Cello Air Coolers

Keep your family fresh this summer with one of the popular brands of air cooler in the market. The air cooler comes with a caster wheel for ease of use in the home. This is one of the air cooler in the Indian market that will guarantee you comfort all through the summer period.

We all understand how the sun in the summer period can be severe, and it is best to keep the home cool with a suitable air cooler. The temperature can rise so high that it may affect your health, and that is why the Cello air cooler is needed to keep the temperature down.

And with so many brands of air cooler in the market, the Cello air cooler stands out as one of the best brands. Aside from being cost-effective, they have some great features’ that make the brand efficient, safe, and comfortable to use for your home.

They have become popular because of its efficiency of the brand in keeping the home cool all through the summer. Here we would be looking at some vital things you need to know when buying an air cooler. Also, you will find different types of air coolers offered by the Cello brand. Understand your needs and make a decision. 

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How Have the Cello Fair as an Air Cooler Brand

With so many brands in the market, the Cello air cooler is one of the best in the Indian market that has stood the test of time. They are made of top quality materials, which makes them durable. The brand makes use of advanced technology in making their brand stand out amongst other brands.

Some of the unique features that make the Cello brand popular in the Indian market include:

  • Efficiency in communication between the customers and the brand.
  • Quality and effective customer care services.
  • The brand has excellent features that make it easy and efficient in cooling the room.
  • It does not consume energy and thus saves you the cost of electricity.
  • They are perfectly designed to give maximum effect.
  • The brand is affordable
  • Enjoy excellent after-sales service like you never enjoyed with other brands

Cello USP

The unique feature of the brand is a powerful fan that ensures the maximum cooling effect. The brand also has an international range of styling that makes it popular and accepted by people in Indian because of its trustworthiness. The powerful blade is 11 inches, and the effect can be felt all over the room.

With its built-in Caster wheel, it is easy to move the air cooler around and install it in the room. Easy maintenance of the air cooler to keep in good condition for a long time, and also, they are made up of quality material. 

Installation of the cello air cooler is easy, and you can easily add water to the tank from the top and the side. With the ease in adding water without necessarily moving the air cooler from where it was, anyone in the house can quickly fill the water tanker.

Keep the entire room cool with its powerful surround cooling system, which makes it very popular. With this feature, it is useful in offices where there might be more people in the room. 

The blades are powerful, and they can produce a high cooling effect and reduce the hotness drastically in the room.

The brand is known for its advanced technology in making its product, and this effect can be seen in the powerful air that comes out of the air cooler. Although the tank capacity is not as big as other brands, the Cello air cooler makes up with ease in filling up the tank with top and rear openings.

The look of the product fits any room perfectly as it is designed with style. It adds beauty to the place and gives a good impression on the surrounding.

Save the cost of energy with the cello air cooler, for it consumes less power when in use. Due to the scorching heat, you can use this air cooler all day without consuming much electricity. 

If there is no electricity, it can also be used effectively on a converter. It is easy to connect and install, and the cooling effect is fast, cooling the room in less than 20 minutes.

On delivery, the package comes with an instructional manual for a quick understanding of how to use the system. The material is made up of top quality, durable material that does not rust or mar the floor in any way. It also comes with a caster wheel for smooth movement, changing the position of the air cooler.

It is easy to maintain, and because it is moveable, you can clean the surrounding of the cooler effectively.


Few products have these unique selling points that the Cello air cooler portray, and this is one of the reasons they have become popular in the market. The price of the product is considerable, with the high-quality features of the brand in mind.