Symphony Air Cooler Winter Review

It is known that Symphony has been manufacturing promising products throughout the years, primarily in the air cooling industry. This is why they have outgrown their competitors throughout the decades of their existence here in India. They are versatile and have an urge to meet the cooling needs of Indian people.

This is the primary reason why you should go for an air cooler that is made by them. So if you are looking for an air cooler, you might as well consider this Symphony Air Cooler Winter. It is reliable and handy will promise the utmost satisfaction whenever you are using it. This is probably one of the best air coolers on their product line, which you will never regret having in your home.


Dura-Pump Technology

It provides more durability to the pump, making it last for extended periods of time. This will also make your pump to be efficient at all times.

Cool Flow Dispenser

Allows for a better flow of air for a much satisfying cooling experience. This will make you enjoy cooler and cleaner air while you are using it.

Powered by Remote Control

With this feature, you do not have to go near the air cooler because, with just a click of the remote, you can change the settings easily.

18-Inch Fan

This gives more force for a stronger accumulation of air, which results in better cooling.

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What Do We like

Sturdy Casing

The casing of this air cooler is made of thick plastic, which will ensure that it can safeguard the motor and electronic components of the air cooler.

Easy to Clean

It can be easily detached, making you clean it without having a hard time. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Low Electricity Consumption

It only consumes 185 watts of electricity. This will save you a lot of money on your electricity bills.

High Capacity

The 56-liter tank allows you to use the air cooler for a much longer period without the need to refill the tank from time to time.

Quiet Operation

It can be used at night as we ll as this air cooler does not emit any noise while you are using it

What We Don’t Like

There is no water filter in water inlet and hence the tank gets dirty.


What a delightful experience to have when you already have this air cooler inside your home. So what are you waiting for? Purchase this product now and see how it can transform your home into a more comfortable place to live in. It is expected that you will have outstanding relaxation even when the summer season starts without spending that much.

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