Orient Electric Snowbreeze Slim CD5501H 55 liters Air Cooler Review

Orient electric one of the leading brands in the appliance manufacturing industry in India has come up with various products that are truly promising. They are in the industry for almost 6 decades that is why their products are surely extraordinary. Especially when we are talking about air coolers, they are known to produce the best quality of air coolers not only here in India but globally as well.

A company that is built around credibility and quality that is evident because of the more than one hundred thousand retail outlets that this brand has. So if you do not have an air cooler yet and want to have one then this air cooler might be the one that you are looking for. It has modern features and at the same time affordability that will surely fit the budget!

Ice Chamber Feature

This storage allows you to put ice inside it to make the air that this appliance produces much cooler air.

Castor Wheels Feature

It gives you the ability to move the air cooler from one place to another without having a hard time.

Inverter Compatible

This air cooler can work on inverter power which makes it withstand power interruptions and can run continuously. It will also save you a lot of money from your electricity bills.

3-Speed Cooling

You can select among the 3 cooling intensity to suit your needs and preferences.

Honeycomb Pads

Allows better and much hygienic cooling experience as it filters out dirt. You can also clean the air cooler easily with the help of these removable pads.

Motorized Louvers

You do not have to manually set the louvers to the direction that you want. It moves automatically saving you a lot of time and effort.

Auto-Fill Feature

You do not have to manually refill this air cooler because it automatically refills by itself which will save you tons of work.


It gives you some protection as a buyer if there are some issues in the product giving you a guarantee that you will get the most out of your money.

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What Do We like

Low Energy Consumption

Another exceptional attribute that Orient products have. They integrate a technology that lets their air coolers to consume less electricity without compromising performance.


The price of the product is really reasonable and at the same time practical especially for financially-constraint people.


Even though it can cool a superbly big room, the size of the air cooler itself seems to be really bearable making it fit even on the limited spaces in your house.

Quiet Operation

You will not hear any noise while this air cooler is in use making it suitable to use even in the evening when everyone is sleeping.

What We Don’t Like

Annoying Smell

Sometimes there is a little bit of bad smell that is coming out from the air cooler.


Now we have finished tackling another great product from Orient, it is now time to decide. After knowing its great attributes do you think that your money will truly be well spent once you buy this air cooler? Definitely yes! There are lots of advantages that this product has and we have discussed it a while ago that is why do not think twice and purchase this product now for a great cooling experience.

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