Haier HTW80-185VA-1 7.8 kg Washing Machine Review

The Haier HTW80-185VA-1 Semi-automatic washing machine is very powerful. It has a motor speed of up to 1300rpm. The washing machine is built with unique functions that would make your washing easy and convenient. This Haier brand has five mini pulsators and also comes with an agitator.

The washing machine has a unique sensor that can detect the amount of water needed to wash your clothes. It would save you a lot of money on your water and energy bills. The 7.8kg capacity is great for a medium-sized home and it has a sleek design that makes it compliment your home decor.

3 Wash Program

This Haier washing machine is designed with three unique wash programs. These wash programs are set so you can find it easy washing any type of fabric you own. It can handle all your clothes without causing damage to any of your fabrics.

Forefront Top Control Panel

The control panel is home to most of the washing machine’s operation. You can use any of the settings on the control panel to wash your clothes conveniently. The control panel also has waterproof protection to prevent it from getting wet when you are washing your clothes.

Overload Protection Technology

This feature includes a sensor that easily detects when you are stuffing too many clothes in the washing machine. It would immediately alert you so you don’t damage the machine.

Easily Movable Castors

You can move your washing machine from room to room using the castors attached to it. You don’t need to exert energy trying to lift the washing machine.

Buzzer Control System

When the washing machine has completed a washing cycle, it would immediately ring the buzzer to notify you. You can control the volume settings to avoid disturbing you.

Less Power Consumption

This Haier Semi-Automatic Washing Machine does not consume a lot of power instead it helps conserve your energy usage.

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What Do We like

High Motor Speed

The spin speed is very high and this will help you get your clothes dried within a very short time.

Easy to Operate

The washing machine is very easy to operate. You can easily understand the settings on the washing machine.

Movable Castors

You are not restricted to working in one area. You can move your machine to any other part of your home with the castors and you don’t need to use energy to move it around.

Durable Washing Machine

The drum of the washing machine is rust-free because it is made with strong plastic material. It will last a long time.

What We Don’t Like

Digital Display

The washing machine does not have a digital display where you can monitor the progress of your washing or change the current wash settings.

Child Lock

It also does not come with a child lock function to protect your wash settings.


Haier is a company you can always trust to deliver quality and the same can be said of this semi-automatic washing machine. It is great for your home use and would be well suited for a fairly large family. When you buy this washing machine, you do not only get clean clothes but you also get value for your money.

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