Desert air coolers 

The desert air cooler, which is also known as a swamp box or swamp cooler, is a larger air cooler that cools the air in a room by evaporation of water. This desert air cooler can conveniently cool a 550 square feet area. 

It is, therefore, essential to purchase a desert air cooler if you want it for a large room, a big living room, or drawing space.  The desert air coolers are quite different from a typical air conditioner or personal coolers. 

Here we would be looking at some vital things you need to know when buying an air cooler. Understand your needs and make a decision.

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Types of air coolers

Air coolers come in different types and models. The two major types of air coolers are the desert cooler and the room air cooler. Here are some features that differentiate them. 

FeaturesDesert air coolersPersonal air coolers
FittingThe desert air coolers are usually fitted outside a windowThe room air coolers are placed inside the room as it is placed on a trolley
Evaporation methodIt is designed to take in air from outside in order to cool the room. It generates air from inside the unit through a direct evaporation method. This is through the lowering of the air temperature by the use of latent heat by changing water to vapor
The fanThe fan acts as an exhaustThe cooler fan forces air out
Efficiency The desert air coolers are much powerfulThese coolers are less powerful and efficient unlike the desert air coolers 
Nature of heatIdeal in combating serious heatMight not be so effective for the scorching heat
Room SizeThe cooler is suitable for a bigger roomIdeal for small room
Portability The desert air cooler is not portableThe room air cooler is very portable


Features of a desert air cooler

Desert air coolers come with different features that make them stand out from the other type of air cooler. These features include

  1. Cooling pad

Most desert air cooler now comes with a Honeycomb cooling pads as there are designed to give maximum cooling, extend the longevity of the product, and also lower pressure drop. The desert cooling pad is expected to be at least 90 mm thick to cool the room air properly. 

  1. Water level indicator 

This product type is likely to come with a water level indicator that shows the quantity of water remaining in the cooler tank. It saves one the stress of opening and closing of the coolers to ascertain the water level

  1. Electronic Thermostats

The desert air coolers come with automatic thermostats that help to vary the fan speed of the air coolers. It has the capacity to switch off and on the pump and fan automatically.

  1. Adjustable speed

The desert air coolers are designed in a way that the fan speed can easily be adjusted. This helps you to control the temperature whenever one gets too cold.

  1. Castors

The desert coolers are designed in a way that comes with castors at the bottom of the device.  This helps to move the cooler freely when one wishes to move it across different rooms.

  1. Water level controller.

With the water level controller, the desert air coolers can automatically maintain water in the system at the preset levels. With this feature, it prevents flooding of excess water.

  1. Remote control

All most all the latest desert air coolers come with a remote control mechanism that allows one to control the modes conveniently.

Features of a desert air cooler

The cooling ability of desert air coolers makes it a must-buy for individuals that wish to cool off an area with much space such as a big office space or hall. Before making your final selection, endeavor to ascertain the features the product comes in order to derive the full benefits that come with these devices.