Top 7 Air Cooler Under INR 10000

Beat the heat with these affordable air coolers under 10,000 from the best brands like a Symphony, Cello, Vistara, Orient, etc.

An air cooler is a type of heat exchanger device that cools or dehumidify the air. Its functions are similar to that of an evaporator. It is a low energy consumption device and an easy to buy alternative to an air conditioner.

In simple terms, they cool the air of the area they are placed by using a water evaporation technique. It is an environment-friendly device, which means it doesn’t emit harmful gases like CFC into the environment.

Water alongside glycol can be used as a coolant in air coolers because its heat capacity and low cost make it a suitable heat transfer medium. Some secondary coolant can also be used as a heat transfer medium for air coolers.

Well, air coolers are available in different types and have a specific way of working. It is vital for the buyers to have a complete understanding of the product before buying.

So to help you throughout the buying process, here we have included the working of the air coolers, types of air coolers, a smart buying guide, FAQ, and the top air coolers under 10000.

So let’s dig in.

7 Best Air Cooler Under 10000 Rupees

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Innovative design
Durable product
Good for hall and medium size room
Easy to use
Good for long hours cooling
Portable product
Light-weighted product

Working of An Air Cooler

An air cooler can have a cooper or a steel pipe onto which aluminum fins are fitted. Cooling medium placed inside the air cooler will flow through the heat exchanger to cool the aluminum fins where heat is exchanged between the cooling medium and the air.

The air which has been cooled is moved over the aluminum fins by a fan.  With this, the air in that workplace is purified and cooled.

Air coolers can be used in buildings, and for industrial air cooling processes. It creates proper ventilation because it absorbs the air and make sure the room is much more relaxed, and it doesn’t reuse the air but make sure the flow of air is in a good state.

Due to the amount of water it makes use of, it can store a large amount of water for domestic use.

For an environment that has a dry climate, an air cooler will be the best choice because it can regulate air temperatures by evaporating water, which finally adds humidity in the air.

It can spread cooler air into broad areas just like the way a fan does without consuming so much electricity. Air cooler can reduce the effect of breathing problems, skin and eye irritation, and other irritation caused by hot, humid air.

They can be used in cars to circulate the hot air and reduce the temperature in the whole area of the vehicle. Several attempts have been initiated to develop an air cooler device since 1906, but a standard design which includes a water reservoir, a pump to move water over the pads, and a centrifugal fan to draw air through the pads became an official patent for air cooler in 1945.

The license was noticed and observed by William H. Goetti who later produced a unique air cooler consisting of a combination of a refrigerator and an evaporative cooling air conditioner.

After purchasing an air cooler, to use an air cooler, you have to fill its internal tank with water. Adjust the required setting and then put it on to dehumidify the air.

Types of Air Cooler

There are different types of air cooler, namely;

  1. Personal air cooler.
  2. Desert air cooler.
  3. Tower air cooler.

Personal air cooler

The personal air cooler is designed for humid weather conditions. It fits well in a small room or specific areas of a large room. It doesn’t produce cooling effects that cover large areas when in use, but it works fine when placed in a confined space.

It’s affordable and more comfortable to store. It’s portable, and it consumes lesser energy than the other types of air coolers. During operation, it produces less noise making the room quiet, especially when you are sleeping.

Desert air cooler

Desert air coolers are designed for mostly dry climate regions. It has a large size with a big inbuilt fan which can cool a room within a limited time frame. It comes with a substantial water tank to accommodate a large amount of water.

It cools the environment and also every corner of the room. Desert air coolers can also be used for outdoor purposes.

Tower air cooler

A tower air cooler comes with a sturdy base, and it can be stationed at a place. It has a shape that looks like a tower, and it distributes cool air vertically.

The vertical distribution of cool air reaches further and faster into every area of the room. Most tower air cooler comes with a unique style and color.

Direct evaporative air cooler

Direct evaporative air coolers are portable or windows unit air coolers; they’re the most popular air cooling system available today. Direct evaporative coolers can be a good alternative for air conditioning in a particular climate.

It comes with a large fan that pulls warm air through a dampened sponge-like pad and distributes the cool air to the interior space either through ducts or directly. It is necessary to leave the window open to allow the cool air to circulate the room. It works best in a hot or dry climate.

Indirect evaporative air cooler

Indirect evaporative air coolers have their principle similar to direct evaporative air coolers, but the main difference is a heat exchanger is used to cool the air supplied to the room.

Warm air from outside is blown through a heat exchanger provided with water. As the warm air passes through the heat exchanger, the water dissipates, and the metal tubes in the heat exchanger are cooled.

The cool air from the evaporated water is distributed to the outside. The indirect evaporative cooling system provides cool air without much humidity. It is designed with two fans, and it consumes a lot of electricity.

Two-stage evaporative air cooler

The two-stage evaporative air cooler is a combination of the direct and the indirect cooling system. It is the most advanced cooling system, it is more energy-efficient than standard air conditioning.

The two-stage cooling system can provide cool air with a relative humidity that’s sufficient. They consume less electricity than other conventional refrigerant system.

Buyer’s Guide

The buyer’s guide gives you the details you need when purchasing an air cooler under 10000 rupee of your choice. So, here’s a list of the guides necessary to obtain an air cooler under 10000 rupees for easy use.


One of the primary reasons people have stopped purchasing air coolers is because they consume more space and subdue the home decor. Nowadays, stylish and sleek air coolers are available and out of which tower air coolers are trending since they consume less floor space and give a powerful performance.

If you want to use the air cooler in multiple rooms, buy a cooler that has wheels that makes it easy to move. Also, few air coolers come with attachable wheels.

Smart features

Smart air coolers come with advanced features like thermal overload protection, Fragrance chamber, LCD display, auto-drain for easy drainage of water, mosquito repellents, and ionizers to purify.


The cost of buying an air cooler should be taken into consideration. Most air cooler with high functionality is expensive; this is because their system is built with compact electronics for a valid result, while some are affordable with less functionality.

Air conditioners are also a great choice, but its expensive price tag might become a problem for many. Some high capacity air coolers are also accessible but choosing the best option is based on your decision as to what you can afford.


It’s paramount to know how durable an air cooler is before buying it. To be sure of obtaining a durable air cooler, it’s essential to see the description or customer review of the air cooler this will give an idea of how sustainable the air cooler is. In choosing an air cooler, you need to cross-check its design before buying it, as this will be very convenient to use.

Water tank capacity

The water tank capacity of the air cooler is also a significant feature to consider. The air cooler works based on evaporating cooling method. The larger the water tank, the more extended hours it will take to produce cool air.

Desert air coolers are designed with water tank capacities of between 30 – 50 liters, while personal air coolers have water task capacities of between 20 – 29 liters. Therefore, select the right size water tank capacity when buying the air cooler.

Cooling pads

Cooling pads are also essential when purchasing an air cooler. They have a great significance in the cooling capacity as they absorb water to let air flow through them.

Also, consider the material of the in-built cooling pad which is usually made of either cellulose or aspen, thicker cooling pads are better at cooling than thinner cooling pads.

Aspen cooling pads (wood wool pads) are cheap and will require consistent maintenance, while cellulose pads are thicker and will require low maintenance.


Airflow is significant in purchasing an air cooler. It will be enjoyable to feel cool air at every corner of the room, and this can only be achieved if the air cooler has high airflow.

The airflow can also depend on the type of blower or fan used by the air cooler. You can also consider an air cooler with multiple speed settings so you can control the airflow of the environment.

Remote Control

Ensure that your air cooler is delivered with remote control. Remote control will give you quick access to settings, which you don’t have to go to the air cooler all the time to adjust its settings.

Top 8 Air Cooler Under 10000 Rupees

1. Castor Air Cooler 

The Castor air cooler comes with a 3-speed inverter with speed control for three different airspeeds. The swing motor option lets you keep the airflow swinging or still in one place by switching on/off the motor. It has 3 level speed control options for airspeed.

The rotating louvers let you focus the air blast at one place or keep it moving in different directions. The water level indicator present on the device enables you to keep a check on the water level in the tank. The 22 L tank can be filled through the water inlet.

Main Features
  • The cooler has a rust-proof ABS body with extra durability and wide oscillation (back and forth movement in regular rhythm).
  • The cooler has dimensions of 15.7×10.6×29 inches and comes with inverter compatibility.
  • This Elegant, Slim & Stylish air cooler comes with an ice chamber that allows chilled water to circulate in the cooler, thus blowing chilled air during hot weather.
  • The cooler had multidimensional castor wheels that let you move your cooler in any direction with ease.
  • The cooler also has advanced mosquito and dust protection feature,
PROS (What we liked)
  • The cooler emits cold breeze without spilling water, unlike most of the coolers.
  • Power-packed sturdy blower
  • High-efficiency comb pads.
  • Powerful air blow at full fan speed.
  • Budget-friendly.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Emits noise.

2. Cello Osum 50 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler – Durable product

Cello Osum 50 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler
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It comes with a water capacity of 50 liters, and it’s suitable for rooms’ size of up to 700 sq ft. It’s necessary to always allow cross-ventilation in your area before using the product or else the cooler will not work effectively. The size of this cooler is compact with proper styling.

It was built with an aspen wood wool cooling pads. Water can be poured into the cooler through the backside of the cooler. It has a three-speed motor and a powerful air throw of up to 54ft. This product can work with an inverter.

Main Features
  • Water tank indicator to indicate the water level.
  • The dimension of the product is 68.5 cm x 52.5 cm x 101.0 cm
  • Compatible with an inverter.
  • It consumes 185 watts of power.
  • It’s delivered with a user manual.
  • It’s designed with a 18-inch fan blade.
  • It can deliver air up to 5000m3/hr
  • Ten-days return policy.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Produces less noise when in use.
  • Remote control for conveniences.
  • Great for a huge room
  • Good air throw.
  • It’s durable.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It’s a bit bulky in size.
  • Short power cords.
  • Water inlet can be more extensive.
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3. Crompton Greaves Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler – Good for hall and medium size room

Crompton Greaves Aura Woodwool 55-Litre Desert Cooler
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It is built with a thermoplastic body, and a water level indicator that indicates the water level is of the air cooler. It comes with four Castrol wheel for smooth movement of the product.

The product has auto-swing louvers for four-way air deflection. It comes with an ice chamber in which ice cubes are kept for additional cooling. It has a water draining plug for easy drainage. It comes with three-speed modes such as High, medium, and low.

Main Features
  • It consumes 190w of power.
  • It has an air throw distance of 45ft.
  • 4200-meter cube per hour of air delivery.
  • Wood wool cooling pads.
  • Compatible with an inverter.
  • Water capacity of 55 liters.
  • User manual is included in the package.
  • It comes with a motor overload protector.
  • It comes with 1year warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • ts compact design occupies less space.
  • It has sufficient water capacity
  • Commendable fan motor power
  • Easy to move around from one room to another
  • It has good airflow.
  • It’s suitable for a hall and medium-size room.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It makes noise when in use.
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4. Maharaja Whiteline GLACIO 55-Litre Air Cooler – Easy to use

Maharaja Whiteline GLACIO 55-Litre Air Cooler
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Maharaja Whiteline air cooler is a desert type cooler which is excellent for cooling large spaces. It comes with a water capacity of 55 liters which is ideal for 750 sq ft room.

It is designed with high air delivery, heavy air throw, and four-way air deflections. It has three-speed levels such as low, medium, and high. It comes with a 200 watts power intake, and it supports an inverter.

It’s necessary to allow cross-ventilation in your area to make the air cooler works very well.

Main Features
  • Rust proof body ensure durability.
  • Wood wool pads with ice chambers.
  • It is compatible with an inverter
  • Remote control for accessing the air cooler from a distance.
  • Antibacterial tank prevent growth of bacteria
  • The wheels ensure usability
  • One-year warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Large water tank that can produce cool air for long hours.
  • Great for medium sizes family
  • Strong metal fan.
  • Strong body for durability.
  • Powerful air throw.
  • Easy to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Short power cord.
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5. Kunstocom Fiber Kunstochill Lx – Good for long hours cooling

Kunstocom Fiber Kunstochill Lx
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Kunstocom Fiber Kunstochill Lx has an ice chamber for better cooling of the room. It is designed with a thermally re-engineered seamless corrosion free ABS body. It has a nice air delivery, and it’s convenient to use.

Main Features
  • Cooling capacity of 650 Sq.ft.
  • Water tank capacity of 50 liters.
  • It has the ability to cool 4250 m3/hr
  • Ice compartment included for additional cooling.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Large water tank size.
  • Good air delivery.
  • It can deliver cool air for long hours.
  • Effective cooling for Indian summers
  • It’s durable.
  • It’s convenient to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A little bulky.
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6. Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liters Air Cooler – Portable product

Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liters Air Cooler
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Vistara air cooler was manufactured with no gaseous refrigerant, and it consumes low power. It’s energy-efficient and produces the best performance at all times.

It takes fresh air through open doors and windows and provides excellent circulation of fresh air around the room. Its blower and motor are designed to deliver proper airflow for comfort. It is the best portable air cooler.

Main Features
  • The body is made of plastic.
  • It has a dimension of 53 cm x 39 cm x 82 cm
  • The user manual is included in the package.
  • One-year warranty from manufacturer plus six-month warranty from the seller.
  • Works with evaporate air technology
  • Effective for large cooling volumes
PROS (What we liked)
  • It is light weighted.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • Airflow is very powerful
  • It’s easy to use.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is noisy.
  • No remote control.
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7. Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H 16-Litre Personal Air Cooler – Light-weighted Product

Orient Electric Smartcool-DX CP1601H 16-Litre Personal Air Cooler
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It comes with a honeycomb pad for optimum cooling, and it cools a room up to 14 sqm. It has good air delivery with three control speeds such as high, medium, and low. It also has a full shockproof ABS plastic body.

It was designed with an automatic auto-fill function, a net to protect against mosquito and dust particles, an ice compartment, and four castor wheels for easy movement.

Main Features
  • Water tank capacity of 16 liters.
  • It has air delivery of 1300m3/hr
  • Compatible with an inverter.
  • Denseness TM Honeycomb Pads ensure 45% more water retention and 25% more cooling
  • Cools a room of up to 150 square feet
  • Remote control for controlling the air cooler.
  • Requires 140 watts of power
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Its’s weighted.
  • It provides adequate cooling of the room.
  • It can be placed at any corner of the room conveniently.
  • Very easy setup
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • It is small in size.
  • Not for huge rooms
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I look for when buying a cooler?

The following things should be considered while buying a cooler:

Climate: Depending on the climate where you live, you can decide whether an evaporative, a dessert, or a portable cooler is best suitable. Evaporative coolers are used in areas with hot and dry air with little humidity.

Desert coolers can be used if your cooling area is large, like a hall, since they require more power, space, and water to provide better cooling.  If you are looking for personal cooling, a portable cooler will suffice.

Cost: Determine how much the energy consumption of the cooler.

Pad thickness: The thicker the air, the more the cooling. The recommended thickness of cooler pads is 90 mm for optimal performance.

Speed regulation: Choose for air coolers that have speed regulation options so that you can change the speed according to the changing temperature.  Always choose for coolers that have speed regulator features with less noise.

Water level controller: Coolers should have automatic water level controllers at pre-set levels to avoid spillage.

Shutoff dampeners: These are flaps in the discharge of fan that reduce the loss cooling from the cooler. They are also in the duct, which opens when the fan starts and closes when the fan is put off.

Remote: The device that lets you control your cooler with ease and convenience.

2. Which is better, desert cooler or room cooler?

Both desert and room coolers have their characteristics and are meant for a different purpose. A dessert cooler is ideal for a large area since it needs more power and water due to high cooling.

A room cooler is suitable for personal use. Hence depending on your needs, you can choose which is a better fit for you.

3. Which air cooler is best for home use?

The Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler 30 Liters Air Cooler is the best for home use since it is stylish that will enhance your home decor and has a powerful airflow yet lightweight and portable.

4. Can I use an inverter for my air cooler?

Yes, you can. Most air cooler can work with an inverter.

5. If I purchase a 22-liter tank for how long will it last?

From what is generally observed, a 22-liter tank will last six-hour maximum.

6. Is all air cooler noisy?

No, not all air cooler are noisy. Some are coolers are very silent when in use.

7. I misplaced the remote control for my air cooler; can I find another one to buy?

Yes, you can purchase a new one. Contact the product’s customer support to request for a new one.

8. Is it good to keep the window open even if the outside temperature is above 40 degrees?

Yes, open ventilation will give you the best cooling.

9. I just purchased an air cooler and it looks hard to install?

An air cooler is pretty easy to use, it requires no complex installation. Make sure you follow the instruction manual that comes with it.

10. I don’t know the usefulness of the ice chamber on my air cooler?

The ice chamber is a compartment that lets you put ice inside to make the cooler produce cool air instead of warm air.

11. Does the air cooler require frequent maintenance?

The air cooler might not need frequent repairing but it’s important to clean the air cooler often.


Buying an air cooler for humid conditions is very good because it gives you a cool atmosphere when in use. From the above-mentioned products, hopefully, now it will become easy to choose the best one for your purpose.

From these, the top picks best air coolers to include, Cello Osum Desert Air Cooler, and Crompton Greaves Aura Desert Air Cooler.

So, with the details provided, you can buy an air cooler that best works for you.

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