Haier HWM58-020S 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Review

The Haier Group is a top brand in household appliances across the globe, including India. The brand is quickly changing from an old-fashioned manufacturer of household appliances to modern entrepreneurship. The Haier HWM58-020S fully automated 5.8 kg washing machine is among the most sought after washing machines in India because of its many unique must-have features in a washing machine.

Smart Logic Control

The washing machine comes with smart logic control features that sense the weight load automatically as well as the time required for a thorough wash automatically, ensuring that energy costs are reduced and no wastage of water and detergent.

Quick Wash Feature

This washing machine comes with the quick wash feature that ensures that your fabrics are washed quickly, without consuming too much energy and time. The users can also program the wash at a more convenient time and get their clothes cleaned at their convenience.

Corrosion Free Drum

The drum in this washing machine is made using stainless steel; this material is very resilient and can withstand quick spin speeds without getting damaged. Additionally, the stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, making the washing machine durable even if it’s used regularly.

Washing Programs

This washing machine comes with six wash programs; these programs are ideal for daily wash, cotton, pre-wash, rinse & spin, quick wash, mix, and synthetics, allowing users to wash different fabrics without damage or discoloration.

LED Display

The washing machine comes with multi-segmented LED display features that update users on all ongoing processes during the washing cycle; these include spin speed, rinse hold, rinse cycle, drain, memory function, and half-load.

Flow Pulsators

The flow pulsators in this washing machine prevent clothes from tangling, as well as ensuring that the detergent is uniformly distributed, ensuring a thorough wash.

700 RPM

This washing machine comes with 700 RPM rotational speeds that ensure efficient washing. Additionally, these high speeds facilitate easy water drainage after completing the washing cycle.


This washing machine comes with two years of manufacturers’ warranty for the product and five years for the motor; users can contact the customer support staff in the many retail outlets in India in case the machine stops working in the stipulated time for repair or replacement.

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What Do We like

Memory Backup

This washing machine comes with a memory backup feature that allows the machine to resume its functioning from where it was stopped by electrical failures, ensuring a continued wash cycle even in your absence.

Automatic Power-off

This washing machine comes with automatic power-off features that detect when the washing cycle is completed; the machine switches off automatically, saving greatly on electricity and water.


The washing machine is small in size and compact, making it ideal for use in small spaces. Users with small-sized houses with little space to spare for washing machines will find this model very ideal.

What We Don’t Like


This washing machine comes with a small capacity of 5.8kg, which may not be ideal for large families.


This is an affordable yet highly efficient washing machine for medium-sized families in India. Coming from the trusted brand, Haier, users can be assured of absolute efficiency and durability upon purchasing this washing machine.

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