Tower Air Coolers

The tower air cooler is seen as those type of air coolers that offers a superior amount of airflow when compared to other air coolers in the market. It is suitable for a large spaced room as it can cool the surrounding in less time. 

Most tower coolers or fans are designed with an inbuilt dehumidifier and purifier. It often comes with an ionizer that helps in air purification. 

Most tower coolers also come with remote control for convenience and a detachable air filter that pulls in dust and pollen.

The tower air cooler is reputed for its incredible power during the summer period. It is a good option for people living in the hinterland of India or very sunny locations.

Many brands offer tower air coolers like Crompton, Bajaj, etc. Here we would be looking at some vital things you need to know when buying an air cooler. Understand your needs and make a decision.

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Unique nature of a tower air coolers

A typical tower air cooler comes with some unique features that make it indispensable for most homes. Some of these features include

  1. Stationary and sturdy base

The tower air coolers come with a sturdy stationary base. It distributes air vertically as the design of the air coolers allows the air to reach further and faster. 

  1. Shapes and designs

The tower air coolers come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. This makes it unique and a great item to have at home. It gives one chance to select a design that can match one’s home interior

  1. Quite sound

Tower air coolers are designed to be quiet while oscillating. This helps to eliminate unnecessary noise while it distributes clean and fresh air to the surrounding. 

  1. Lightweight

The products are usually lightweight, hence making it portable and easy to carry about.

  1. Reduce cost

Tower air coolers reduce the voltage of electricity when compared to A.C. This makes it wallet-friendly and cheaper to maintain.

  1. Unique brands

Tower air coolers are manufactured by different reputable brands and can be gotten easily both online and offline in India. Some notable brands include Symphony, Usha, Crompton, Moradiya Fresh, Bajaj, Kenstar, and many others.

Mechanism of a tower coolers

The tower coolers are designed in a unique way that aids in the functionality of the appliance. Here is the mechanism of a tower coolers 

Air Blower

The tower coolers come with an air blower that helps to move the air through a vertical shaft. After which the air travels and heads towards the exit vent. With this, the air is pushed from the air blower and distributed evenly across the room.

Impeller Blades

The tower air cooler comes with a cylindrical container and an impeller. The blades with which the impeller comes with set the air in motion within the house-like structure. After which it pushes it out towards the vents of the fan. A tower air cooler or fan blades move its air up and down the column instead of horizontally like a regular fan.


A tower air cooler, as seen, comes with numerous strengths and advantages when compared to other types of air coolers. It is designed in a way that it emits no noise like other air coolers that can be quite noisy most times. It is advisable, therefore, to go for a sturdy and towering air cooler to enjoy a 90-degree angle oscillation.