Haier HWM65-707NZP 6.5 kg Washing Machine Review

Haier Group is one of the leading home appliances manufacturers in the world today and they are all one of the top brands for top-loading washing machines. The company continues to work tirelessly to introduce innovative technology in the market to make life easy. 

The Haier HWM65-707NZP  6.5 kg washing machine is another quality product from the company that comes with 8 wash programs to make washing easy. It also comes with additional functions like its child lock system, digital display, and the time delay settings. The washing machine is effective and will clean your clothes well. There are a lot of reasons why you should get this washing machine and some of them will be highlighted in this review.

8 Wash Program

The washing machine’s wash programs allow you to wash all your clothes conveniently. You can choose any of its special programs to wash all your types of fabric. It is meant to make your washing easy as well as caring for your clothes.

Jet Stream Technology

This special feature has a pulsator that produces a rush of water below and above to wash your clothes better. It adds more pressure to the washing so that the detergent can mix well and the dirt on the clothes remove quickly.

Near Zero Pressure

The washing machine will continue to wash your clothes even when the water pressure reduces. The near-zero pressure function allows the machine to balance itself at 0.001 MPA water pressure.

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What Do We like

Low Water Pressure

You will still have your washing machine running even when your water pressure reduces. The machine will not stop washing your clothes but will automatically balance the pressure.

Double Lint Filter

The double lint filter is another reason why this washing machine is good. It takes away all the lint from your clothes.

What We Don’t Like

No Softener Dispenser

There is no special compartment for your fabric softener. You will have to manually apply it on your clothes.

No Hot Water Inlet Pipe

The washing machine is not designed with any hot water outlet pipe and it does not have an in-built heater.


Haier is a brand of quality and all their products carry their trademark of quality. The Haier washing machine is recommended because of its performance and its easy to use features. You can wash your clothes on any of the wash programs. The washing machine delivers high-quality washing and will dry your clothes within minutes. The size is very compact and is suitable for average family size. You will also enjoy the benefits big having a 5-year warranty on its motor which is very durable and a two-year warranty on the product itself. You will enjoy using many of the useful features available on the washing machine to make your life easy.

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