Best Portable Personal Coolers

When we talk about personal coolers, we are talking about appliances that are used to cool a hot environment.  During summer periods, it is often hot, and most individuals seem to look for a way to cool down their homes and offices. 

The use of an air conditioner can be a good source for cooling the house, but the electricity bills can be high and also expensive. 

Air personnel cooler is seen as a mini conditioner which is used for the removals of hot airs and blending it with cold air. 

This has led many people to look for cooling appliances that can be effective as well as affordable to buy. The air cooler appliance beats down the price, for the initial investment of an A.C. and also the cost of running the coolers.

Many brands offer personal air coolers like Symphony, Crompton, Bajaj, etc. Here we would be looking at some vital things you need to know when buying an air cooler. Understand your needs and make a decision.

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Personal air cooler vs. air conditioners

A personal air cooler is also known as a mini air conditioner. It is seen as an evaporative air cooler that helps to pull out warm air from the room and runs it through cold water in its tank.

The air coolers help to decrease the overall heat in the room. It is an ideal option for small space rooms but not suitable for a humid environment

While the air conditioner is designed to absorb heat by utilizing a refrigerant fluid. The air conditioner releases cold air in other to decrease the humidity and temperature in the room. 

The air conditioner requires a lot of energy to power it up, and this required much electricity as the bills tend to skyrocket.

Types of air cooler pads

The air cooler pads come in different forms and types. These cooler pads include the Aspen wood wool cooling pads and the honeycomb cooling pads.

  • The Aspen cooling pads

The Aspen cooling pads are made of wood shavings and synthetic fiber.

It requires high maintenance. It is believed to be less durable and efficient but very economical.

  • The Honeycomb Cooling Pads

The cellulose material is used in making Honeycomb cooling pads and looks like a honeycomb.

It requires less maintenance, and it is highly durable and efficient. The shortcoming is that it is quite expensive

Benefits of Personal air cooler

Personal air coolers are important for the home in order to remove hot air. Some of the benefits of this air coolers include

  • Reduce space – Personal coolers are designed not to take a lot of space. These coolers are light and compact. It does not take much room space.
  • Easy to move – Since it is light and compact, it can be moved easily around the room
  • Reduction of cost – The use of a personal cooler reduces cost when compared to the purchase of an air conditioner. With a personal cooler, utility bills are reduced.
  • User-friendly – The product is user-friendly as it is a plug-and-play type of appliances. A personal air cooler comes with no restriction as to when compared to the window mounted A.C. unit.

Features of a personal air coolers

Here are some features to look out for when buying a personal cooler in the market 

  • LED color lighting – Most air coolers come with LED color lighting that helps to indicate if the unit is running. 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – The Wi-Fi connectivity features is a unique option that can be used to control the air cooler unit remotely. This feature mostly comes in high-end personal air coolers
  • Water indicators  – Look out for a cooler with a Water level indicators. The water level indicator helps to tell you the amount of water that is left in the cooler tank and when to refill it.
  • Speed control – Most personal air coolers come with a speed control feature. This feature helps to control and adjust the speed of the coolers depending on one’s preference. The versatile speed control feature also helps to control the temperature level if the room gets so cold.
  • Inverters Being Compatible with Air Coolers – It is important to ascertain the amount of inverter energy that is needed to run the air cooler since it does not require much energy to run. 
  • Personal air coolers can effectively run on A 120 to 150 watts of energy. Purchasing an inverter with much energy, such as a 1200 VA inverter, might be too much for the air cooler, making it incompatible for it.
  • Castors/wheels – Air coolers come with Castors at the bottom of the coolers. This makes the moving around of the air cooler easier and faster. Most personal air coolers come with this feature. The best personal air coolers should be portable and movable. 
  • Empty Tank Alarm – The tank alarm feature helps to notify one as the water level is reduced below a certain pre-set levels. This helps you to know when the water will be needing refilling. 
  • The feature is very important as it helps to prevent the breaking-down of the appliance as a result of lack of water. However, the feature may only be found in high-end personal air coolers.  
  • Remote Control Device – Most new models of personal air coolers now come with remote controllers that make it less tasking to operate. With this feature, it is more convenient and easier when one is in custom modes.


In conclusion, air coolers are necessary as it helps for environmental friendliness and to reduce cost. Make sure to look for great features before making your final decision.


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