Haier HWM65-698NZP 6.5 Kg Washing Machine Review

The Haier HWM65-698NZP washing machine comes with the new NZP technology that is designed to boost up the water pressure coming from your home supply around 0.001-0.002 mpa.  The quality washing machine from Haier promises to deliver quality wash and has a total of 9 wash programs. It also has various functions that are designed to make your washing easier. One of the special features of this washing machine is its quick wash program that allows you to wash your clothes in thirty minutes. You also get the added benefit of a double lint filter in this top-loading washing machine to make your clothes lint-free.

Oceanus Wave Drum

The washing machine will wash your clothes thoroughly clean because of the Oceanus wave drum that comes in a cube shape. This design makes it easy for your clothes to be scrubbed clean without damaging your fabric.

Near Zero Pressure

This feature allows your washing machine to continue its washing cycle even when your water pressure reduces. The washing machine can boost up the water pressure automatically around  0.001-0.002 MPA.

Motor Speed

The motor speed is always set at 400rpm but the machine has a maximum speed of up to 800rpm.  You can choose any of its three spin speeds which range from low to high depending on the clothes you are washing.

9 Wash Programs

With the Haier HWM65-707NZP washing machine, you can easily choose which washing program will be best for your fabrics amongst the 9 pre-set programs. These wash programs are already set at varying speeds and times.

Jet Water Flow

This feature uses the jet stream technology to effectively remove dirt between your fabrics and also remove stubborn stains.

Digital Display

Another useful feature of this Haier washing machine is its digital display that allows you to choose your wash settings and other functions on the washing machine.

Softball Technology

The washing machine lid closes lightly and is easy to open. It is also very light and has a controlled movement to avoid banging it down.

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What Do We like

Low Pressure

The washing machine will continue to work better even during low water pressure. The near-zero pressure allows the machine to boost the water supply’s pressure.

Double Lint Filter

You will have your clothes clean and completely lint-free. The double lint filter collects all the residues in the washing machine.

Child Lock

You can set the child lock to protect your washing machine settings from your kids. When you are not close to the washing machine, it would be difficult for anyone to tamper with your programmed settings.

What We Don’t Like

No Softener Dispenser

This machine is great but the only pitfall is that it does not have any compartment for your fabric softener.


The Haier HWM65-698NZP is overall a great product. It would be well suited for a small size family. Its size is very compact and it comes in a very sleek design. If you consider your home decor a top priority, then you would love to include this washing machine in your home. It delivers quality cleaning and we will always recommend it.

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