Symphony Diamond i 61 Ltrs Air Cooler Review

There are times wherein we want to change the intensity of air on your air cooler but we are lazy to do it probably because we are lying already or sleepy. This is why a prominent brand in air coolers has created a solution for this by introducing an air cooler with remote control.

Yes, you read it right as Symphony is a highly-reputable Indian company that has its presence for more than 60 countries all over the world. It proves that this specific manufacturer will bring you products that are truly promising.

Just like this Symphony Diamond I 61 Ltrs Air Cooler, it is extremely amazing because of its artistic design and nice features. You will surely have one of the best experience and comfort in your life with the help of this appliance.

Robust Designer Trolley

This feature allows your air cooler to be mobile this will give you the ability to transfer the location of the air cooler from one place to another.

Fully Closable Louvers

It will let you cover the interior of the air cooler when you are not using the air cooler. Prevent the air cooler from accumulating dirt and dust.

Large Pad Area

This will give you an assurance that the air that is coming from the air cooler is clean. It will also make things easier for you when you clean this air cooler.

Rustproof Materials

It will provide the air cooler with a long life giving you the ability to enjoy it for extended periods of time.

Easy to Press Buttons

This air cooler has integrated buttons that can be utilized by pressing it with light pressure. This will spare your fingers from putting too much effort when pressing the buttons.

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What Do We like

Extreme Durability

Since it is made by Symphony you can expect that the materials used are high-quality. It will give you a guarantee that the product will not wear out easily.

Can Accommodate Decent Size of Room

This air cooler can accommodate up to 475 square feet which are actually incredible considering its small size.


This air cooler does not consume too much space because it is extremely compact. Can easily fit in a smaller room as well.

Elegant Design

The design of this air cooler is really stylish which will put up some wow factor in your room.

Responsive Remote Control Signal

You will not have a hard time altering the settings of your air cooler because of its remote control functions really well.

What We Don’t Like

Might not be effective in a larger sized room.


This was a great topic regarding a remarkable air cooler and we hope that it gave you an idea of how awesome for you to have it in your home. Do not think twice and purchase this air cooler and rest assured that you’ll have a satisfying stay at your home even when the summer season starts.

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