Haier Washing Machines

Haier is a world-renowned manufacturer whose washing machines recently joined the Indian market. Even though they are least popular, Haier washers are fast gaining popularity in the global market, thanks to their reliable performance, durability, and pocket-friendly price.

Before you make an investment of buying a washing machine for your home, consider the important points that ensure you make the right decision. Also, Haier offers many types of washing machines at different price ranges to suit every budget.

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What are the unique features of these washers?

Full automation

Unlike its premium peers, most Haier washers are fully automated, which makes it a dream-come-true for families who prefer less work at the laundry.

The complete automation guarantees users regulated water flow capacity, fast cleaning process, and power conservation.

Users are required to set an appropriate program, connect the water inlet, feed the machine with dirty clothes, add detergent, and let the washer complete the task.

Near Zero Pressure Technology

NZP technology is the only feature that differentiates Haier washers from its prime competitors. With the technology, Haier washers can do washing even at low pressure and low water supply —an aspect which is prevalent in India.

Anti-bacterial technology

As the name suggests, Haier washers have its dispenser made of the anti-bacterial property, which limits the growth of harmful bacteria and germs inside the appliance. After washing your clothes, the machines guarantee 100% safe wash, free from the bacteria.

Plastic drum

Premium brands such as Samsung and LG contain a stainless steel drum compared to Haier washers, which comes with a plastic drum that is non-rusty. The plastic drums are also durable, mainly if used with salty water, which prevents corrosion on the machine.

Multiple wash Programs

Haier washers have various wash programs, which ranges 10-16. It is advisable to go for extreme priced wash machines that have numerous wash programs because of the higher the number, the better the wash quality.

Users have the liberty to choose from the tons of wash programs and wash clothes such as cotton, silk, wool, jeans, and much more.

Smart performance

The best feature found in Haier washers is the moderate level of noise. While using these washers, you can wash your clothes at any time of the day without distracting neighbours on the upper or lower floors.

Another unique feature in Haier washers is the quick wash program and less spin time, which make clothes come out dry. The average washing speed of 1200RPM guarantees a better wash cycle.

Design and Dimensions

Haier washers have remarkable design and dimensions characterized by huge digital display and perfect sizes suitable for your washing needs.

Most Haier washers have a porthole door with a wide diameter and a stand at the leg to prevent movement of the machines while washing.


Haier washers are the most versatile in the market bestowed with amazing features such as plastic drums and amazing design suitable for most homes.

The most attractive aspect of the washers is the translucent door and a digital display, which enables users to monitor their washing status.

The most outstanding feature found mostly on Haier washing machines is the Near Zero Pressure (NZP) technology, which minimizes water consumption.


Once you acquire Haier washing machines, you are likely to enjoy maximum benefits in the investment.

Haier is a trusted brand in the market. It has recently introduced advanced washing machines with stunning design, which perfectly blends with the interior of most modern homes.

The Haier washing machines also come with exceptional technology, which makes it easy to handle even the most delicate everyday clothes.