Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler Review

Air coolers can be a good friend of yours, especially in the summer season. Since it offers good functionality and practicality it is perfect for people who are on a budget. However, the problem happens when it is your first time choosing an air cooler. There are a tremendous amount of air coolers available in the market and choosing one can be a daunting task.

Worry no more because Symphony Touch 55 Ltrs Air Cooler is the answer to your problemIt is equipped with modern functionalities that will give you the satisfaction that you needed. You will have the ability to enjoy the cool air without the need to spend too much on electricity bills.

Water Outlet

You do not have to worry anymore of water overflowing that can cause mess all over your house. This will save you a lot of time from draining the water on the floor and will avoid accidents to happen.

Double Blower Feature

This will give you a much cooler air whenever you are using this appliance. This is perfect on extremely hot seasons because it can cater to your needs without any difficulties.

55-liter tank

The tank has a decent size which will give you a long time to enjoy the cool air that this air cooler produces.

Comfy Handle

With the use of the handle that is integrated on the cooler you can move the air cooler easily whenever you want to.

6 Removable Cooling Pads

This will make the air much cleaner and safer to inhale. It will also make things easier for you when you clean the interior of the air cooler.

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What Do We like


It only consumes 205 watts of electricity which is significantly low and will save you a lot on your electricity bills.

Nice Design

The design of this air cooler is simplistic yet very beautiful. It will be a great addition to your room if you want to make it look nicer.

Easy to Store

It has a power cord winder which makes things organized for you when you are not using the air cooler.

Not Hard to Maintain

The components of this air cooler are super simple that is why maintaining it is cheap and easy. Even if the air cooler gets old expect that it will not give you headaches.


The price is affordable making it fit the budget of people from all walks of life.


Since it is made by Symphony a well-known manufacturer of air coolers rest assured that it will not give you any problems.
Easy to operate: It has a control knob that is easy to turn that is why you will not have any difficulties using this product.

What We Don’t Like

No remote control is provided.


Are you on a budget and want decent air cooler then you know what to buy? You must not waste any time because the summer season might strike that is why we suggest that you buy this air cooler now for maximum satisfaction. This is truly a great gift that you can give to your friends and family.

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