to swing automatically. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Warranty Card

This gives the buyers some protection when there is an issue with the product. So that you will have peace of mind upon buying the product.

Motor Overload Protection

It secures the air cooler from motor problems that are due to power fluctuation and etc. This ensures that the air cooler will last longer.

Honeycomb Cooling Pad

This air cooler has this honeycomb pads that filters dirt to provide you a much cleaner air.

Ice Chamber

It is the feature wherein you can put ice cubes in it aside from water for a colder and more relaxing air.

Water Indicator Level

This is where you can see the current water level of the air cooler so that you will be updated on whenever there is a need to refill it already.

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What Do We like

Large Tank

Since this air cooler has an 88-liter maximum capacity expect that you can use this air cooler much longer compared to other brands and models.

Amazing Durability

It is made of materials that have passed a lot of standard checks. This ensures that this air cooler will last and will not break down easily.

Easy to Clean

The components can be detached easily which gives you the ability to clean it well when needed.

Powerful Air Throw

This air cooler has the ability to deliver 4200 CFM of air and can throw air up to 45 feet that makes it efficient in cooling big rooms.


It only consumes 190 watts of electricity which makes it a practical air cooler to use on a daily basis.

What We Don’t Like

Noise When in Use

There is a little noise that is coming from it when you are using it which can be annoying at times.


If you have a big house and want to cool it then do not look anywhere else because this air cooler will provide you with all your needs. The combination of durability and affordability will make you and your family’s life more comfortable inside your house and that is guaranteed!

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